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  1. It's not a dumb question at all. Actually quite an interesting one, as the wording in this game is screwed up beyond all hope. You can't take an action that you know will fail, is the gist of it, so you have to choose Leon to stay.
  2. Page 24 of the rulebook says that Pooh destroys battling dark cards. Not you. The wording is the same for the benefit received from equipment as for adding friends in a battle. Pooh says the player card. It is the easiest to explain this as being the CARD. Additionally, this would require a reversal of Deep Jungle, for the 1 person who plays friend equipment and battles/challenges on Deep Jungle. I presume that this reversal is much more sensible than having to change the wording used to describe equipment, which is the exact same as the wording for adding friends in a battle. Or, you know, run Pooh, kill WR, be done. I don't really care, I'm kind of done with this when you keep saying that Dark Decks and their POW is even kind of similar. A shadow affects a dark card like Wakka affects a player card. I lumped Wakka in the "things that would be zeroed," because he is something that specifically alters the value on the player card, which equipment does not. If you have to think of it this way, you can think of it as he hasn't drawn his sword yet, and thus it doesn't actually do anything for him (this isn't anything other than a pedagogical argument, please do NOT read into it). The ruling I'm suggesting makes sense, doesn't kill non-magic WR, and is easy to explain without being overly powerful. And if you think that only affecting the player card makes him weak, there are a few players at GenCon who may want a word with you. I rocked the lvl 1 Pooh in my deck solely to slow down other WR decks, as well as make aggro decks have to sacrifice something to challenge. edit: Page 23 says it perfectly: "During a battle, the attack value of the player card is the amount of damage the player deals to the dark cards at that location." That's the sound of Pooh+Phil+Dark Card worldblocking a player. Except that you don't really need Phil much, as so few people run magic anymore. And a sufficiently large dark card will take multiple magic cards to kill it, which means you've likely stalled out that WR for 3-4 turns as they try to build their hand.
  3. It clarifies that I misread the bit about the challenge (pooh will only affect challenges if he affects equipment, and even then, only affecting the equipment), but it still stands about the battling dark cards, which was where the heart of the Pooh problem is.
  4. I didn't really see you guys saying you were on it, and for that, I'm sorry, and I'm sure Highjack is too. That said, you guys have the power to create rulings, and are the ones who gave birth to this one. I'm pretty sure the whole point of you being deputized was to prevent having to go to Jaffer. I'll say it again that the obvious solution to this to make it still *good* for theme decks but not absurdly overpowered is to say "the first time each turn."
  5. Highjack said: well, I guess it should be in the errata thread as a clarification, but, it was ruled quite some time ago cards with whatever world symbol (for example, agrabah) are that type of card. This was mostly due to inconsistencies between the cards too. If I remember right, if you look at the new Hades, he's effectively blank with the rulebook wording, and always will be. I want to say that there was one more that was done that way. Regardless, the solution to every one of those cards is to take the middle ground of them affecting all cards of their type and restricting it to "the first time each turn you play a _____ card." And yeah, Dut, Decisive Pumpkin was the only one that I think they worded perfectly. And it has the potential to be far better than the others, if they only drew from worlds. Whether or not that was what was supposed to be the case, who knows. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, FFG needs a **** proofreader for this game. There are many of us who would do it for free.
  6. No, it's not the same, and don't just quote the part you want to agree with and ignore the rest, because they are not even kind of the same issue. You're ignoring the consequences of the ruling you're wanting, that it will cause friends to NEVER add support for battling dark cards, and will also make Sebastian obsolete (as if he weren't already, but still), as he makes all attack cards zero as well. So, why my point of view should be the one implemented: it requires the least amount of hand waving at rules, as it doesn't require rewriting the rulebook. It's 10x easier to explain it to players that it takes that card (points at player card) and makes its value always zero. Doesn't care if your Wakka says it's +1. Doesn't care if your Diz boosted it. The value of the player CARD is zero. And, beyond that, equipment destruction is pretty limited in the environment for a reason: they want people to actually use equipment cards. I can't even get behind why you would think, let alone want, Pooh to zero out the card AND equipment, but I still maintain that, if they rule this way, and then don't also say that it zeros out all friends for battles, they will be fundamentally rewriting the rules. And I'm pretty sure that rulings are supposed to coincide with, not overwrite, the current rules. What evidence? Your "evidence" is the Dark Cards, which is NOT THE SAME. The only time you care about a player card's attack value is when you're battling or challenging. Coincidentally, that's the ONLY TIME that you add to it. And, as I said, if you zero that, then you have to zero all the friends. And then you told Aggro to put 3x Pooh in every deck to destroy WR.
  7. No, devilmonkey, that is exactly what I'm saying. The rulebook states that, in ALL battles, the friend cards ADD to the player card, and it uses the same wording as for equipment. This means that, if Pooh lvl 1 is out, you have NO SUPPORT on your side of the table for battling dark cards. The reason I said an errata would need to be issued to Deep Jungle is to prevent conflicting rulings on similarly worded cards. Additionally, why POW doesn't even kind of matter here: every card that references something's POW (except Roxas) says that the card's support value is equal to half of the card's POW value. So, you have to say "what is this card's POW?" Okay, it's Y. Oh crap, I've got X shadows out now. It's now Y+X. Then you halve it. I've changed my position on the argument, if you couldn't tell, Roxas. While I'm of the opinion that when someone says that the "player CARD" gets set to 0, it means the card's value is now zero instead of the value on the actual card. Then when calculating things, it would be 0+modifiers. But that's irrelevant. Because we just broke WR over our knee if Pooh lvl 1 zeros out equipment, as it necessitates that friend cards and attack cards also get zeroed out by Pooh for battle, as they get added just the same as equipment. Challenges still allow friends (though not attacks) because challenges care about the total support on each side, and for some reason, you do not add your friends there, just attacks/equip.
  8. Nevets said: Did I miss something? Did you guys? Did he say... Despereaux said: All the world cards in my deck right now are currently olympia. My world count is 3,3,3,3,1. Good or Bad? You can't have 4 Level 3 Olympus Coliseum World cards in your deck! ...maybe I'm just too tired. But did no one catch that? ~Nevets Truth is that I tend to just gloss over most posts that I don't see avatars belonging to a handful of individuals...
  9. Roxas said: My interpertion of that is that the Value is added to the Player's Attack, which then would be cause for it to be negated by Pooh because it says addition to the Player's Attack Value. If that still doesn't satify you will will be more than happy to have Brett or Liam send the question to Jaffer with evidence for both sides and allow for an official ruling, but I would like to point out to you sir that not so long ago you were yelling about no one reading the rulebook, well right there is two quote directly from it that pretty much, one of which spells it right out. -Roxas PS: Sorry Dave if came off a little edgy, no offense was meant anywhere in the post. See, the problem is that I did mean offense. Not to you as a person, but to these kind of kneejerk reactions to things and interpretations, when literal reading of the cards is what is needed when broken English/poor translations aren't involved. Okay, so I'm going to illustrate the problem, and hopefully we can all agree that it, in fact, zeros the card (and negates Wakka). This will necessitate a ruling or ruling change on Deep Jungle lvl 3, if the ruling was actually made that, say, Warhammer doesn't add to Don's 0 there. The problem: If Pooh lvl1 zeroes all equipment, he will also make it IMPOSSIBLE to clear worlds without magic. The wording on battling dark cards is the exact same as that of equipment during a battle or challenge. Now, the wording on challenging is different, and you compare total support instead of adding the support to your player card. In the event of a challenge, Pooh would still zero attack cards as well. So, there it is. Ruling that Pooh specifically zeros the value ON the card and that it can never be non-zero while Pooh is out fixes this, takes care of the inevitable Wakka question (and Diz, can't forget Diz!), AND is the ruling that doesn't need to contradict other rules to make sense. Following this, Deep Jungle would also be taken care of, and the select friend equipment that gets used would still get added.
  10. Yeah, when I say my memory for names, I do mean my memory for everything just plain sucks. It's a lot harder in KH, too, when there's so little interaction, the games all just kind of blur together.
  11. No it doesn't. Fat Bandit says: "The Attack value from equipment cards and the support value from friend cards do not work against this card." This has nothing for your agrument that Pooh zeroes out attachments, and actually hurts it, because it specifically says that equipment doesn't work against it, instead of "equipment doesn't add to the player card" We have a comprehensive database online of almost all cards printed, and you still refuse to RTFC when attempting to formulate rules ideas. What's worse, you quote what you think the card does, and then nobody double checks it because you seem to have looked it up already. This is how we end up issuing errata for cards like Diz, because nobody bothers to read the **** card.
  12. Guess I was bored enough, but it wasn't hard to find. 2nd page of hollow bastion: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=90&efcid=5&efidt=171535
  13. I've posted this before, and I'm not going to bother to try and find it again. It's in the Hollow Bastion though, I believe, and it was a response to someone else. You know, we have a (albeit poor) search function.
  14. So, Highjack and I went up to Rockford tonight for their quasi-weekly event. He was rocking the light Aggrobah, and I ran the slightly less than ideal Dark Aggrobah (read: we only had 1 extra Wishing Lamp, borrowed one, so the deck had 2). He's got the deck now, but here's a rough decklist: Dark Riku Attack: 3x Soul Eater Oblivion Ultima Equipment: 2x Wishing Lamp Events: Event 1 Magic: 1x Cura (probably up to 2, just in case) Dark Cards: 3x Bouncy Wild 2x Black Fungus (out) 6x Pot Spider 3x Bandit 3x Fat Bandit 3x Bit Sniper (set 4) 3x Angel Star 1x Stealth Sneak 3x Pot Centipede 3x Cave of Wonders Guardian 1x Dragon Maleficent Games: Round 1 vs Sam, playing lvl 1 Sora Valor Aggro: Game 1: I don't remember too many details here, other than not remembering anything much. I know I won, and that it took a while to get to my Lamp. Game 2: He got out Valor and used 2 Pooh lvl 0's on me, and I managed to win. This game, though, I got my lamp out early and was drawing like a fiend. 1-0 (2-0) Round 2: Guy in cabbie hat running the event (see, I'm horrible with names), playing Dark Riku aggro Game 1: We both seem to get a good game here, as we cut each other to some solid starts. I think I got a first or second turn wishing lamp. Cura, and his Monstro limiting his friends won me the game. Game 2: My deck decides to put the 2 wishing lamps in the bottom 10 cards of my deck. I struggle for 5 turns until I croak and die. One more turn, and it may've been a close game. Game 3: I don't really remember how this worked out. I think that we had no Monstro, and I managed to avoid my wishing lamp most if not all of the game. A great deal of dark cards getting thrown into challenges, combined with drawing soul eaters on their own seemed to prove enough. 2-0 (4-1) Round 3, against one of the two women playing. See what I said about being horrible with names? We both said that they ought to rent out the card room as a sauna though. She was playing a Sora lvl 1 Olympia WR Game 1: I'm able to drop 2 pot spiders on her world to knock 2 hp off. That was the sign that I'd won, to me. And I did, in short order. Game 2: This one was a little harder. I didn't have anything of substance on her world til it was at 7 wc, but then a CoWG and some buddies swung in. Repeated recycling and using Soul Eater and Event 1 every turn spelled doom pretty quick. 3-0 (6-1) So, Mike was also 3-0, and we decided to go get food at this Mary's Cafe place we saw on the way in. Apparently you get free dessert with a lunch/dinner purchase, and we were going to play our finals game there, and decided that, barring horrible luck, he'd beat the snot out of me, as it just works better as a light deck. So, instead, we ate some victory cake.
  15. Roxas said: Fairbanks said: Highjack said: a lot of tie breakers? name 5 Seconding this. I've played upwards of 20-30 ccgs, probably more that I don't actually remember, and I don't think I've ever come across this. In a tournament time limit is usually 45 mins to an hour. If your life points are the same (it happens more often then you'd think), and no one has a win advantage (say it's still game one or tied 1-1 in the third) when time is called, the game goes until someone has the higher life points and that person is the winner. Okay, your explanation makes more sense, but it is still a bit silly. The way he worded it, it sounded like it was the first person to deal damage that game, not after time.
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