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  1. Hi everyone, the Summons of the Deep series is now complete with release of The Path of Y'ha-nthlei. Dreamlans is just announced and features 3 APs so far. Is Dreamlands complete with the 3 APs? And after that? Well, as much as I like the game, I hope the pace for producing new APs (just for the sake of producing them?) will slow down a little bit. So many cards will be available when Dreamlands will be completely released (including the good old black border cards) that - for me - this will last for quite a while. Do you know, what future release plans and quantities (regarding number of APs for further sets) will be? And: in your opinion: is the level of quality or usefulness of the cards steady throughout all APs or is it getting worse the more APs are published? I can't judge the playability of the cards too well as I am a too unexperienced/unfrequent player of the gamer and also I'm starting to sort my ever growing collection of old an new release cards. Cheers, Chris
  2. I hope a decent level of expansions will be aimed for. Though there are so many races/factions available in the Warhammer universe, I hope the number available for this game will not exceed 7 or 8. Well, as I want to collect all of them, this might porve my ruin, if all available races so far will appear as expansions... Personal favourites are: >> Skaven >> Undead >> Lizardmen quick, quick!
  3. Hell yeah, I was asking myself just the same! To be honest: I hope it won't be too soon as lack of time for all the other great stuff (Cthulhu LCG, BattleLore, WFRP, Dark Heresy, Chaos in the Old World, etc., etc.) is already too much! But: bring it on, the Empire is ready!!
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