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  1. I’m looking at these cards and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of choices (directions?) a given deck will/might be composed of in the near future. A part of me can’t handle the nuisances that the various cards will have on my decision making process with my deck design choices, and even more so with my opponents’ decks. I might have to stop playing this game as I’m not able to grasp so many complexities with the various decks and just how they might influence my gaming. I’m totally serious.
  2. LordBlunt

    Uji and Harriers

    @Matrim Well done.👍
  3. LordBlunt

    [Ruling] Back-Alley Hideaway

    I disagree. BAH was/is an already powerful card. I don’t think it is being thrown into a limited usefulness bag at all. (then again, I can say this regarding many of the Scorpion cards)
  4. LordBlunt

    Solitaire Tests Idea

    Short answer: Yes Long answer: It all centers on the medium of actual play that will be utilized for the gameplay.
  5. LordBlunt

    [Ruling] Togashi Mitsu & cancelled events

    I’m confused with this ruling. I can see it being ruled in any of the ways mentioned, and am curious with his response. Nevermind. Only academic at this point.
  6. A local FLGS personnel stated that a multiplayer game is in the works but no release date as of now. When I pressed him for more info or a window for release he said that it will be prior to mid 2019. 🤨 (my thoughts are how would he know this, what has FFG stated/released to stores, why is this being kept so secretive thus far?) Is multiplayer really that difficult to put together for this card game????? 😞
  7. LordBlunt

    I'm sorry

    I’m seriously having issues processing this pic. 🤣
  8. LordBlunt

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Left at the door with Integrity, a loooooooonnnnnggggggg time ago.
  9. Most definitely YES. May gaming group (5 players total, including me) dropped the game about 4 months after it was released..... the most readily used reasoning was the ease with which a certain 2 Clans (Crab and Scorpion) were wining games versus the other 5. We gave it another shot months later with our own version of multiplayer, with the same results. We are all casual gamers, not too competitive imo. I’m the only player left who games, mostly online and a few games at the LGS when I can squeeze in a few matches. While the Clans have adjusted a little, the same 2 are still dominating the field, with Crane popping up every now and then. My 2 cents.
  10. LordBlunt

    Players in Japan

    Hey, ummmmmm.... anyone know how I can align my satellite dish toward Japanese broadcasting stations so that I can, ummm, carry out a study of their entertainment medium??? You know, for academic study.
  11. All 3 were jailed by an unscrupulous (what else?!) Scorpion magistrate who was following fictitious Imperial orders presented by a Crane representative. The offense committed by the Dragon party? They didn’t possess enough honor to make the trip.... ??‍♀️ ?
  12. Somewhere I read this.... was I dreaming?
  13. LordBlunt

    third role question.

    Sorry, but what are you talking about? Honestly, are there new roles in the clan packs? ?
  14. Short answer is yes; you should include at least 1 if not 2 in most* decks. I have 3 in my Dragon, 2 in my Phoenix deck, and I can certainly use at least 1 in my other decks. I did construct a Lion deck that did not need a single FG, but that’s my preference with what I want to accomplish with that deck. Thing is, this card is one option that can pay off massively if the opportunity comes up, and in most games you want to have at least a single copy that will allow for some movement shenanigans that otherwise you don’t have access to. In my neck of the woods, you are pretty much obligated to play with a few copies in most decks, as I mentioned above. Hope this helps.
  15. LordBlunt

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Did someone say blunt? ?