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  1. Have: Thermal Detonator x1 Want: Han Solo x1 email: j_111 at hotmail.com
  2. This makes no sense. Most games of Battlelore take about 1 hour. An hour and a half at the absolute longest.
  3. FFG is hosting a Batltelore event at Gen Con 2016: http://gencon.eventdb.us/event.php?GameCode=BGM1692568 However, its sorely lacking in details. Does the whole event really take 7 hours? Or is a 7 hour block where we can choose to play 3 games? Are all the mini's provided? Is it a tournament and whats the structure? I'd really like to see this event thrive, but nobody is going to sign up for a 7 hour event with absolutely no details!
  4. I'd like to see a Battlefleet Gothic LCG, done Summoner Wars style.
  5. So, moving the world championships away from the largest game convention in North America and to the FFG event center in Minnesota is going to make the tournaments more global? FFG seriously thinks people are more likely to travel to the USA to spend a weekend at a game store, rather than at a 35,000 person event? The largest industry event in the USA that supports the games they are trying to generate world championship players for? Somebody please tell me how Minnesota is more international than Indiana. You're going to lose all the players who go to Gen Con for many reasons, and play FFG world championship events because they happen to be there. Those people are likely not going to make a separate trip to Minnesota. This will destroy attendance at the tournaments. They will become local events because you've removed your built-in player base at Gen Con, whose attendees come from all around the world already. I can't understand this decision at all. It's a huge slap in the face to all of the people who have been playing the world championships at Gen Con every year, supporting FFG. Now they are demanding a separate flight, hotel accommodations etc. just to play at the FFG event center? Wow.
  6. PvP, why limit half the characters in the SW universe as unplayable?
  7. The Gen Con event catalog was released today, and guess what? No LCG events. Could you guys actually submit these, some of us like to plan our event schedule BEFORE registration opens (which is May 1st). It's pretty much impossible to plan in advance when you have no idea what time other events are being held.
  8. No response from organized play.....................................anybody else have some info?
  9. Concerning this event: http://gencon.highprogrammer.com/gencon-indy-2009.cgi/event/CGM0901159 It states that the players must make the best use out of one core set, but it doesn't say if the cards are provided. Do we need to build our own decks prior and bring them? The other problem is............... the tournament listing doesn't say if its 2 player or melee. So I want to build a deck for the event......................but obviously a deck that works well against 2 players is not the same as a deck that works against 4 players. Does anybody know if the tournament director, Paul Bromen, posts here? I realize this is a casual tournament, but I'd like have an idea of what to expect before attending. Thanks
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