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  1. I own all of the 1st ed of MoM apart from the tiny pack expansions and think the now gone expansions will be future expansions for 2nd ed in the future. If that does indeed become true, it will mean that the only benefit for me to buy these expansions will be for the cards! (as I have the figures/board pieces). So I would win and lose...
  2. Although I know it would be expensive it would be great to see these images on playmats :/
  3. Gutted doesn't touch the surface... With the game ceasing to make new cards last year and Winvasion coming to an end it feels like W:I is fading too fast.
  4. Alex Bob...you going games expo at the end of the month at all? I have a spare play mat if your interested.
  5. As a casual player I welcome the new waves and look forward to adding them to my growing legion.
  6. I am missing the 'Rip dere 'eads off!' promo. Is anyone willing to part ways with theirs? Please let me know.
  7. Hi Jud, It was a great evening and rather than give the playmat away, we planned to have the winner keep the playmat until the next planned tournament. Crazy as it sounds W:I players in the UK are few and far and I was lucky to get a response through BGG. We have another planned tourny on 13/06/14 at the same venue (Liverpool and anyone is welcome) but I think that event may be too far for you As for the cards I ended up buying the full set from a chap in Ireland (again BGG) after selling a foiled MTG card for £150...crazy and have never regretted it.
  8. I am very interested. I would look on fleabay to see what they go for and go from there.
  9. I was simply stating that they have not done one?!? It is wonderful to have your input in creating a fan based FAQ but we prefer to go off something that is official (no disrespect). Thank you for the links though Virgo.
  10. No sign of an official FAQ of yet and doubt there will be one if I am being perfectly honest as FFG have moved on Our club are still currently using the one located in the Support section.
  11. Anyone know when this will be released in the UK?
  12. Hi, I live in Warrington, close to Manchester and although I do not have any cards of yet I would be interested in playing this. Can you let me know if you still get together please. Thanks, Ste,
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