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  1. How many times is this question going to be asked/miscontrued?
  2. Roxas said: Trothael said: Sluppie said: Also: If that's the case, am I the only one who made this mistake? Yes. Old Alice is same as New Alice. No, the old Alice you had to discard at your end phase, not both players. O_O I've been doing it wrong...
  3. Trothael said: Weaver said: This seems wholeheartedly unnecessary. Anything I take part in is half-heartedly un-necessary, I'll have thee know. I'm not willing to put in all that effort. This made us chuckle
  4. Yes, they can. We've had word from Jaffer about it.
  5. Thank you for the welcome Err...I don't think I remember anyone called 'Umbreon', sorry.
  6. I'm still one for teching in one or two Sephiroths.
  7. Hello. I am the Harlequin_Savant, an old-time KH TCG player, just returning to the game. I registered an account here after I found out that the old website had been deleted. I started playing around set 1 and quit the game around set 2. Recently I have decided to return to playing the game. I was delighted to see that my return to the game coincded with the release of set 4. I do still need to catch up on set 3 though. I'm 19 and live in California, and I hope to see some old faces around
  8. I believe that you need to have a quick look in this thread.
  9. It would be 'weirder' if it were to work the other way round. Level 1 Player cards would become stagnant and useless, and they're supposed to be the staple of World Racer decks everywhere. Kingdom Key would also have even less use due to Valor Form being a staple card in Aggro decks. My personal view is that Kingdom Key has been included in this set as a counter-card for Form heavy decks, since all Form cards are level 3, and Level 1 Player cards are going to be seen in high amounts of usage in the near future.
  10. You use Kairi's effect. You discard due to Kairi's effect. BEFORE you discard, Selphie's effect kicks in. Instead of discarding, you draw 2. And then you do the rest of the '"Guess Which Card" Game' effect.
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