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  1. Julia said: Rules say you cannot gain stamina (or sanity) above your maximum. No, the rules says : Stamina/Sanity cannot exceed maximum value. That's different.
  2. the rules says : Stam/San cannot exceed max value. That could mean : That thing Tibs said. Having more then maximum stamina is equal to have maximum stamina. That means you get stamina when you are at maximum but it doesn't change anything. If the second is correct you get the power tokens. Both those interpretations works with rules, so there should be some errata/clarification about Pacts, not?
  3. Why do you think you don't get power tokens with max stamina? This is not Hospital situation. This is not refreshing stamina while having stamina at maximum (wich gives you 0 stamina and therefore 0 power tokens). Where is the problem? Heal gives you stamina. Dark pact turns that stamina into power tokens. There is a rule, that you can't have more stamina ten maximum. I think pacts are supposed to get use of stamina/sanity gained above maximum.
  4. I just wanted to ask, if it realy works this way. If so, I'd think about removing some "positive" cards from Reckoning deck to make the output more negative.
  5. Hi! I've a question. What if : You pick Daisy Walker as the investigator. First upkeep take Blood pact (or take it while casting Heal) First movement read Livre d'Ivon and find Heal spell. Now every upkeep cast Heal (gaining 2 (3 with bless) powet tokens on avarage. If you should lose sanity, spend power tokens, if you lose stamina, use heal. With spare power tokens - seal gates. Is there something I play incorrectly, or are those Pacts a bit unbalanced (those reckoning cards aren't that cruel).
  6. Hi, during our group's last game, 2 tricky situations happened. We didn't know, how to resolve them : 1. Mythos card with no gate opening (it adds 2 doom tokens instead) filled the 4th rift marker. What happens with the rift? We decided, that it became stucked, unable to reach our world (because there was no location for gate opening on the mythos card) 2. One reckoning card (from lurker) told us to drive one investigator with lowest power insane. We choosed an investigator lost in time and space to be driven insane. What happens with him?
  7. If you play with multiple expansions, these rules are changed : If using more than one expansion board at once (both Dunwich and Innsmouth, for example), place both boards above the Arkham board during setup, arranging them so that their Other Worlds sections (or Deep Ones Rising track) line up along a single edge. It does not matter which board is closest to the Arkham board. The rules are unchanged when using more than one expansion city, except that the number of players should be counted as being one less for each expansion board in play beyond the first. So, if six players are playing a game using both Dunwich and Innsmouth (for a total of two expansion cities), they are counted as having one less player, for a total of five players. This modified number of players is used for such things as the monster limit and the maximum number of gates that can be open at once, and it reduces the level of difficulty for the players since they have so much more ground to cover. This handicap may not the modified number of players below one, and it is recommended that players play with more investigators if it would do so. Finally, if specifically using both Dunwich and Innsmouth together, increase the number of gates that must be open at the same time to awaken the Ancient One by one. No special rules are required to use the smaller expansions (e.g., Curse of the Dark Pharaoh or The King in Yellow) in conjunction with the expansion cities. Innsmouth Horror (from Innsmouth horror rules)
  8. i know it's not fro news, but once i've found R'lyeh on google.maps
  9. cim said: One game, "Fourth of July parade" came up twice, about ten turns apart. problem solved
  10. well, I don't think so. it's special encouter.
  11. kroen said: I don't like that PS. It's down to pure luck. Where is the best place to fish for an encounter that give you 2+ clues? If I play her and I fail the stroy I would do everything in my power to have her devoured/retired as she will be pretty useless (pass: 1 extra "focus", fail: 1 fewer "focus) Science Building Special Encounter Dissection: Instead of having an encounter here, you may spend 5 toughness worth of monster trophies or 1 gate trophy to gain 2 Clue tokens. Trish needs to get into first gate, close and and get the tokens. It isn't grate trade at the Science building, but she's great with her PS done.
  12. i like the evade one most. this may sound stupid, but i don't think so why? You don't need to evade that often. But if you need to evade (you need to reach some location, or the monster is way too strong), it's good to know you can do it for sure. The other 3 skills are not that good. You want to use them a lot, and spending 2 clue tokens every turn isn;t possible.
  13. Even though you can buy The Elder sign for 5$, its worth much more (as well as the Old Journal www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Old_Journal for example)
  14. Once, we drawn this mythos card during set-up phase Don't know why to forfeit, we've won that game
  15. as far as i remember, when you get out the gate, you get an exploration mark/token. If you leave the location with the gate, you loose that exp. mark. SO there is a possibility how not to close a gate If it's written bit confusing in the rules, i think this is the correct way howto play
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