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  1. I like the idea. Chaos wins...the empire has fallen...elves and drawves driven to their last stand... but not all is lost...heros will raise and fight back the evil, retake the realem. I see great storyline here even for their table top gaming. ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE! FOR THE EMPIRE!
  2. Yes very nice cats. What creature card are they? I think those guys on the ship are SOL. I like to see FFG expand the dog for ratcatcher. Different types of dogs with different talents.
  3. You will need to get a min 3 skills at the start. You can only train 2 skills during the career without having to use your non-career spots. The more the career lets you advance skills during the career the less you have to buy at the start.
  4. What a dungeon crawl without a map bah! Come on FFG we need maps. I got the Edge of Night on the shelf right now waiting to do the adventure with my current game group as a player(got the buy FFG box sets when they come out or you'll wait months for repinting). I guess I'm going to be disapponted that FFG was short sighted about the maps again. As a game master I buy adventures to help save time for setting up the adventure. Now i'm going to have to come up with maps for this adventure down the road but maybe i get lucky and get copies from my current GM when he has to make them for our group (wink wink).
  5. Put me down as a yes. Sometime its fun just to be the bad guy lol. I once ran a good vs evil group campain were I had 2 groups playing each other over a series of adventures, were they fought each other every so offen.
  6. Wow great question! I would like to here from Jay on this one.
  7. Will i have to buy the petty magic action cards that Apprentice would get for free at creation?
  8. I rather have soak. You never know what the GM doing behind that screen lol.
  9. It will be nice if they came out with something for each major class like they did with Wizards and priest. They kind of left thiefs out in the cold.
  10. LeBlanc13 said: Doc, the Weasel said: I think what we can all get from this is that there is no standard in player RPG ownership. Assuming that all the players will or won't have their own material is foolish either way. I don't think it's foolish at all. In fact, my experience is those players that don't take the time to learn the rules are usually the ones that don't last too long in the group anyway. They float in, try it for a few sessions and float out again finding it's not for them. Letting someone play a game or two without knowing the rules to let them try it out isn't too bad. If they decide to join your group on a semi-permanent basis, they need to know the rules and that means having their own book. Is $30-$60 for a rulebook that much of an expense? Most people plunk down $60.00 without blinking an eyelid when buying an XBOX 360 game. Some people even do that on a weekly basis to get the latest hotness in video games. In my opinion, if you're going to commit yourself to a hobby, you need to make the initial investment at least in a core rulebook. Agree. If your going to play long term get the core set. I still want the hard back books. Easyer then going thur my growing pile of paper ones...lol
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