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  1. I came across a line in a book that indicates she may have had a connection, and even been the founding matriarch, of the french crown, who were supposedly descended from Mermaids, and Melusine was the name of a water spirit. The less well-known collecter of fairy tales, Charles Perrault, was French, and lived and collected tales before the Brothers Grimm, and died when they were just children. He was also connected to the french crown. Suspicous coincidence, isn't it?
  2. My babylon is a machine the children must assemble. One peice is in the sea, one is in the sky, one is in the underworld, one is in the forest, one is in the mountains, one is in the river, one is at the edge of the world, one is in Wonderland, and one is somewhere in the Checkerboard Kingdom.
  3. Like everything else in the Grimmlands, the technological level is weird. A wizard may use a television that only gets static when others try to use it as his crystal ball, a farmer might have a 1940's tractor and still take his crops to market in an oxen cart, his neighbor might plow his fields with a steam-powered automaton horse or a domesticated dragon, the Mad Hatter has a radio that runs on clockwork, and almost everyone, including starving peasents, has indoor plumbing. That is just Grimmland's daily life, mind you. It get's even weirder when you look at the exceptional. Occasionally an airship is seen overhead and no one seems to know who's flying in it, advanced gadgets are common in one Checkerboard kingdom and unheard of in the one next door, a mysterious mechanical squid or whale is occasionally seen in the sea by sailors, and every carnival seems to have electric lights.
  4. On another note Second-Timer: Your parents had a group of friends who they are unusually close to but seem to have nothing in common with, were very superstitous, knew exactly how to splint your arm when you fell off your bike and how to subdue that dog that attacked you, and never let you out of their sight. Turns out, they were in the Grimm-lands before you. Your boring old parents are legands and certain inhabitants treat you different based on this, and you may have actually been drawn into the Grimmlands for the purpose of revange by an old enemy of your parents. Descendand from Gods: Back before the real world before the real world became safe, and sane and boring, a god either married or seduced one of your ancestors. You are a demi-god. Depending on who you are descended from your powers vary. You could have the allegience of sea life, mastery over the weather, or great powers during the night. It could be anything else.
  5. Whywolves. Wolves that have a great curiosity, and a greater appetite for the sweet flesh of innocent children
  6. The League of Witches and Warlocks. I am absoulutely delighted by the notions of all the different magicians, spellslingers, and sorcerers of The Grimm Land, many of whom most likely despise each other, sitting down to a nice civil cup of tea together.
  7. 11) a miracolous pair of iron shoes that allow whoever wears them to breathe underwater. It takes an eigth grade muscle test each round to avoid sinking to the bottom. 12) a fur coat that, when worn, transforms the wearer into a bear. The wearer needs someone else to pull the zipper on the back down to get them out of the bear skin. 13) A popgun that scares any native of the Grimmlands when used within earshot of them, causing them to lose a round. It takes a turn to reload it. 14) a magnifying glass that reveals the true nature of anything looked at through it, at the cost of one point of imagination. 15) a pair of boots that allow their wearer to dance flawlessly. By expanding one level of imagination you can walk on air with them.
  8. Forget Naruto, forget Ninja Gaiden, and most definitely forget Dr. Mcninja. Take away all the cuteness,sanitizing and commercialization that has been done to ninjas and go back to the core of what they are: hired killers who lurk in darkness. Imagine sitting down in a nice safe clearing and hearing a twig snap. If you know anything about this game your prepared for something dangerous, but are you prepared for that silent black clad figure with stars of steel and brutal cunning, and killing strength?
  9. There's water in the desert. It's just if your smart you'll stay away from it, as the rivers are usually filled with crocodiles and other nasties. The Oasis's are even worse, as bandits, slavers, and child munching monsters usually stake them out, knowing that thirsty travelers can't resist the temptation. Natural springs are usually guarded by angry spirits or gods who don't like to share.
  10. I love Grimm, but I hate the origin story. Some things don't need to be explained in Grimm. Your here in a world of twisted fairy tales, and your trying to stay alive. I believe you should sic whatever horrors or wonders you want from cartoons, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, or children's books on your players. Cowboys, robots, trolls, goblins, fairies, witches, warlocks, indians, devils, gods, imps, ninjas, centuars, monsters, steam shovels, wizards, talking trees, foxes, dragons, ghouls, ogres, knights, demons, woodsmen, spirits, and anything else you want to put in your game all have a place in the Grimm lands.
  11. Changing the big bad will probably change the entire tone of the saga. That's not a bad thing, but it could be a challenge. If you want a big bad to represent the adult world and its banality, try something like the Factory, a sentient and thoroughly malevolent manufacturing facility that produces nothing but misery and corruption. It could be located on an island out in the sea dumping toxic waste, in a checkerboard kingdom polluting the sky, or even in a wide clearing in the Great and Awful forest destroying trees to fuel its dark engines. Mr. Dark would obviously be the embodiment of childhood fears, and would probably live in a ruined castle within the Great and awful forest, or in a decaying fortress at the edge of the world. If the dangers of refusing to grow up are the main theme, than a twisted Peter Pan would work well as the main blackgaurd. Neverland could be located outside the Grimm land's proper(second star on the left...) or as an island in the sea. For those who just want to give their players the heebie-jeebies the rotten king works well. You could even twist him further by giving him occasional lucid moments where he begs for death, or reveal that Humpty Dumpty died when he fell of the wall, and the rotten king is some sort of malevolent force, as Captain Sparrow suggested, like the King in Yellow, the Red Death or Mister Dark puppeteering his body to his or her own ends. For campaingns focusing mainly on adventure the standard fantasy Dark Lord would work, but he should be hiding a secret twist, like he's really a kid from the real world who went through complete estrangement and can no longer go home. On another note, I'm suprised no one has mentioned The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The series is warped, twisted, disturbing and absoulutely delightful, everything a Grimm game ought to be.
  12. Yes, I see your point. It should still come as a surprise to them, though.
  13. From what I see there a thousands of ways to "grimmify" the Oz of the books. but this one is my favorite: OZ is a dictatorship under the absolute control of Ozma, who monitors the populace via a sinister magic mirror from her tower in the Emerald city. She is served by a group of close friends, who put down dissent efficiently and quickly Everyone is immortal, and so dissenters are merely mindwiped, giving new identities, and released back into the general populace, giving them new individuals to meet and talk to. The Great desert and the Great Glass Wall prevents anyone from leaving or entering. The populace is forbidden from performing magic, except for the aristocrats, who consists mainly of Ozma's friends. Those not under Ozma's control are instead enslaved through mystical means by one of the many malevolent magic users who abound in Oz. (this mostly stuff taken from the books, believe it or not.)
  14. I always thought that unusual heritage should be like that. It's not like "Cool! I can turn into a wolf,", its more like "Oh My Gosh! I AM a wolf".
  15. Artificial human: Beauty is only skin deep, and so is this kid's humanity. Her/his supposed "parent's" actually built them, whether out of clay. cloth, clockwork, or something else entirely. They don't get sick, they don't tire out, and nothing wants to eat them.
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