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  1. Totally agree with the above; next time you will not escape the pre-event entertainment....
  2. is there room for one more to join? keen to get out of London for a weekend (especially if you are going to come out to entertain on the Friday evening?!?!)
  3. i should add that the images used in the Cardvault WarCry effort were provided officially by STG to avoid the copyright issues [plus avoids low res scan issues] etc. but that did mean the were often a little lagged to he actual release. Reading through the forums it suggests there are several efforts already ongoing to create deck builders so i am happy to step aside here unless enough people contact me to suggest otherwise.
  4. I used Card Vault back in the day for my WarCry collection. Actually i ended up taking over the autoring of the data files....which suggests i could probably do the same thing here if enough other people are interested in using it. If you are then me a message and i will see if i can find the time. If anyone wishes to help (provide me with the data in an Excel spreadsheet or similar structured format as this is fhat takes the time - we can talk details) or provide small jpg files of the images (which makes the tool v. useful - again we can talk about the sizes etc.) . It is quite a nice tool giving you inventory, desk building and card draw simulations (once the data is ready). That said i think ChaosChild did build something already [here i think - www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp]
  5. I found quests to be an entertaing distraction. Out of 4 games on Saturday I got the Dwarf quest "A glorius death" out 3 times and got it off twice. Both times it was hugely useful to protect myself from Orc rush decks as the Dwarves seem to take a bit of time to get going but if you can get this quest out early and a couple of capital healers "keystone forge"/"contested fortess" (so your questing unit can duck out the combat in order to let you get your card draw & quest going). Overall i like the mechanic and think it could be quite exciting going forward....
  6. Well Tearmat was round two in the above report [who else could be that fast despite the hangover?!?] and I was the final player mentioned in the report. I played a dwarf deck as per the rule book - i.e. i took all the dwarf cards then added 3 High elf card & 7 neutral ones to make up the 50 card limit (i bought a new set of deck protectors to be sure i knew where the 50 limit was). I had intended to play chaos / orcs but then everyone else was playing destuction (mainly Orcs) so i thought i should do something different; then when echtalion turned up there was another set of shorties running around. I am glad i made the change - the stunties played really well. I won my first game [against Mark] which was a genuine surprise. Troll vomit nearly finished me off. In fact Troll vomit did finish me off in my second game - i left myself exposed with too little card draw so the destruction of all my units caused real issues. After these games the hangover had cleared so i was thinking more clearly and managed to balance my card draw / resource draw engine better. That left me able to deal with most situations that came up and I dominated (well won but i feel better if I use the hyperbole) my last two games. Net result was a good day of cards, helped of course by winning a few games. I am left relly excited about the game and the prospects for the future. IT seems a great little game that will play really quickly / dynamically and allow plenty of banter once all players get used to the cards / mechanics. Big hand for Steve. Thanks for a cracking night on the tiles and putting on a release event (I promise to find a use for the binder...well...kind of )
  7. Glad to hear it. I will be down for Saturday to pick-up a copy (intention is to come down on the Friday if that's still ok). I have sourced a couple of copies locally from Orcs Nest this lunch time so at least i get a chance to see the cards ahead of time...well that is if i ever get home early enough from work.
  8. Jumping dingbats Batman - I want to be there... will have to see if I can rearrange a few things. Will the game be available for a cheeky purchase as well?
  9. I couldn't agree more with the comments about playing in GW stores - even after several years working there when the Manager and several other staff members played WarCry we only ever managed to play once we could lock the doors. I must admit that I had assumed the board game reference in WD would be Space Hulk... Just my €0.02. Might actually think about picking up a ticket (or would be happy to work it as we got a great reception there in the old days with Sabertooth games) if I can play some cards as well.
  10. I was wondering where in the world Aldershot was....[i love that well known mapping software]...I shall have to come and visit as it may be a touch closer than the Heart of England; don't worry Tearmat - I shall make both trips!
  11. I was wondering where in the world all these new potential players are based... I recognise a few of the players names on the forums for sure - so I know there are a few others interested who live in the UK but it would be nice to get an idea of which countries everyone is based in. Myself I based in London (UK). Hopefully there are a few more in the UK looking forward to the release as well!
  12. Dogs of War gets my vote for sure - especially as it should be easier to introduce slowly. [Not that i mean to suggest this is a democracy we have here...] Aside from that Bretonnians & Skaven would be good.
  13. It is just nice to have a new card game based on the Warhammer universe to look forward to... Even better that it is in an LCG format. I had better clear some space (in my schedule & on my shelves)
  14. 100% totally stoked by this - looks genuinely exciting to me. When does it hit the UK? Or do I need to fly to the USA to pick up a copy? Or even a few cards / rulebook in a downloadable form to make a mini-demo deck so that we can get people excited? [i am biased of course as an old WarCry hacker who stills has cards sat in piles on the bookshelf behind him]. Must go and kick Tearmat to make sure he knows about this...
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