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  1. Ah, the panic section of Learning to Play. Duh, didn't think to check there. Thank you!
  2. I could use a clarification regarding Vader's Courage value and non-panicking Stormtroopers. The rules say that Vader doesn't have a Courage value at all (meaning he can't be assigned suppression tokens). My interpretation is that he therefore doesn't keep Stormtroopers from panicking. Does the quote above come from official sources?
  3. That's how we interpreted it, after a bit of a discussion. But I would welcome a clarification on the intent, i.e. is vetoes ment to go before riders?
  4. I share BigKahuna's impression of the game completely. The objectives are easy for every one, which actually makes them hard. If I miss too many I will be left behind and have less chance at victory. If I want to get an early lead I am steered towards Mecatol Rex which will make me open for attacks if I'm not careful. The general feel of the games I played were, in contrast to TI3, that conflict could arise at any given moment. There were a tension that superseded even the combat oriented objectives in TI3- shattered empire. And it was all because of balanced factions and new objective criteria. Love it!
  5. Thank you for the clarification. Do you happen to have the source so I can show it at my table? Edit: Nevermind. Found it.
  6. In my group, your action isn't over until you made the next one in line understand that it's his/her turn. Saying "I'm done" is not enough. That way you minimize the 5-10 minute unintentional pauses that tend to occur.
  7. Awesome stuff! Can't wait to try these out as a side tournament for our next Regional. Question: These objectives were developed for 100-6 in mind, yes? What if I want to alter it, is it safe to adjust the VP:s from the objectives accordingly?
  8. Interesting! Looking forward to trying it out! Could you clarify the defense bonus a bit? Is the extra die present at every out of arc secondary attack, or only those at range 3? As written, it could be interpreted either way.
  9. Results for Uppsala Regional Championship Jan 7-8 are found on listjuggler, as usual. There were 65 players, from all corners of Sweden. These are the most common list archetypes (yes, we categorized them somewhat freely): One match from each round were streamed on youtube, and match reports will be provided by Veldrin.
  10. Nordic Championship was held in Uppsala, Sweden, Aug 13-14. Results on ListJuggler. There was an intense final between Dengaroo and Palp Aces that the latter won after a long struggle, video battle report will come.
  11. Bump: This is a just a reminder that deadline for registration is coming up.
  12. Didn't Jango throw bombs out the back of the firespray? Those didn't just sit around. I don't think he threw them. They just sort of popped out the back and pretty much stayed where it deployed. Kinda popped out and floated around. Not really thrown. For something to be 'stayed were deployed' it have to be launched with a velocity, namely the exact opposite velocity of the vehicle it were being launched from. Imagine it being launched forward then.
  13. Zeb? McKeyan?! Wow.... (Btw, sorry for necroing..)
  14. All you need to know about the X-Wing Nordic Championship is found at the dedicated homepage www.nordic-championship.se and on facebook. Uppsala is located close to Sweden's biggest airport Arlanda and communications are excellent. Hope to see you there!
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