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  1. FFG makes money with the player base, WotC makes money with the stores.
  2. I think that with the premium boxes, this will be enough to have a decent pool and keep the meta fresh. Now they could remove the locked role system and it will be almost perfect.
  3. Seems a little bit pricey for the content to me. Guess the last drops of milk of the cash cow are more expensive.
  4. If I need extra devices to play a board game... then that's not for me. Too bad, it looked quite nice.
  5. That's the price the core set should be sold if they want to keep new players coming to the game.
  6. It didn't dissppoint, the first thing I read was "non-binary".
  7. So, how many core sets do I have to buy for a complete playset?
  8. Probably from tumblr.
  9. Do you mean the secene where people can complete their collections and search for specific cards? That scene?
  10. I see the fun behind the reasoning of this game, and sure I'll give it a shot. But buy two of three decks and done, maybe if some friends meet to play sealed I'll get in there. But that's all, probably the gimmick will get old and I'm not a fan of randomized boosters so this won't catch me (but not exactly the same way as boosters, it's not the same thing).
  11. I think that the point nowadays is tha most of the ccg/lcg players don't bother building their decks, they just netdeck it and play an alien deck to them. Take that and make alien decks for everyone, and keep the meta fresh/weird since nobody can just pick the best deck.
  12. The bad part is that you cannot just buy a random deck and play. You need the core set for the tokens and status cards.
  13. I'm with the OP. I will for sure, give the gamd a try, but when I'm checking the factions and see the martians, the game goes from a magic setting to a smash up setting in my mind.
  14. Barbacuo


    Ramdon boosters is a thing from the past, random decks is the future!
  15. I'm with you OP, I think role locking is the worst experience of this game, even above province flipping. I'm sure there are lots of cards that I will never be able to play.
  16. Yeah, that's the kind of things I usually think are the reason... but then you have the Mythos Packs or Adventure Packs which includes doubles and singles at the same price. They could have used the free slots for provinces or roles.
  17. So, another partnership broken by Asmodee, because it's not Star Wars.
  18. I expected a honor focused SH, I'm a bit dissappointed with this one being rush themed again.
  19. So... three copies of the SH, 1 extra card per pack, or aditional singletons inside that pack?
  20. The Mirror's Gaze should be restricted before release.
  21. You don't actually build a deck, so no need. We're probably getting new content on expansion sets.
  22. This is probably the first time I'm interested in a Terrinoth themed game. Too bad they dropped the Warhammer IP.
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