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  1. I've been thinking about getting into this game with the release of revised core but I've been looking into it and various things have me feeling pretty iffy about jumping in. 1) From what I've heard it sounds as if prior to revised core the game was dying out (in terms of number of people playing and people interested in it). Is this true and if so do you think the revised core will turn things around? 2) It seems FFG is still in the process of learning how to make an individual LCG game be a long lasting product, akin to mtg. 3) Is making individual LCG games long lasting even something FFG wants to do (this one would be up to a lot of speculation)? Or because they realize that players jump from game to game following the hype that FFG will just ride a game out until it no longer is viable to produce, then move on to the next game? I realize that Netrunner has been going for five plus years so when I say long lasting I'm talking as long as mtg or other such games that have been around for decade/s. I could be way off on all of the above but that is what I've gathered from things I've read and podcasts. A couple of points about me to clarify why I'm asking. Of the LCGs Netrunner appeals to me specifically because of the bluffing and hidden information. I'm a big fan of bluffing/reading the opponent type games. So I have no interest in being an LCG player and jumping from new game to new game. I realize that Netrunner lends itself to playing very well with one collection of cards (far and away better then any other LCG) however, I have no interest in getting the game to play with friends and family. My reason for getting Netrunner would be to play against other people that are serious about it. I just want the competitive experience. I have checked with a local hobby shop to make sure people are playing near me, which they are, but if the game dies out then the local group would die out as well. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give because at this point I'm just going back and forth in my head about whether to play or not and without experienced players opinions/information I just don't think I'll be able to land solidly one way or the other.
  2. I wouldn't say the game has a moderate playing time. Both this game and arkham horror have a listed playing time of 2-4 hours. So this game will have about the length of just playing arkham horror with just the base set. Not sure what the point of this game is. Unless the actual gameplay is incredibly different but looking at the components from the game play video it doesn't look all that different at first glance
  3. Maybe my last post was little harsh but I had to hurry up and type it on my lunch brake so I didn't get a chance to go back and read through it to make sure it didn't come out sounding rude. It seems like we keep going back and forth saying the maneuvering is boring and the maneuvering is exciting. Could someone give me an example or two from your games that involved exciting maneuvering or an instant when you really outsmarted your opponent.
  4. bullyboy said: the game is a little token heavy (especially with multiple target locks), and I can see that becoming more of an issue with more ships. However, you guys didn't have many ships, even at 130pts. Movement should be anything but predictable….my guess is you were always playing for the next turn shot instead of looking 2-3 turns further out. As Viper once said "better to retire and save the plane than to force a bad position" Be unexpected, you'd be surprised how much that changes things up. Also, if all you do is line up ships and go at it, this game will get very boring. I'm in the process of coming up with different missions and variables to mix it up. I come from a FOW perspective, and mission play and objectives are very important to that game. That is part of the problem. When I buy a game I want the work to be done for me. I don't want to have to create my own scenarios and content to make the game fun. The problem is that the ships move very fast across the recommended 3ft table and the range ruler is so long that if I turn off to the side with some of my ships my opponent can see that I've done this and follow up behind me. now if you planned two moves back to back things would get more interesting. It would make it much more difficult to react to things and would reward clever movement a lot more especially if they had some wings of war style mechanic for tailing. I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot what anyone says opinions aren't going to change that much. I'm gonna continue to think I've lost a lot of money and this game shallow and is only fun if you're a big Star Wars fan and everyone on this forum is going to continue to think this game is amazing. And with limited board game time I would rather play a game that I know I like (like leviathans) then waste more time on this. My original offer still stands if anyone wants to trade for another game let me know.
  5. Nope we played with the dials face down. That wasn't the problem and we did have asteroid on the table. I was playing with my brother and my cousin so maybe we were able to get into each others heads more but with how long the range rule if a ship just keeps himself facing the general direction of the enemy it is really easy to get shots off no matter how ships move about and with things like proton torpedoes the just negate the long range penalty. I'll try the senators shuttle scenario this weekend with my fiancee hopefully we both like it because I wont be able to get my brother and cousin to play this one again. My brother actually didn't like it because he found it to be much too fiddly so even if we learned how to maneuver better I still wouldn't be able to get him to play this one. Also regarding Wings of War/Wings of Glory. I do like that game but I found out about it too late and it is so expensive to get all the ships that are currently out for it. And I'm not able to just get a couple of ships. If I play a game I need to have everything that is out for it or it bothers me.
  6. KarmikazeKidd said: Also, sidenote: I don't know that there are any 4 Rebel ships with appropriate upgrades out there right now that could deal with 130 points of Imperial forces that are decently built. Unless maybe you ran all TIE advanced? How many ships did you have? Couldn't have been fewer than 6, most likely. I had 2 tie advances and 4 tie fighters. It was Darth Vader with squad leader and concussion missiles. Daarek Steele (or something like that) with marksmanship. Howlrunner, 2 of the tie fighters that could have a veteran upgrade and they both had marksmanship, and then one academy tie fighter. the table I was playing on was just over 3 ft and it was probably 4ft wide. Regarding maneuvering. It just isn't that interesting. there isn't much maneuvering because the opponent knows where I am and where I can be. The maneuvering just didn't seem to matter because moves were only planned one at a time. So if I had turned off to the side to try and flank with the tie fighters the opponent would know exactly what I was doing and just would have either lined up to fight me from the front or they would have turned to get behind me. For me planning one maneuver and then doing it is just plain boring and leaves no room to out think your opponent. Sure you could do what he doesn't expect but what the opponent expects you to do is the best move so do when you do what he doesn't expect you're doing the second best move.
  7. I guess I should have explained more but the reason I played 130pts was because I was planning on having 4 players total. So each player was going to have a 65pt team. But one of the players couldn't make it. So I gave the other two players a y-wing and an x-wing each with various upgrades. I had 4 tie fighters and 2 tie advances with various upgrades. And I had played 2 games before so I thought that a 65pt team for each of the new players would be pretty easy to handle. One of the things that made this game not so interesting I think was that you only plan 1 move at a time. So your opponent knows where you are and he then knows where you will likely be on your next move. and to make matters worse the range ruler is ridiculously long. It is very easy to get ships within range. I think the game would have been much better if you planned two moves at a time. That would require a lot more planning and thinking and would be a much more enjoyable experience for me. They could have made this possible by having a movement dial with two hands on it. I'm willing to give it a few more tries just to try and save the amount of money I've spent on the game but I'll have to try it against my other gamer that didn't show up to play because the other two are done with this game. As it is right now it seems like this game is only really enjoyable if you're a big star wars fan. Then I could see the enjoyment in playing this game and watching your favorite ships blast the opposing ships. But for me I have no strong feelings either way about star wars I was just looking for an enjoyable game and so far I haven't found it. But again I'll try it a few more times and hopefully it will grow on me.
  8. Up until last night I had only played small games around 60pts. Last night I played my first big game at 130pts and every one at the table including myself didn't like the game at all. I was so disappointed because of how much money I spent and how bad we thought the game was. For us it wasn't fun on any level. It was just a game of fly at each other roll dice and see what happens. We all felt like the dice and not our decisions are what affected the outcome of the game. Only planning one move at a time is very boring it isn't hard at all to predict where your opponent is going to go. Also this game is super fiddly I was constantly moving tokens around the board with people locking on and focusing there were just a pile of tokens to move around. This game ended up being so rules light and token heavy that it couldn't possibly be worth the money. No one was more upset about this then me because I bought 3 core sets, 2 y-wings, 1 x-wing, 2 tie advances, and 1 tie fighter. I tend to go all in on a game before I give it a serious try it is the O.C.D. in me. The same thing happened with Mansions of Madness. I bought everything for it and then when you play it, it is just a game that plays itself. So if anyone is looking for more x-wing stuff (or mansions of madness) I'd be happy to trade for another game.
  9. @Zoso You're correct. I was referring to myself and not to the game world as a whole. I'm sure that even is this game was bad it would continue to sell out and get play for at least a little while just based on the fact that it was Star Wars. Hrathen said: I have to confess that I have wanted a Star Wars X-wing miniature game ever since I bought me firsts minis back when I was twelve. I have been surprised at how Awesome the game mechanics have been. The game mechanics are so awesome because the core of this game was taken from another very popular game called Wings of War which FFG used to publish. I'm surprised no one here has heard of or played Wings of War before. The main reason I'm playing this game over Wings of War is because I found out about Wings of War late into its creation and it was impossible to get a lot of the ships. Also WoW didn't have a point system so when making a balanced fight you had to guess at which ships were balanced. Also for me X-wing fixed a lot of the clunkyness that kept me from really getting into Wings of War.
  10. I. J. Thompson said: TheKingOfBlades said: As of right now X-wings isn't seeing a whole lot of play because of lack of variety. Stats? I'm not 100% sure what you're asking but the lack of variety I was taking about was the number of actual ship types available. There is only 2 different ships for each side right now. Sure there are different pilots for each ship but each pilot just adds one special ability and a different skill stat and sometimes certain pilots can be equipped with a veteran card. For me a lot more of the variety comes from the different types of ships. The ship is what provides all the stats except for skill and they are what provide all of the actions you can take plus they are what give you most of the different equipment cards you can take.
  11. You have a point about games with never ending things to buy getting annoying. I wouldn't want that either. But I would find the game much more interesting if it was set in the TI universe and had 4 - 6 factions with well defined styles and strategies. The same six factions from the Rex board game would be cool to have in a dog fight style game. As of right now X-wings isn't seeing a whole lot of play because of lack of variety. And when more variety comes I'm worried that it is going to make the factions play style no different from one another. When the game first came out Rebels had tough strong ships in limited amounts and the Imperial forces had fast ships with a high agility stat and they had a swarm of them. But with the tie advance it gives the empire the ability to field ships that are just as tough (actually they're tougher because of higher agility) to kill as the X-wing. When the A-wing comes out it will give the rebels the option to play with fast agile ships. I guess this works if you're a big star wars fan but for me I'm a big fan of games that have different factions with different and unique styles and abilities so it will be a little disappointing if the only thing separating the styles of the two factions is which ships do you like the look of more.
  12. Is there anyone else out there that picked up X-wing not because they like star wars but because they liked wings of war? For me personally if FFG was going to release a game like this I would have much rather seen them release it using their Twilight Imperium universe. This would have given then many more options on the number of ships that they could release. I don't know a whole lot about star wars but it seems really narrow in the amount of ships they could include in a dog fight style of game. If they would have set in in the TI universe they could have made up any kind of fighter they wanted to also they could have had more then 2 factions and each faction could have had more of a defined style. I bet as more releases come out the line that defines rebel and imperial play styles will get even thinner. On the reverse side did anyone get this game just because it was Star Wars and had never heard of Wings of War before?
  13. I wasn't trying to say that it looks like a bad game, because we don't even know anything about it yet. I just think the description should have focused on what makes this game unique instead of just saying "Travel the land, fight monsters, go on quests, save the kingdom."
  14. All I'm saying is that if the you take the description by itself it sounds very similar to Defenders of the Realm. And Defenders of the Realm has scenarios too. In the expansion they added different ways to play. I was super excited when I saw the announcement at first because I really enjoy fantasy adventure games but after reading the description I pretty much went oh I have this already.
  15. Okay so we don't know anything rules wise about this game yet but from reading the description it sounds almost identical to Defenders of the Realm.
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