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  1. MetalHead84

    How do you protect your dices

    Somebody told me that earlier print of the game have this problem, and that FFG can replace them, I have write to the customer service and they will send me a new set. Really good customer services
  2. MetalHead84

    Any info about the language

    Will the movie only be in english or it will be translate in any other language ? (like french)
  3. MetalHead84

    Cities of the Adventure: Rise of the Dragonlords

    Thanks a lot for that, I really enjoy that variant
  4. MetalHead84

    How do you protect your dices

    It seems that the paint on the Battlelore dice is easy to remove, I have the bad habit to hold the dice in my hand even when it's not my turn to play, so after a couple of game some of the dice start to loose their color. Is there any way to protect that ? Or any place to buy official Battlelore dice ?
  5. Same for me, my list seems a little bit empty without the option to add the expansion, I currently have 3 Battlelore expansions and I'm planning on buying some Runebound expansion too
  6. Do you know if there's any variant to play with only 2 players ? I know the game is for a minimum of 3 players, but I have buy it and thinking to get some friends to play but that doesn't happen, so the game wasn't use in 1 year. So I was wondering if there's any way I can play with only one other player ?