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  1. You know what Hinomura, if this is the direction that veteran posters are taking now, then I don't want to be a part of this game. Please feel free to continue your ways. You can do so without me. I'm out.
  2. This post is counter to how the great majority of players should/could respond to threads that they don’t agree with. If you are aiming at being an ***@%0)3, you succeeded. And to those of you who responded with a ‘like’ to his post, shame on you.
  3. A ‘reaction’ of sorts if one looks at where Unicorn started originally in the first iteration of the game. (which is to say that they were OP, in my opinion)
  4. While I disagree with this, I will have to accept it. Just seems as if we might get rulings that will go back and forth depending on the interactions of newly released (or yet to be released) cards, which is understandable but not a good precedent. (cards need to be better designed prior to releasing them, imo)
  5. If Tyler simply removed the parentheses we would have a clearer understanding of his ruling in this situation.
  6. I’m somewhat happy that the SH for Scorpion was ‘rebalanced’ with this change, though it still remains a tough SH and continues to provide options for Scorpion players. A welcomed change imo, dropping the effectiveness down a bit. (SH is still superior than 3-4 others currently) Restoration was severely hit, imo, but it’s still useable. One must realize that there are a ton of other provinces to choose from, with additional provinces coming out with each pack. Not too disconcerting. (I do play Dragon as my main Clan, not competitively)
  7. Title says it all. I have been out of the loop since late December. Thanks in advance. 😊
  8. I’m looking at these cards and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of choices (directions?) a given deck will/might be composed of in the near future. A part of me can’t handle the nuisances that the various cards will have on my decision making process with my deck design choices, and even more so with my opponents’ decks. I might have to stop playing this game as I’m not able to grasp so many complexities with the various decks and just how they might influence my gaming. I’m totally serious.
  9. I disagree. BAH was/is an already powerful card. I don’t think it is being thrown into a limited usefulness bag at all. (then again, I can say this regarding many of the Scorpion cards)
  10. Short answer: Yes Long answer: It all centers on the medium of actual play that will be utilized for the gameplay.
  11. I’m confused with this ruling. I can see it being ruled in any of the ways mentioned, and am curious with his response. Nevermind. Only academic at this point.
  12. A local FLGS personnel stated that a multiplayer game is in the works but no release date as of now. When I pressed him for more info or a window for release he said that it will be prior to mid 2019. 🤨 (my thoughts are how would he know this, what has FFG stated/released to stores, why is this being kept so secretive thus far?) Is multiplayer really that difficult to put together for this card game????? 😞
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