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  1. From this list I only take the Bad Pub (which was so insignificant in the C:NR that I didn't even remembered it) since it changed from a win-con into a resource generator. Traces, I've mentioned it. Deck Building and Identities -> thematic and aestethic, not mechanic Purging Virus: polishing, not changing anything Regions: polishing Agenda points: polishing Mulligan: polishing and updating to the now standards of card games (let me remind you that M:TG didn't had mulligan at the start, neither L5R, neither V:TES or any other game when they came out) Unique cards: purely aestethic Comparing it with L5R, I don't see, as an example, Purging virus tokens now requiring 6 bits instead of 3 clicks (that's a mechanical change, not a polishing/updating change) or a Runner to steal an Agenda would have to spend an extra click to steal it -> another mechanical change, not aestethic neither a straight update. If you want to be reasonable, the game only suffered two major mechanical changes: Traces and Bad Pub. The rest are just aestethic changes to adjust to a theme (the original game was bland regarding theme) and to the current times (since this game is a '96 product). Now please count the mechanical changes in L5R LCG in just these two articles and then compare the number with A:NR and then we talk. Or you can be in league with the rest of the flock, I honestly don't care. The point is simple, L5R has an identity as a game. And that identity is lost. It now looks more AGOT or FFG-best-LCGs-in-Rokugan than L5R CCG. Much different from what was made with Android: Netrunner. And I'm not a fan of these changes and the loss of identity of a game like L5R. As it is, right now, L5R will only differ from AGOT thematically. Oh, and playing two decks... wait, does AGOT also uses a separate plot deck?!? Oh, and playing Provinces... that's it! Provinces and theme... Those two games will cannibalize eachother, and in the end we'll see which one lasts. Once again, identity. If the box says L5R, I want it to be as close to L5R CCG as possible. Or they could renamed it to A Game of Five Rings and I couldn't cared less about it. But the IP is what will sell this game and not the game itself. As the same as the users from these boards, they're all stuck into the IP and not the game, so FFG could sell them a pile of junk in a box with Rokugani theme pasted on that they would just keep throwing money at FFG! Keep going! That's exactly why FFG keeps doing reprints and second editions of games because their customer base got dumb and won't mind buying the same game over and over because theme. :)
  2. Can't agree more!! That's why they've made such a lame like Conquest that sold really well when it came out. If it wasn't for the theme, the game would sunk right from the start.
  3. You didn't played Classic Netrunner then... The only mechanical tweak was the Trace mechanic. All the rest of the game remained the same. Theme-wise and aesthetically, yes, it was worked a lot. But the game itself not. Sorry. As for the rest, sorry but I will not waste my time over the Fate mechanic. Maybe when the game is out and players will start complaining about this mechanic as Nate French also said in the interview it could happen, I'll come by to talk a bit about it!
  4. That's the key sentence! So why did the designers had to do so much in this game when they could do a straight port like Netrunner -> Android: Netrunner?! -that's the 1M dollar question because it was asked in AMA but not replied! Also, the Fate system is a gimmick like the dial. You're praising it as it's something really good when M:TG already had it for 2 times and it didn't stuck. The Fate system is nice to have in some characters, not in all. But, and as being my catchphrase in these boards, time will tell.
  5. Why is it bad?! Well, as I said in my review of 40K Conquest, I would like to play a distinct game and not a mix and matched of all-best-times-LCGs. When Conquest came out it looked and felt like a compilation of LCG mechanics pasted into a theme. That, for me, is bad. It shows lack of design talent from game designers. It's the same as Eric Lang's game from the past 2 years, when the guy was being milked left and right and made similar games with minor nuances and different themes. Or in other words, why will I play Star Trek Attack Wing when I can play X-Wing?! Only for a matter of theme? That's all.
  6. If you want to be dishonest, suit yourself. I can be too and say that L5R LCG is to L5R CCG as Pokemon CCG is to Magic, both games play with decks of cards... uau! But if you want to take a breath and step down from that pedestal: -in AGOT, a Character has up to three icons in its card, each icon representing the type of challenge the character can participate in (Military, Intrigue, Power) and a single Strenght value that is used for any of those challenges in L5R, a Character has two icons in its card, each representing the type of challenge the character can participate in (Military, Politics) with independent Strenght values for each type -in AGOT, a player can only initiate 1 challenge per type (unless a card says so) in L5R, a player can only initiate 1 challenge per type (unless a card says so) -in AGOT, each challenge type will determine the "prize" to the winning side (MIL: opo sacs a character; INT: opo discards random card; POW: opo "pays" a Power to winner) in L5R, in each challenge a player can chose a Ring effect and that effect will determine the "prize" to the winning side (similar effects like discarding a card, removing a Fate from a Character and gaining Honor) -in AGOT, during a Challenge, the losing side will never lose its characters, the characters won't "die" in a losing battle in L5R, during a Challenge, the losing side will never lose its characters, the characters won't "die" in a losing battle -in AGOT, each Character that's Unique can't have more than one copy of its card in play; instead, a copy of that card can be played as a duplicate to avoid one "kill" effect in L5R, each Character that's Unique can't have more than one copy of its card in play; instead, a copy of that card can be discarded to add one Fate token to that character and prolong its life for one more turn Also, bonus rounds: -in 40K Conquest, players pick secretly from a dial a number from 1 to whatever to make an effect (moving to a Planet) in L5R, players pick secretly from a dial a number from 1 to whatever to make an effect (drawing cards - losing Honor or not) -in A:NR, players open servers with facedown cards that the opo will only know them when successfuly ran those servers in L5R, players have Provinces with facedown cards that the opo will only know them when successfuly battle in those Provinces -in A:NR, each card has a number of pips representing the Influence that card costs to be played in a deck out of its faction in L5R, Conflict cards have bamboos representing Influence that card costs to be played in a deck out of its faction -in A:NR, each player will have an Identity that will tell how much Influence that player can spend in out-of-faction cards to be played in the deck in L5R, each player will have a Stronghold that will tell how much Influence that player can spend in out-of-faction cards to be played in the deck So, in sum, nope... I guess L5R retained a lot of its original identity!
  7. So, if a game is solid enough as a game do you think "a bunch of people online being detractors can only potentially hurt the game"? Because Magic The Gathering is a solid game (like it or not, it's solid) and it has a vaaaaaaaast array of "detractors", even some of them playing on Pro Tours and having coverage. I speak for myself and I have an opinion about this game, and as subjective as opinions may be, this one is my own, based in my own judgements and not blindfolded by hype or the amount of time waiting for a game to come out. And I think many of those who are overoptimistic are just being dragged by the hype-train or just too eager to play a game that was put on hold for almost 2 years. It's a matter of liking it or not, not a matter of being right or wrong. But it's cool to see so many people wanting to play A Game of Rokugan?! Legend of the Five Thrones?! A Game of Five Legends?!
  8. The game has its merit too. WOTC also designed several other games. And they did perished. V:TES, BattleTech CCG (aquired) and Star Wars (aquired). Star Wars (Decipher) was even competing with M:TG at some time. I don't see a reason why only one game survived the test of time if it was merit of the design team when that design team also worked in different products. When a game is solid, is solid, period. AGOT1 was solid. It was the most played LCG with people playing both formats (Joust and Melee) with a major part of said players not even knowing the lore of the game. I talk for myself, I got into AGOT1 because of the game and how it was played. And it was hands down the best xCG in the market back then. And I had 0 knowledge about A Song of Ice and Fire. You can see this point this last Worlds, where a game like Android: Netrunner was the most played LCG in Worlds, a game competing against games like AGOT2 (with all the hype and success of the HBO series), Star Wars (well, it's Star Wars) and Conquest (WH:40K is huge among the hobby gamers). And the most played game was the one that was thematically weaker. But a solid game. That passed through the test of time. Just like Magic.
  9. You know Poker, right?! Parker Bros. makes a new game, called Poker, Living Poker Game. It plays with 52 cards, all from the same suit. But, still Poker. And with no Flush in hand rating. Is it different? Yes. Is it Poker? It depends on the level of excitement of a forum user will have. Is it an abomination? From me, honestly is, because it's not Poker. At least not for me. Is... a random card game set in Roku... Poker!
  10. M:TG had the oldest resource system in any xCG ever. And from a design POV it's one of the worst resource systems ever. Still... the game uses it. And is still being played. About the "network effect", I recognize it. But if a game is dull, say Yugioh or Pokemon or any other japanese crappy xCG, the game will not have the success or impact M:TG has. I remember a game that tried to break through the market, being labeled "better M:TG" or "MTG 2.0"... said game also had 1M USD event to catch people and had support from Team Covenant as well. That game is now dead and buried. Yes, it was The Spoils, the next big thing. So, network effect didn't saved those games. Some are still being played around but not in the same way MTG is. And I respect Richard Garfield a lot. He designed and is still designing some of the best games in the market. I value that. And also his honorific title.
  11. Well, that's why M:TG passed the test of Time and still is the most played CCG in the world, because of a thing called coherence. And also for being a great game, easy enough to learn, difficult enough to master. On the other hand, AGOT1 was a solid game and the most played LCG and FFG decided a reboot was needed (IMO, not really)... they did said reboot and AGOT2 is not the most played LCG anymore, losing a good amount of players due to FFG greediness and turning the game apart. In this case, and having the names of French and that Brad something guy in the list of design team, they wanted to change the design and derive it from the original design on purpose, on the opposite of what Lukas did with A:NR when he was humble enough to research and even consulted with Phd. Richard Garfield to maintain the game the most identical as possible to the original design. And why do I say this? Well, just check the video Team Covenant did with the design panel of this game to see for yourselves how this design team made a lousy research of the original game, when French itself had to confirm with his fellow designers if the game had 4 wincons in its original concept (he turns and asks "what have they had, 4 win conditions?!") and how that Brad guy talked about this being a game with "this honor thing going on in the background". For me and looking how those guys talked about the original L5R proves that they didn't made that "research" into how this game was played, and created this abomination instead.
  12. I was never turned out by the game or the rules itself but by their business model. When I got in contact with this game I was 17yo with a low allowance and I was already commited into M:TG. I played a lot of this game with a buddy from the same class, he was all into Rokugan and L5R so I played his decks. I went on and off into this game when I dropped M:TG, around the Urza cycle. I remember Naga, I remember Ninjas and also Skaven, pardon, Ratlings. When Emperor Edition came out, with all it embezzlement, I was immediatly hooked. I wasn't hooked into M:TG so I needed a fix. I was playing AGOT and starting A:NR, but needed a much more "solid" game. Problem with L5R was always the same, being a CCG. I was always a deck brewer, never a netdecking player. And this model, like M:TG, is very punishing in the wallet if you want to brew and test decks. And in my local scene, the number of players wouldn't justify and investment of 1 display box per month when comparing against the AGOT and A:NR model when I could build and play any deck in the game. But I ended up getting in touch with the OCTGN community and started playing there on a regular basis... as long as it had being played there... The business model. That was the problem for me. My great hope was AEG turn this game into a LCG as they did with Doomtown: Reloaded. But then they announced the IP transfer and my hope turned into hype... untill 19th April.
  13. AGOT doesn't have faction-splash unless playing with an Agenda. Maybe you're thinking about A:NR.
  14. I've answered to the OP why I feel negative about the game. The rest that comes along is a byproduct of fanboyism vs pessimism.
  15. I guess we all have a pretty idea of how things will work in this game... dunno about you but a seasoned xCG player will pretty much make the big picture out of what FFG gave us. For me, regarding the old game and looking into this one, I see many things that will not work the same. As for Netrunner it was pretty much the same game. But if you insist this will be the same, good for you. Have fun playing the Card Game in Rokugan LCG.
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