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  1. I always feel happy playing my Cloud. First Super Rare I ever got.
  2. This seems wholeheartedly unnecessary.
  3. For old cards that have been printed with the same functional abilities, but with a minor change, can you use the old cards as the new ones? For example, the new Shadow has no limit to the number of them in your deck. Have the old Shadows been errated to include this text? Same goes for Sea Neon, and maybe some other cards that I'm not aware of. Additionally or alternatively, is there anywhere you can find a comprehensive list of errata for cards?
  4. Weaver2

    All Agro

    I've only just started playing recently, and the people I've played against aren't exactly top tier, but from what I've seen, WR seemed like a generally better way to go. In the 5-6 games I've played, I've only been knocked out by an aggro deck once, and that was mostly due to poor playing on my part. Personally, I enjoy the bump in Aggro, because I think it's a more interactive way to play, but I can understand why people could like WR, too. My deck's a bit of a hybrid, so I can play either way as the situation requires, thus I've won both via aggroing and WRing, and I've always preferred the aggro method. But that's just me.
  5. It's hard to properly taunt you if we don't know what you've done. I mean, all I can get up is that you smell of elderberries, and that's not even original.
  6. Wave's lyrical/orchestral arrangement of Yuyuko Saigyouji's boss theme, Border of Life. Sooo coooool~
  7. Megara kills Hades by loitering, something any single Hercules is literally incapable of doing with all of his strength. Huh.
  8. Salutations, fellow Michigan players! I'm local to Monroe, and well within walking distance of Our House Games, where you can find me pretty much every day. Looking forward to seeing you down here!
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