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  1. Yeah, The Game Table in Mineola is where the long island players are at. they have all the stuff in stock as well. we are currently in the process of organizing days to play actually on LI, but mostly we just take the trip to the city.
  2. I would also be interested in such items, if the above poster doesnt jump at it. you can contact me at Wulfen613@aim.com
  3. since id get a total of 4 power that dominance phase, if i were to repeat the phase with the effect on Den of the Wolf would i get another 4 power (for a net total of 8 power) or only another 1 power for the repeated dom phase?
  4. just a quick clarification, since it specifically says it does not stand if "you lost dominance" does he stand if no one wins dominance? i'm a bit unsure if there might be a difference between you lost and no one won even if its just from a rules lawyer-y stand point.
  5. Just to make sure im not going insane, as ive had quite a few of these moments in recent days, If I have one CS character Shaggydog then I can only have two of the attachment shaggydogs from LoW correct? likewise for the two Greywinds as well.
  6. LetsGoRed said: I've been playing around with a Stark-GJ treaty deck since before Kingsmoot (thanks to ktom and Old Ben who both helped me with the initial brainstorming) and have kept tinkering with it after the GJ expansion. I'm not convinced that it can be a top deck since, given the 10 power for opponent to win condition, its a little too easy for a poor early draw or a quick launch by an opponent's rush deck to beat it before I can hope to turn the tide, but I think its not as disadvantaged (or, as Stag Lord loves to describe it, "gimmicky") as people thought when the Treaties first came out. In its favor is that the deck is a lot of fun since it's like playing with an "all star" deck that has a lot of uniques, plus the ongoing amusement derived from rankling one of our GJ players (GreyjoyChris) who disapproves of me playing with "his" cards in a Stark deck. Perhaps if Stag Lord ever beats my deck, I'll give it up as hopeless and build something else. then again, if Stag Lord ever beats your deck you might wanna hang up the cards to dry, lol. i've actually been considering a treaty build in my current quest to re-work my deck for Black Friday, but rather a stark treaty martell one. yeah its a bit of a pipe dream but its something im gonna tinker with on the side.
  7. alright, so ser mandon moore's ability allows him to be brought out of the shadows as part of a Challenges: action. my question is, does this use up your one one card out of shadows per phase limit or can i still bring someone out at the normal time.
  8. Sithlord Threadkiller said: Black Friday V will soon be known as Red Friday I as I'll be taking a break from my usual past-times (clubbing baby seals, loading dead babies onto trucks with pitchforks, etc) to reclaim the NYC Throne. Bring your most valiant decks, because it'll take more than talentless lannister aggro to defeat Evil. what he said. and this year The Jezzmonster Wulfen wont be just a numbers buff OH NO. this year He means business. and he and his wolves may just give you a beating (if he can get a bloody draw engine to work, grumble grumble....)
  9. I don't suppose we can get something going anytime soon? not to be rude but ive basically just been playing Stag for basically going on two months now, needs variety, and id love to see what horrible horrible tricks you city folk have come up with.
  10. michel3105 said: I consider the 4 STR dragons of the Core Set as "adolescent", so they are quite Nedly, to me! They perfectly will, if a Dance with Dragons comes out Fixed that for you
  11. yeah yeah, i see where you all are coming from, but you all just dont understand. Stag and i, in our meta we've a martell player. and he's, for lack of a better word, batshit insane. his playstyle is just that insane, and hes still probably one of the best of us. now hes been sitting out the LCG time till martell showed up again in force, but when he gets back this bloody viper will be the bane of our existence. yeah, yeah say what you will. you have no idea lol.
  12. your just pissed becuase you know we're gonna have to deal wiht Kmac as a viable force again, and lord knows hes going to hold this over our heads every bloody turn. that and the new Martell event. god i hate them again already and their expac hasnt even come out yet heh heh. to be honest i welcome the challenge, its been getting alittle stale just you and paul as viable challenge here on Long Island since the city crew hasnt given a good date in a month or so. That being said, god no. why something like this needs to exist is beyond me. and here i thought id just dealt with valar.....
  13. yeah, i gotta say my problem with LCG is the plots really, i feel like every deck i build has to have like 3 of the same plots(fury, Summer/winter related plot, raven search) no matter what. and i miss some of the fun abilites too lol. too be honest i havent encountered a whole lotta resource problems, and i run primarily stark Kings of Winter with most my resources being limited (and i dont run the Seas, never liked em). then again i find i use alot of low cost stuff, and those Refueges are a big help. New King Robb makes the armies very affordable. i've been playing this deck for about a month now, and its only lost once, though i feel like im getting lucky with the resources so i can see where your coming from. id kill for some fallow fields right about now, ive been avoiding influence costing cards becuuse the only influence i could fit in were the reducers. im actually sitting here now with the red keep in hand wondering what gets to go in the deck now that ive got some influence to spare heh heh.
  14. Stag Lord said: dormouse said: Would people be willing to buy an Arryn expansion in ther vein of PotS if they knew the House itself wouldn't see any House specific cards again until the reprinting or nex expansion 2 or even 3 years down the line? In a heartbeat Seconded. wow i didnt expect this thread to go this long lol. id do it, ive always liked house arryn. and to be honest who says it would have to be that long. these expansions seem to be coming out in a relatively quick time. it will only be like what a 6 month difference between the Kings of the Sea and Princes of the Sun? i could easily see them throwing out another expansion every six months, probably a bit more, if there was an interest in it, i've always like Arryn alot and im sure other Arryn/Tyrell fans wouldnt complain to that. hell, id be happy with just a Core Set level deck to be honest, my group still plays alot of games with just the core set. i couldnt see it that hard for them to make a two house expansion meant to play with the core set decks featuring Arryn and Tyrell. Highly unlikely yes, but far from impossible.
  15. So, i was contemplating the new greyjoy expac and thinking about the furture martell one and it led me to this thought: is there anyone else besides me who would like to see Arryn and Tyrell actually brought into the game as their actual houses in the future instead of neutrals and bara/lanni cards? i mean, i could see them easily being able to release expansions featuring the houses, but then again adding two more houses to the game would probably throw a wrench into the way the chapter packs are balanced between houses. at the very least i think Adgends could be done for them. again, something id like but probably not likely considering the number of arryn/tyrell cards these days (even though we did finally get jon arryn.) When i brought this prospect up with my local game group another point came up. The whole point of the LCG format was the manage the size of the card pool and keep the game easily accessable to new players. well, now we're almost gonna be at the 20 chapter pack mark when this cycle is complete. thats not really that easily accessable, taking account of the cost. what are the chances we will be seeing more rotations in the future.
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