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  1. Okay, after being on the fence for so long I finally pre-registered. Smoo, see you there. If anyone wants to volunteer some time I would love to play Battles of Westeros. A lot.
  2. Shub-Niggurath said: Avi_dreader said: I'd really love to see an official monster cup (bag), so I can stop using Barnes and Nobles bags ;') their greens remind me of Cthulhu. I saw in one of the news items they are giving one away at Arkham nights - it looks a bit like the velvet bag from the old/ pre silverline Lord of the Rings boardgame with a symbol on it. I'm hoping its going to be made more widely available later. It does look a bit small. I use a plastic shopping bag too, a salad bowl may be more like a monster "cup" but I don't want to see what I'm drawing. In some games of AH you need two bags or cups for monsters so I hope you have another salad bowl, or maybe an unused fruit bowl would do. The Arkham Nights bag lying flat is about six inches wide and nine inches tall drawstring at the top. I've got mine. It fits all the normal monsters from every expansion. Haven't tried putting the masks in it too.
  3. Winter324


    I haven't been to an event since the Realms of Terrinoth. Thanks for the great weekend. Look forward to reading the rest of the book and playing more Mansions when the time comes.
  4. Smoo said: Winter324 said: I was in the first group to try the Mansion. Cool (amazing) stuff. More details on BoardGameGeek. I was in this same group. Wonderful game. On my must-buy list. If I hadn't already preordered it, I would have right then. Now hoping against hope that winter could mean pre-holiday, though I really doubt it.
  5. JerusalemJones said: Great minds think alike. And by this point, I suspect we'll find out at the event. I saw you there nabbing Corey's sig. I tried to get your attention but you were pretty focused. I was in the first group to try the Mansion. Cool (amazing) stuff. More details on BoardGameGeek.
  6. Shameless promotion noted. Sounds interesting.
  7. Wow that's weird, I logged in to ask the same exact question.
  8. Crap. I just played my first full game last night and was doing it like you displace and shift up or down, not a straight swap. Ah well. Next time I'll know.
  9. Old Dwarf said: That may be up to the individual Keeper(if it's my wife,I'm toast ) it does appear that the Keeper is a Player with his own agenda so I expect a Deep One "Gutting" is in order. OD Dang, that is almost exactly what I was going to say. Wife=Keeper=Me Screwed. Me=Keeper=She Wins=Me Screwed.
  10. Most normally (those that I can count on in every instance). Two. Me and my wife. The other two reprobates every so often. So four total.
  11. I have a core book on the way and the GM screen as well. Played the Free RPG day adventure and was wondering about 'Lure of the Expanse'. Is there a recommended amount of PCs to get through it? Can't seem to find anything (though admittedly I haven't looked too hard) that says one way or the other. Thanks for any guidance.
  12. Not sure that I qualify as a regular, but I will be there. Rough drive about 7 miles south from my house. No seriously the road construction between here and there is lousy.
  13. I can do any of the time slots on Saturday for Streets of Insanity. I need three more folks. Who's with me? On the chance that we can sign up on Friday I will be there at that time as well.
  14. rashktah said: I sold my code on eBay, thus bringing CitOW's price down by 1/3. :-) It never occurred to me that there would be a market for those. I have the ones from my Warhammer: Invasion LCG core set as well.
  15. Yep one of the Planos and some tuckboxes printed from designs on BoardGame Geek and I'm good with room to spare. All in the box, all safe and ready to play. Now if I could just find people willing to play
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