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  1. My most favorite picture to come out painting my JIME figures (following Sorastro's fantastic guides ) was this shot I got of Bilbo after finishing up his skin. I called him Tiny Michael Myers 🤣
  2. Just saw that too, definitely sounds like a villain pack. Can't wait to see what they've got in store :)
  3. So I just picked up Collapse of the Republic at my FLGS and as I was reading through I noticed an oddity which I'm not 100% sure if it is an error or intentional, did a quick search of the forums and saw it hadn't been mentioned by anyone else so I figured I'd ask: So Mandalorian Armor is listed in the book as including an integrated comlink and being vacuum sealed, which is awesome and saves on a couple hard points down the road. However, I noticed that the book lists all the Mandalorian melee weapons as being forged from or enhanced with Beskar and all of them have the Cortosis Quality. So my curiosity leads to my question of whether Mandalorian Armor (which based on descriptions in the various books sounds like it's made of Beskar but notably never outright says it is) should have the Cortosis Quality by default as well?
  4. It's worth noting that Lord of the Rings properties also have to get a LOT of okays before the company behind it can post anything. I've been playing The One Ring RPG since it came out and there have been entire years where Cubicle 7 Publishing could only say they were working on sourcebooks and the like without any detail because they hadn't yet gotten the okay from the controllers of the LotR property overall. I'm used to long stretches of silence regarding LotR properties, I'm not worried.
  5. And mine just got delivered, hooray! However, the app doesn't appear to have been updated yet lol Scratch that, apparently my app just didn't auto update like it was supposed to lol.
  6. I got an email on the 23rd saying it was shipping soon so hopefully this week.
  7. In the livestream from June where they were showing the first chapter of the new campaign (and the new figure pack) they repeatedly stated that they couldn't discuss the upcoming content at that time. Given the fact that Gen-Con is this week I'd be surprised if @pixcalcis wasn't right and we got an announcement there.
  8. It was one I meant to go back and go over with a bit of a fine-toothed comb but I never did and there didn't seem to be much call for it in my game so it has just been left alone. Feel free to edit as you will Name: Cryolator Skill: Ranged (heavy) Dam: 6 Crit: - Range: Medium Enc: 2 HP: 1 Price: 450 Rarity: 11 (since there is supposedly only ONE Cryolator) Special: Ensnare 1 (use 2 Advantage to Immobilize a target for 1 round), Pierce 5 (ignores 5 points of soak), Stun Damage (deals damage to Strain), Pierce 0 vs Armor removes Setback Dice due to cold. Melee attacks against a target struck by the Cryolator in the same round add two Boost Dice to their attack.
  9. Do you have any plans for crafting / settlement building? I know @DarthGM had plans at one time before the real life got him in it's cruel grip Also, I've got a homebrew Cryolator that I changed over from a freeze gun which I found in (if I recall) one of the Star Wars sourcebooks. I'll PM you the stats for you to fiddle with once I'm home from work.
  10. While they are definitely planning to add more, as someone who just picked this up last week I can say that it isn't as light on content as it seems. I had been watching a lets play of a guy showing people how the game handles solo (because I kinda expected I'd wind up playing this one by my lonesome, how wrong I was about that because my roommates LOVE it lol). They really aren't kidding about how modular the game makes the maps because so far I've seen four very different versions of the first chapter's starting map with different search points each time (minus the story-related ones, those obviously have to be there lol). Not to mention there are plenty of points that have multiple choices where you only get to choose once and tests who's outcomes can change depending on how many successes you get overall. It may still be Chapter 1 and have the same primary objective but the hows and whys of solving that objective is going to turn out differently when you play with Group A as opposed to playing with Group B as opposed to playing solo. Also, as a side note, I thought I had a decent grasp on how difficult it was going to be when I watched that guy playing solo (with maybe a bit of an increase once my roommates decided to play) there are 4 players in my group and it can go from 0 to 100 in a single turn. So far each chapter has been ended with the very last action of the very last round, generally with us pulling through by the skin of our teeth and we are loving it
  11. For the folks who have already run Edge, how many Septims did let your players use for starting gold? I'm going to be starting a new game here soon and I'm kinda feeling like 500 might be a good starting amount but I figured I'd see what other STs had used.
  12. Setukh

    Crafting Vehicles

    So I'm running a PbP Fallout 4 Genesys game something that had come up a while back that might finally come into play is that some of my players have gotten control of a shipyard and are looking to construct / repair some of the boats / ships that are drydocked. I've seen settings on here where people have their games set in the Age of Sail but I've yet to see anything on those about construction. Right now I've got Age of Rebellion's Fully Operational and I'm gonna see about changing up some of the starship construction rules but I was curious if anyone else had already gone part of the way down this particular rabbit hole so I might have some ideas a little closer to my end goal to start working with. Thanks for reading and any ideas!
  13. I just wanted to say thank you for this. I've actually been running a PbP game using your Theme (with a few tweaks and additions) on RPOL since May and it has proven very popular with my players (in fact one of my players liked it so much that HE started a sister game to mine using your system too) and I couldn't have gotten anywhere without your Theme
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