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  1. Dam said: MonsieurPoulet said: What about a mythos card such as Feds Raid Arkham!, where all monsters in the streets are returned to the cup? In that case, would spawn monsters return to the cup or Ancien One sheet? Spawns are unaffected by all "return to cup" stuff (Feds, Time Bomb, etc.). You're kidding me!!! ****, then those Riot asswipes from KiY are tough sumbitches then.
  2. I never really do a theme based game but I do have a few quirky rules. 1. Typically I play solo, so I roll a dice to determine the # of Investigators I use (max 4). 2. I always pick one Investigator, then draw the remaining. 3. I use one randomly chosen expansion, one randomly chosen herald, and AO. (For example: Dark Pharoah expansion cards with the KiY herald). 4. I only use equipment/spells for THAT expansion (exception: one item form each expansion). 5. Gates are always placed faced down. 6. I never use the same Investigators or AO until I've gone through everyone. Makes for some interesting Teams.
  3. I always put one on the surging gate, then roll a dice for each additional monster. It gets a bit crazy this way.
  4. ****, just beat Yig the other night.....................and I forgot about the Curse thing. No wonder he was so easy.
  5. dj2.0 said: The star vampire has never been anything other than a major problem for me. As the above shows it front loads all its threat, unlike the dhole. You can deal with a dhole more often because of this. Every time Ive drawn the dhole in an encounter, ive managed to evade it. Every time Ive drawn a star vampire, ive ended up maddened, injured, ko'd or gibbering in the asylum. So after a long time on top of my list of monsters to dread, dhole is now second. The gug also batters me, but thats fate - with alarming frequency, the dice vomit 1s. Agreed Star Vamp is a ***** and a half. Toughest monster? No. But lemme tell you, last night he hit the board first Mythos and never left.
  6. Can I use this item in a location with a monster, without evading it first?
  7. Hey, fellas/ladies, I'm new to the game and new to the forum. Quick question regarding skill checks. Specifically, regarding certain Envorment cards that effect things, such as -2 will checks. Now, does this mean I only get nailed when I need to make a will check, or on all checks regarding will (such as Horror checks too)? I assume Checks are specific, like all other games, Skill checks, Horror checks, Spell checks, and Combat checks, and they don't over lap. Also, if a monster is in my square, and a Mythos card calls out for it to move elsewhere, will it?
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