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  1. I really want a tarot deck withe the illustration from the circle undone!!! Can you make it for us?!?
  2. We have this problem in Belgium: 2 people in 4th position... What have we to do?
  3. It seems similar to you because all the locations and the characters are always the same. Arkham ia always the same city: same roots, same uddress, same shops or restaurant same peoples! I love it!!!
  4. I think so too.... Nothing to do with the 2th one
  5. or you can print the cards you need and put them in the protective sleeves using the back of the cards you don't need ...
  6. mmmh... It's a pity... it would be very interesting...
  7. ok, but... there is not a way to filter the decks specifying the contents of your own collection?
  8. I recently found arkhamdb.com. I think you all just know that and I'd like to know if there is a way to use the site to create 2 or more decks, specifying the contents of your own collection... I mean: I have 1 copy of all core sets and scenarios and I wont to make 2 deck for 2 guardian carcacters (ex: Roland Banks and Mark Harrigan).
  9. I don't think so... they never made so with AH boardgame or Elder sign
  10. as someone said... this is a a cooperative game and forum, so, if someone post the promo cards somewhere they can be print for a personal use (I'd like to remake them in Italian with strange eons, like I did with marie Lambeau on BGG)
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