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  1. Setukh

    Crafting Vehicles

    So I'm running a PbP Fallout 4 Genesys game something that had come up a while back that might finally come into play is that some of my players have gotten control of a shipyard and are looking to construct / repair some of the boats / ships that are drydocked. I've seen settings on here where people have their games set in the Age of Sail but I've yet to see anything on those about construction. Right now I've got Age of Rebellion's Fully Operational and I'm gonna see about changing up some of the starship construction rules but I was curious if anyone else had already gone part of the way down this particular rabbit hole so I might have some ideas a little closer to my end goal to start working with. Thanks for reading and any ideas!
  2. Setukh

    GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    I just wanted to say thank you for this. I've actually been running a PbP game using your Theme (with a few tweaks and additions) on RPOL since May and it has proven very popular with my players (in fact one of my players liked it so much that HE started a sister game to mine using your system too) and I couldn't have gotten anywhere without your Theme