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  1. I see a few (34 so far) have looked at my post/question, but no one has answered. : ( I hope that means no one has found any mistakes??? I really want to like this game. I hope I will. Thanks for your replys…
  2. Has anyone noticed any mistakes in the rules, on cards, on the board, or anywhere else? I love FFG games, but they are getting a bad rep. as far as letting too many mistakes go in their products. It almost seems as if they don't proof-read at all. I keep waiting for the faq and hopefully a small or nonexistant errata correction list, BEFORE I buy this one. I got the first printing of Mansions of Madness, and I still feel bitter since then. Thanx in advance for replying to this! Porpus Boy~
  3. Not sure if there is already a topic for this but here's my question: Can anyone recommend a story to use for my first time playing MoM? This will be my groups first time to play (all of us) and my first time to be keeper and my first time to play also. Thanx in advance for your suggestions! P.S. I have NOT seen the game demo-ed anywhere either.
  4. My question is about the agent X- The Director. The rule book states: "If his side places it's domination token, he manages to win an additional objective, above and beyond the current struggle!" What exactly does this mean? Does this player just take the next card off the top of the objective pile... and adds it to his/her total points towards winning the game? Thanks for any answers : ) P.S. This is my first post at any forum here at FFG, CHEERS~
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