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  1. Black-Fox

    Cipher Forum

    Hey, Carlos is looking into it now, but he thinks that it has most likely been shut down. However, he also said that if that was the case that he will create a new Official english Anima forum us, so there shouldnt be any need to worry too much, the english community will be back and active again in the near future I will keep everyone posted with the details as I get them.
  2. Black-Fox

    Anima Core magic Vs. Core Exxet

    Well Personally I use the spells from Core Exxet, I do this because I own and can read Core Exxet just as well as my english books. But Generally, given that Core Exxet is the updated version of the rules whether FFG translates it or not, most people just use the spells from Core Exxet instead of the original system. And this can be done perfectly easily whether you are able to read spanish or not, and even for free, as there are several copies of the translated spell listings floating about the forums. However if you are completely set on using the original system then honestly I have not real information for you, as the Metamagic Advantages simply were not designed for the old system.
  3. Black-Fox

    Anima Core magic Vs. Core Exxet

    Yeah I cant figure out what you are talking about with this whole "5 levels" business either. Core Exxet has 4 levels, them being Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Arcane. By the way, it is not FFG that is translating the books "for Core Exxet". The books are are originally written that way, already including the changes from Core Exxet. FFG are simply translating the books as written... well originally they were, Prometheum doesnt really count given how much they screwed it up.
  4. Black-Fox

    How we play games

    The rule book will teach you how to play the game. And just in case, you do realise that Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a Pen & Paper Table Top Roleplaying game right? It isnt a video/electronic game.
  5. Black-Fox

    How we play games

    Well a good start is getting hold of the Anima: Beyond Fantasy core rulebook and reading it cover to cover.
  6. Black-Fox

    Prometheum Exxet Errata

    It has a table outlining what power level artifact they should be allowed to have depending on the CP invested in that advantage. And the in game creation rules have nothing to do with determining the power level of an artifact. Honestly if you cant figure out how to use the books to create an artifact for the Artifact advantage then I feel sorry for you, but let met try to explain it. 1. The player decides on what kind of artifact they want. 2. The player (or GM) then builds that item as best they can using the rules provided. 3. Compare that freshly built artifact to some other artifacts in the book to gauge its power level and assign it one. 4. Compare that power level to the characters starting level and that gives you the CP cost of that artifact. If it is more or less than the player wants to spend then go back to Step 2 and tinker with the artifact. You dont need to worry about PPs or crafting checks, all you need to worry about is thinking up a good background story that explains how the character got the artifact, thats the whole point of taking it as an advantage in the first place, so the character doesnt have to worry about all the crafting stuff.
  7. Black-Fox

    Anima "Core Exxet" Revised Edition

    I wouldnt hold my breathe, as I doubt your going to see it in english anytime in the near future. Plus if their performance on Premetheum Exxet is anything to go by, then if it does come out in english there will be even more mistakes than the original. Also for the recored there is less than a 10% difference between Core Exxet and the original Core book. P.S. This thread is over 2 years old, and there is still not a single word about it coming to english, that should tell you something.
  8. Black-Fox

    Prometheum Exxet Errata

    There is an entire chapter devoted the creation of artifacts, the system is very similar to creating Ki Techniques or Creatures.
  9. A couple of days ago I finally got my english copy of Prometheum Exxet, and by about page 15 I wish I hadnt bothered and just printed out my own translation of it instead. I am personally disgusted with FFG for the work that they put into this release, now for the majority of the books released in english before I would never call the translations great, however, while they were often poorly worded, they were, at least, correct. In Prometheum I was appalled with the many major errors in the translation, and I don't mean simply a word here or there out of place, I mean entire sentences that are wrong, saying something completely different than what it should or in some cases the complete opposite. And because I found this so disgusting, I decided to write up my own little errata, because FFG never will. Now I must warn you that this is not a complete collection and correction of every single mistake in the book, I have mainly only included all the translation errors for the actual rules text, there are still many dozens more in the flavour and descriptive texts that I have not included. So here it is (at least this link should take you too it, let me know if it does not): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77al-1nzMGaTDJSbjg5Y2lpY3M/edit?usp=sharing Finally, to all here that already have the books in spanish, and can already read it in some what, that do not yet have the book in english, I advise you not to bother, as it will make you cry at how much they messed it up.
  10. For starters there are few in the entire world that even knows what Ki actually is, even a lot of the people who actually use the power dont know what it actually is, some dont even realise that they are actually using it. Now for the church, the above also applies to a fair portion of them as well, but for the most part, it doesnt matter to them where the power comes from, if someone is doing something the appears even remotely supernatural they dont sit down and have a discussion about whether this ability is a 'natural force of the world', they immediately call them an abomination and generally burn them. They very rarely go into the why or how of supernatural abilities. And the same goes for the powers of their Saints, if someone has been declaired given powers from God, then thats the end of the discussion, their powers are sacred, yet someone in in another country could have the exact same powers and yet be determined an abomination.
  11. The closest you are going to get is on page 9 of the core book, but even that doesnt say specifically what values a human can achieve in the non-physical characteristics. My advice would be to shift the vaules slightly, so that without either Inhumanity or Zen they can reach 13 in non-physical characteristics, with Inhumanity they can reach 14-15, and with Zen they can reach values over 15. Thats how I work non-physical characteristics. As for the player trying to tell you that their character already counts as inhuman just bacause they can use magic or psychich powers, my advise is to find something large and heavy, then proceed to beat them accross the head with it a few times.
  12. Black-Fox

    Psychic Shield in Innate Slot.

    The mentalist can counterattack, but only with a physical attack, not with any powers. If a maintained shield fails to block an attack nothing happens to it, it is still maintained. Shields only stop working when either they break or are deactivated.
  13. Yes, if you have Contolled a creature before you Bind it, then it stays Controlled as long as it remains Bound. Keep in mind that when you have bound a creature into something, materializing it from the object is not the same thing as releasing the binding.
  14. Black-Fox

    Psychic Shield in Innate Slot.

    If the attack roll beats the defense roll of someone using a magical or psychic shield to defend, then they suffer damage as normal because they failed to use the shield to stop the attack.
  15. You do not have to be Controlling a being to Bind them, however if you dont, even if you have bound them, you can not force them to do anything. If you have a creature Controlled when you Bind them, then you never need to make a Control check on them again, as long as it continues to be bound.