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  1. Thanks! And you even solved an issue we never knew we had! We had thought that the flying monsters always "move" every turn and their symbol only related to whether of not the monster was sucked through the gate with the corresponding gate symbol.
  2. So I have another question. My wife's character is in the unnameable and has an encounter where she makes a speed check or lose 2 stamina from a falling burning beam (passes) [i'm not sure I remembered all that correctly], whereby she's supposed to go to the merchant streets. The problem is that due to the 4th of July Parade card from the previous mythos phase, the merchant streets are closed. Also, there are two monsters in the sky, so if she goes to the streets, she'll get jumped during the Mythos phase. What happens? Her hunch is that she stays in the unnameable, but doesn't take suffer any ill effect. I have a secondary guess that she goes to the one of the surrounding streets of her choice. Thanks!
  3. Quick question: when an investigator is in the other world and gets one of the cards that read "stay here another turn," does that mean that on the following turn you do, or do not, pull another a card from the other world card deck? Our hunch is yes, here. This also is a question for arkham encounters. My wife pulled a card for the unnameable reading that if she failed (and she did) the roll, she'd stay there next turn reading but gain 2 clue tokens. On this next turn does she pull another encounter card or not? Our hunch here is that she does, because of the first situation. Sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I feel like an AH player. My wife and I have played Call of Cthulhu. I teased her by saying "F'thagn Cthulhu" at various times much to her displeasure (I know it's in the wrong order). And we do the same thing of making up story elements and trying to add in our own personal flavor text for our phases, seems like most or a lot of people do the same thing. And finally on the paddy wagon: if we hold to the your story, wouldn't that mean that as the terror level rises the mayor and others would skip town and thus remove the need to only have one person in the car? Like, once the terror level hits 6 and the second shop closes suddenly you can have two people and limit the movement to account for the slower driving speed? Maybe the max distance on the Arkham board minus 2 or something and that'd be the speed. I think those people whispering to the mayor would be willing to overlook an extra person in the wagon if it saves them from the ancient one, a gate, a monster, or whatnot. *shrug* It just seems fun to get more than just the driver in the car and some of my favorite memories from CoC is loading up a car and trying to get away or get something.
  5. I agree with you all and had the same opinion; but, still the gamer in me sees the break in logic and wants to see what can be done. Maybe it'll be a house rule when I'm much more certain on the basic rules. I'm pretty new to AH, only been through 4 games or so and have lost them all. My wife and I started playing ourselves without anyone to show us what's what and we've only had one investigator apiece. The game is so hard! We're always making mistakes or forgetting to do something.
  6. Hey all, Love the game and am new to the forums. Like the title says, I'm curious about the patrol wagon. Technically, I suppose, the rules say that only the deputy, or whomever the deputy trades the patrol wagon to can make use of it... but can multiple players use it? Here are the two things that lead me to think the case is arguable: A) the gamebox cover shows MULTIPLE people in the car B) pragmatically, what police station would ever build a wagon that only seats one person? Still playing by the more technical rules and only allowing one person to use the wagon, but personally it seems to make more sense for multiple (but not unlimited) people to use the car simultaneously. It came up in a game the other night where we wanted to get to a gate in independence square and the streets, and its surrounding streets, were blocked with monsters.
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