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  1. That's not too bad, thanks. No issues with ordering here? Edit: went ahead anyway. Came in at £28, which is above rrp but still much cheaper than anywhere else. - thanks again
  2. Hey guys, I don't suppose anyone knows anywhere selling a copy of Savage Spirits? It's the only career book I'm missing and I can't find it for in the UK without it costing a fortune. Cheers to anyone that can help
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Not near Manchester and IQ games seems out of stock - so might give this other place a call and see if their website is up-to-date and get a copy from them.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I did find a place that sells it with shipping for around 38. The thing with amazon is that it looks as if it's dispatched in 2-4 weeks, so to me it looks like they're sourcing it from the US anyway. I've found more than once that amazon have waited about 3 weeks or so to tell me they can't get it (and have told me too that the publisher is no longer producing a certain game - which wasn't true at all).
  5. Hi everyone, Recently got interested in getting myself a copy of Edge of the Empire, slightly disappointed there's not a pdf option, but never mind. Biggest issue is I can't seem to find a HB copy of the book in the UK. Is it in a middle of a reprint or something? There are a "couple" of copies I've found, but they're either very heavily priced, or they're obviously coming from the US anyway. If anyone has any information, or could point me to website where it's available I would be very grateful. Thanks
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