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  1. Black Crusade typically takes place in a sector called The Screaming Vortex. If you're new to 40k, picture it as a sector of space where reality intersects with a parellel dimension that is an ocean of corruptive energy that fuels people's souls, while also teeming with sentient soul-sharks that want nothing more than to rip you open and drink the juicy bits, followed by your soul. That ocean can be influenced by the wills of the strong-minded, and so when it collides with reality, it makes the delightfully eccentric environments you get in the Screaming Vortex.
  2. Also, don't play the Night Lord Advanced Archetype. It's absolute garbage. By the time you'll have a Fear Rating worth a ****, the things you'll be facing won't be phased by Fear ratings.
  3. I once devised a doomsday device for my players to use: An Ordinatus-level sonic cannon that had subliminal messages and hidden cultists inside, waiting to bind the Daemon Prince character in the party into a daemon weapon for their antagonist.
  4. The group meandered on through the interminable maze, increasingly lost as the maps become slowly more and more obsolete or inaccurate. The group was beginning to grumble silently amongst themselves when one of the Kroot scouts held up a clawed hand, letting out a soft chirrup, that his fellows joined in with, having noticed their hounds had stopped and were fully alert, hackles raised at the prospect of the hunt. "What is it?" Boris asked, for once not having turned on his Laud Hailer. "They smell strong prey up ahead. Will be good to have that strength." the leader croaked. "Go on ahead. Use your stealth to good advantage. We shall move in after and take advantage of their weakened state." Boris ordered. At this, the Kroot as one hunched lower, and were off with surprising speed and yet near-silence to assault their unseen foe. Out of the end of a rough cave-mouth, they could hear the familiar heavy, persistent beat of rain, with the occasional flash of lightning. "How long until we move in after them?" Solometh wondered aloud, wondering quietly to himself why the group was taking orders from a lowly human. "Long enough for most of them to get killed off. It saves us having to share our loot with them." Boris nodded frankly, to a burst of appreciative laughter from Marius. Aleseh nodded appreciatively, though she said nothing, still recovering from the embarassment of the momentary slip forced upon her by the idol now strapped to her back. No amount of persuasion would make her part with it. As they waited, there were first screeching cries of battle being joined, and scattered bolter fire, and the rending of reality as an unknown Psyker spat Warpfire unseen to all but their forward scouts. Joining it was the spitting of plasma weaponry, and the humming crackle of a power sword, and the stomping of heavy Astartes armour. Thirty seconds passed, and by that point Solometh and Boris both were getting twitchy with the urge to join in the fray. "The time has come! With me, brothers and sisters! To bloodshed!" Boris bellowed. Or at least, that's how it sounded to him. What came out was a garbled, frothing bellow matched only in volume by Solometh as Laud Hailer fought for volume with augmented Astartes multilungs. Aleseh rolled her eyes as Marius bound off behind them, and checked her weapons. At least they would all provide a stomping, noisy distraction to allow her to kill at her convenience. And if they found the Tyrant's Chord, so much the better.
  5. Skype is a good alternative if you're fine with just descriptions. Then everybody can roll on something like rolz.org
  6. Can you even use Weapon Tech with an Autocannon? I thought it only applied to Flame, Plasma and Exotic weaponry...
  7. Boris the Xurunt Frost Father wielded his trusty axe, Trusty. Trusty was a greataxe, so worn and notched by countless battles, its ragged edges could be used to saw wood. But it could still rend and cut and tear foes better than any chainsword when wielded by the mighty Boris, atop his winged Xurunsh, by the name of Chomper. Slathissin the Night Lord abhorred the use of weapons, claiming that since Astartes were weapons in their own right, that he was all the weapon he needed. He used stealth, acid-spitting, and his big, meaty fists to batter his enemies to death. He once took down four Word Bearers with hit-and-run tactics and a smoke grenade.
  8. The Bloodthirster in question, Ka-Aksha from Tome of Blood, was one that Narceil had made a deal with for it to appear at her bidding one time and one time only, in exchange for her dedicating a world of its choosing to it when she launched a Black Crusade. More than halfway into the Crusade, and she had not so much as glanced at the world. There may have been perfectly reasonable reasons for this, but Bloodthirsters are not known for being reasonable. Ka-Aksha then fought with her in a battle that lasted for several hours of real-time, and probably a couple of minutes in game-time. It was an epic to write home about, with her pulling on everything she had from the Lord of Change. She Burned Infamy three times, and succeeded in reducing Ka-Aksha to 93 wounds out of 195. But in the end it just wasn't enough.
  9. One of my players is in need of some advice. Owing to circumstances I won't bother to go into, (Long story short, she got screwed in a deal) she has been possessed by a Lord of Change. She would like some help in getting out of this situation. It is rather unfortunate for her, since she is one of a war council in the middle of a Black Crusade in the Calixis Sector, having just torn open a Warp Rift on Iocanthos. She has a Thousand Sons Sorceror as a Greater Minion, a couple of Fleets to back her up, almost 80 Corruption Points and a freaking Lord of Change in her head. Any advice you can give her would be most appreciated. As I am the GM who put the Lord of Change there, I'm going to link her to this page and not look at it again until such time as the problem is resolved, one way or another.
  10. Take Light Power Armour as a starting acquisition. One Problem solved. Your primitive Great Weapon not keeping up? Make it a Legacy Weapon! Yes, you'll never be able to do exactly what your Space Marine counterparts can do, but who cares? You can go places they cannot. And it shouldn't be a competition, anyway. But if you absolutely must balance it, institute the houserules that Hordes do less damage to humans, and put greater target priority on the Space Marines.
  11. I did edit it a bit myself. I made up some NPCs to represent the other Chaos Gods. There was Crazy Steve (First name Crazy, last name Steve) who wore a tinfoil hat to keep the conspiracy rays out which amplified his psychic powers. There was a doctor obssessed with cleanliness who loved to experiment by pumping diseases into his subjects, and I turned Ramla Yang into blood-drinking Khorne cultist who took over the cathedral and turned it into a haven for the Blood God. The reason that the Slaaneshi Rogue Trader is able to operate fairly freely is because the manufactorum district they control has been abandoned. As for smuggling stuff past the guards, they keep all of their old prisoner effects in lock-ups, and you'd be amazed at what people can smuggle. People smuggle vodka disguised as Windex and then filter out the blue dye when it gets to its destination. People make crossbows out of toothbrushes. Human ingenuity is best when faced with adversity.
  12. Something like this is actually covered in Tome of Decay, on a planet called The Frozen Heart. The day starts with Khorne smashing the previous towers that Tzeentch built, but such is his bloodlust that his daemons turn upon one another, leaving them as easy prey for Slaanesh to enslave and torture to ever greater heights of depravity. This leaves them vulnerable to all manner of poxes and plagues from Nurgle, until the ground is solidified and built upon by Tzeentch. Repeat ad infinitum.
  13. Some worlds use souls as currency. Others use promissory notes written on human skin, or ingots of adamantium or gold coins stolen from the Imperium.
  14. Given that my players made characters designed to blend in better with Imperial society, I found running Hand of Corruption to be immensely fun. The tonal shift thinking that the PCs have won to finding out they have a new and terrifying foe is a great one. It starts off with investigation and social skills, and escalates to high-octane combat, so it has something for everybody.
  15. Number one rule for Black Crusade: Stand together with your fellow PCs, or die alone as you fight internal threats and external threats alike. It may seem like the place for PVP, but most of the time it's a bad idea.
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