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  1. Hello If some are alive, and still need/want some materials... A particular one, cause it's a video (to resume where players are in the story ( I mean start of chapter 3) and reintroduce each character)... and, it's in French Yes, sorry, but maybe can give idea to any? https://vimeo.com/223771951 pwd : JAestGrand
  2. Hello team still last friday, app (on steam) doesn't work due to an update... In fact, system can't finish the download... even on restart, nor deleting history nor changing the download center, nor desinstalling steam....
  3. Hello, Probably still solve, but can't find Can a player fire 2 or more différents actions on the same unique trigger? Example, with Murne 4xps capability, can the player use the "Other heroes" and the "any ally" capability in same time?
  4. Thanks for your point of view, I'll check "For the Right Price" (don't remember which agenda set is it). Any Other? And no "Library" or excel sheet about agenda set? ( come on guys, Emperor is waiting for results )
  5. Hello I'm just starting tonight a new campaign (Bespin) and must choose my agenda... some are so poor (a unique effect, without any impact), or side missions (not use in short campaign), ... So, has someone (somewhere) list agenda, with description to help built quickly the imperial deck? Thanks a lot
  6. And where did you buy this jabba's realm copy?
  7. hello Lone24Wolf this mission was...a disaster :/ from memory, they kill/destroy/trample/FaitCacaDessus(#FrenchJoke) (just erase false choice... or keep it all ), so managed every thing I can "summon" not a joke, they was gathering on my entry point, and destroy in one turn ATST, Tank, Somos... and I can't each turn enter a big miniatures ... They do same with any 3 miniatures card :/ I just destroy ONE tower, never seen the door (by the way, biggest and heaviest than any imperial star destroyer door) I even drop before the end... This group (3 hoths heroes AND feen) was terrible... BUT forget to be humble Last mission, they're so sure to win that... I Win :) So, just be courageous AND play as if you really try, as it's impossible to win... and give them a foolish powerfull sensation...
  8. Hello... in the Rules references, ACTION: A figure can perform the same action multiple times during the same activation except as follows: -- A non-hero figure can use only one of its actions to perform an attack per activation. -- A figure can perform each special action only once per activation. REST During a campaign, hero figures can perform an action to rest. When performing a rest, the hero recovers Strain equal to his Endurance. • If he recovers more Strain than he has suffered, he recovers one Wounds for each Strain he cannot recover. So yes, twice per round, wounds if no more (or not at all) strain.
  9. Nice questions... so, the 3 Hoth heroes and Fenn defense : 2 black, 1 white and 1 black that can add a white (Fenn) My class deck is the "regular" one from hoth, so pierce 1 for every one, +1 accuracy, re roll, ... It's a big map, but I will use the 3 officer and wave appear when destroy some point, where probably rebels will be adjacent... what a surprise to lose a point AND that a Wampa appear, ready to trample BUT it's very good point...
  10. Hello So, in this mission (the last one before big ending mission), we must create a reinforcement wave... Imperial players, what was your selection? Or your deception? Experience? Tips? My first reflexion could be wampa elite 8 nexu elite 6 somos 10 (previously win) and my open officer elite nexu or wampa any comment?
  11. I can't even conceive of what you are saying. I mean I can see Rebels winning, but I can't see them wiping the floor with Imps on a regular basis. I'd have to watch you play. Are you saving threat for an AT-ST or Darth Vader? Are you clumping up Imperial units? Are you firing and moving, or not, as the case may be? An AT-ST or Bantha, ... stay only 1 round, or maybe (with luck), 1 and half round... By the way, Fenn is totaly crazy, cause he can kill any new deployement in one turn, alone (2 mvt for free, than if necessary 2 more with strain, 2 attacks with blast 3!!! pretty unstoppable!) but maybe it's "just" about the side (threat) missions, when Rebels are fully equip and skill... I'll see about the last 2 story missions... "the last line", maybe... the last mission, can"t imagine they loose, honestly
  12. Just a question, cause in some mission wording is weird... as example, in Escape from Cloud City (Hoth), mission rules are (a part): - Door are lock. Rebels can attack them (live: twice threat, def : 0). Rebels can interract to open it (2 succes on any test) what is meaning? VERSION A - Rebel must shot it to unlock THEN interact to open it VERSION B - Rebel could shot it OR interact, to open it Very important AND urgent (we play this scenario in few hours)
  13. Thanks, and sorry, I haven't seen that a new FAQ occurs during holydays
  14. I agree! so, as some explanation is missing (as "mission next step is to open cell"), maybe part of story is missing ( ) but too SOME FU..ING Imperial deployement "deploy for free Vader, bounty hunters, Atst and a probe droid... they all activate immediatly... twice... and each one add a red dice to their attack pool... and... each rebel become stun and bleed"... something normal Come On, can FFG confirm what is missing?
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