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  1. Personally I would put KM in the back row against Scorp, flipping the conflict stops them from winning the conflict, not just breaking. I've used Captive Audience against Scorpion defensively more times than I can count. Sending home Bayushi Liars bowed for nothing is strong no matter what winning strategy a Scorp is pursuing. Having SoV wouldn't magically "solve" the poor win rate against Scorp, but I'm fairly certain it would help in that matchup.
  2. This is what I find interesting about this "strategy"; I feel it's safe to say that the inclusion of Kuri Mori in Phoenix hurts 1-sided clans in that matchup more than balanced ones, and Dragon are easily one of the most balanced clans. Scorpion, on the other hand, are definitely stronger politically. If Phoenix did have Seeker of Void, we may have ended up seeing more Phoenix in the later rounds at the cost of some of the more specialised clans (like Scorpion, possibly). Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Dragon matchup vs Phoenix better than Scorpion? So isn't it likely that by choosing to prevent Phoenix from getting SoV we may end up seeing Scorpion in the later rounds just as much as before, which actually hurts Dragon in the end? Not to mention that KoW is a poor choice for them anyways. I have a feeling that this move will just end up hurting both clans. Trolls will be trolls, I suppose.
  3. And I still think it's coming. One clan pack is roughly 19 new 3-of cards, plus 13 to 14 in Imperial Cycle, plus 23 to 24 from core is about 56 cards per faction, not counting strongholds and such. Deluxe is roughly 160 cards, so 51 or 52 3 ofs. It's still possible for a new faction to catch up in a single deluxe even with the Clan Packs.
  4. I have this crazy old-fashioned thing that I use for tracking skill in conflicts. It's called a "die"; it's simply a polyhedral shape with numbered faces on it. Pretty dope. Honor tracking is something that is likely useful, there were plenty of honor trackers in the CCG and it does save you from bringing a set of tokens. It's also one of the most time-consuming parts of setup.
  5. Well, you can counter any event with those, those aren't intrinsic conditions on the card that can be played around. Again, compare to Noble Sacrifice and I Can Swim. I generally find the argument of "play counterspells" to be too meta-defining and restrictive. As the card pool increases, there simply becomes too many things to counter and you're left with no deck to build.
  6. Yeah, I have to agree, I'm really not a fan of this card, it's too easy to play and gives Pol-based clans far too much of a boost. The amount of non-interactive "dangerous" cards just went up, too, with A Fate Worse Than Death. As much as the card has a high fate cost, there really is no way to play around the card apart from playing Finger of Jade, and I'm not a fan of powerful cards like that. Noble Sacrifice, I Can Swim, etc. I can live with because they're conditional and can be played around, but AFWTD is a pretty negative play experience, IMO.
  7. I think it's worth repeating that the game they announced for digital is NOT the Lord of the Rings LCG; it's a game based on the Lord of the Rings LCG. It plays in 20 minutes and is much more streamlined than the LCG, so this definitely a Hearthstone-ey type game. If they did L5R, I doubt much of the game would really remain the same, L5R is very complex and far too difficult to implement in this way.
  8. A venue with windows? I don't believe it. Every event I see seems to be in the darkest corner of a warehouse...
  9. I agree with you, this is just counter-intuitive. It seems correct as per RaW, but it just doesn't sit right with me. Discard seems mechanically different than removing fate, in my mind.
  10. I second Dragon for an aggressive splash. Mirumoto's Fury is a beast of a tempo card, just attack all out then bow one of their attackers. It's brutally effective early game.
  11. Timothy Wells (Lion) was the only person to go 8-0 in the swiss at Worlds, and Stephen beat him in the semis. So he certainly deserves his win.
  12. No, it does not, but I input data into BayushiCroy's spreadsheet instead, I feel it has better stats. Lotus Pavilion only tracks tournament placement (winner, runner-up, etc.), no?
  13. Cryodex is available for Android and now supports L5R. It's simple and it works, and you don't have to worry about having a network connection. Does the points and calculates SoS automatically.
  14. Funnily enough, it won me a game once, and I believe it was the only card that would have saved me. Picture this: I was at 1 honor. I top-decked Breakthrough that turn with my 1 bid. Doji Hotaru was on the the table on the other side. At this point we were playing with Hotaru/Toturi being able to trigger rings on defense (you know, the way they're supposed to work). I have the first conflict. If I take Air, I lose. Hotaru could defend successfully, even on Mil, and win the ring. I declare Fire instead. Opponent knows he can grab Air, so defends lightly. I dishonor Hotaru, break province, immediately declare Air with Breakthrough. Now with -3 skill on Hotaru, I can win the conflict. I win the ring to push up to 3 honor and go on to win the game. Crazy, but true. It is very situational, though, so much so that it really shouldn't be played. The ability to snag two high-impact rings in a row should not be overlooked, though. Imagine Void -> Water on a beefy clan champ, for example.
  15. Thanks for the info, I thought this was the correct ruling, just wanted to be sure. I remember from a previous thread about this that losing a card was NOT considered for changing the state; I believe it has to be the EFFECT that has the potential to change the state. I remember thinking along the same lines myself.
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