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  1. So it's taken five years for me to return to this(!) After a couple of years' hiatus, my group (with a few new members) have returned to continue this adventure. Per my previous post, we've embarked upon Episode III. Septimus Cell is now divided between three "old hands" - Artemis Stroud, the Arbitrator/Acolyte Prime, Astelan the mute Scribe and Zarkov, a priest - and five new members: a Tech-Priest of the Biologis, a Desperado, an Ex-Penal Legionnaire, a Sanctioned Psyker and an Ecclesiarchal Witch-finder. The old hands have been busy purging Hive Hyades from the Vinculist (Logician) threat, but the Cell's Interrogator, Brandt, has brought them together. Inquisitor Grist summoned them to the Chancellery Court, where he has told them of the "death" of Ezekiel Sunder. The Cell asked some intelligent questions (one has even asked how the Inquisitor can be sure that Sunder is dead) and they are due to leave Hyades for the world of Arcturus. Before that, they're currently researching the Sunder line and preparing themselves. The Cell has concocted quite an interesting cover - their psyker is posing as a spook addict noble - they're taking the persona of the recently-deceased Thalia Haldane (Julia Strophes from Rejoice!) with the Penal Legionnaire serving as her dealer, supplying her with her fix. It's quite an interesting "dissolute noble" cover and works to explain away her psychic ability. I'm currently working on detailing Arcturus and Novabella (my version of Quaddis and Xicarph) so that it's ready for them when they arrive! I'm hoping to use this thread a bit more to plan the auction and the attendees. Any thoughts and feedback you guys might have would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks all for the comments. I managed to get together with my friends yesterday and we played two games to illustrate the mechanics and get them interested. To begin with, we played with a Red Squadron Pilot (and R2D2) against an Obsidian and a Black TIE. Then we played a five-player game of roughly 80ish points each side: The Rebels had Luke, Wedge and a Red Squadron pilot with R2D2, whilsts the Imperials had Mauler Mithel, 2 Academy Pilots, an Obsidian Pilot and 2 Black Squadron Pilots. The bigger game was a resounding Rebel win - they were able to divide and destroy the TIEs with only minor damage to the X-Wings' shields. A fun game was had by all, so I think we'll definitely be playing some more. I want to keep it focused around the core X-Wing versus TIE match-up.
  3. Hi all, I went to the UK Games Expo on Sunday and picked up two of the Red starter sets, an X-Wing and two TIE blisters. (So I have 3 T-65s and 6 TIE/INs.) I've been a long 40k player but my friends are (for the most part) pretty burnt out on buying/modelling/gaming, preferring board games instead. I'm trying to get them back into wargaming, and I think X-Wing has the right balance of pick-up-and-play versus strategy and depth. I don't want my friends to escalate into an ugly war of specific TIE variants and such - I want something quick and simple. I've been discussing with a friend creating two 100-point lists for easy gaming tomorrow night, as a demonstration to my gaming group. I'd love some feedback as to whether these will be decent. Imperials (100 Points) Howlrunner (18) +Swarm Tactics (2) Black Squadron Pilot (14) +Expert Handling (2) Night Beast (15) Mauler Mithel (17) +Marksmanship (3) "Dark Curse" (16) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) Rebels (99 Points) Wedge Antilles (29) +Proton Torpedoes (4), Marksmanship (3), R2-D2 (4) Biggs Darklighter (25) +R2-F2 (3), Proton Torpedoes (4) Rookie Pilot (21) +R5-K6 (2), Proton Torpedoes (4) (Alternately, I would give Biggs an R5 Astromech (1) and then get a Red Squadron Pilot (24) rather than a Rookie? This would make the list 100 exactly.) I'm happy to re-jig anything with the cards I have available to me, but any feedback on those lists and the sorts of strategies we should be aiming for would be fantastic. Thanks in advance, all!
  4. I'm keen to hoard as many ideas as possible for the Tesseract, as I really want it to be a pivotal experience for my players (going on after the Haarlock Trilogy, especially with the glimpses of possible futures…) Any effort on your part would be gratefully appreciated and eagerly devoured!
  5. bogi_khaosa said: Make it really clear that she is out of their league. An option would be to use the Janissaries as "ablative wounds" - have them die messily covering your Acolytes' retreat!
  6. That sounds really awesome! I'd love to hear more.
  7. In the grim darkness of the far future… …there are such heroes, but their tales are typically tragic ones. Having said that, some of the things you mention (such as trying to reform the Imperium, or considering it corrupt) are hallmarks of the Recongregator creed. So there are such people within the Inquisition. Of course, every Inquisitor, whether Xanthite or Monodominant, considers that they are "doing the right thing." The Inquisition isn''t black and white, and it''s the shades of grey that make things interesting. I think it''s similar to when the Tau were first released and people said that they just didn''t work within the 40k universe. Of course, they do - and it works werll to counterpoint the brightness of the Tau with the darkness of the 40k universe as a whole. If you consider it, your heroes with their lofty intentions and high ideals will have to work hard not to become jaded when confronted with the "grim darkness" that is the 40k universe. Therein lies the challenge!
  8. It certainly sounds like a good hook for a campaign. There are suggestions in the Radical''s Handbook (the section entitled "The Master has Fallen, the Servants Stand True") It gives them a great motive to avenge themselves and prove that they are loyal.
  9. Hey guys, a bit of a thorny issue here that will take a bit of explaining. I run a play-by-post game of DH on a forum. It's set in our own custom sector, and so far we've been using the sourcebook role-plays with place (and character) names - along with some plot details - altered. For the most part, I'll try to use the names you're used to in order to make it less confusing. My group played Edge of Darkness, where they descended into the underhive, killed the "Techno-*****" and a good time was had by all. I then decided to play a (modified) Rejoice For You Are True, where instead of the Serrated Query, the Alabaster Court and the Joyous Choir was bankrolled by the Logicians. Two of my players decided to drop out (one permanently, one temporarily). They were playing a Hive Scum and a Tech-Priest, who were sent to the Hustle to look for Farcosia whilst the bulk of the team accepted the invitation to the Alabaster Court. I decided to have the two characters abducted by the Logicians (after all, a Tech-Priest trying to score drugs is a bit obvious!) The Scum character (whose player was permanently gone) was the one who was "spurred" by Elsergi Krin in his depiction of The Fall of Cyperen. The Acolytes in the Court know that one of their number has just been brutally murdered in front of them! My plan all along was for the Acolytes to leave the Court, suffer the assault on House Strophes, and then make their way to Theodosia's laboratory, where they would recover the Tech-Priest's brutally-assaulted body. The Tech-Priest would get a few more bionics, and then return in time for the next mission. (By which time the player would've come back and taken up his character.) But... the Tech-Priest's player has come back, and wants to be of some use. I'm uncertain on how to reintegrate his character, as he's quite far from the rest of the cell and is in the midst of being tortured by a Logician tech-priest. I'm not sure that I want him to be able to escape the Logician facility, but I would like him to get up to something worthwhile. Any tips? I'm a bit at a loss, as I want my player's experience to be a worthwhile one. Thanks in advance!
  10. The Laughing God said: There is little fun in a total party kill ruining the climax of the Haarlock Legacy trilogy. That was my thought upon reading this topic, as well. Seems a little anticlimactic to come so far and yet die so close!
  11. It's a point of contention for me that throughout the Haarlock's Legacy story, Haarlock is a distant figure on the horizon, this figure of impending doom, but the characters never get that much opportunity to identify (or empathise) with him. Entering the Tesseract is the prime opportunity to have the players come face to face with Haarlock, a little like the Nexus is used in Star Trek: Generations. I plan on having my players sit at a dinner table with Haarlock and his wife. Of course, it's not the real Haarlock, just a "ghost in the machine", a fraction of his personality A treasured memory of his. He'll talk to them happily, charm them a great deal, but it's a moment in time.
  12. This was really interesting (and heartening) to see, as it's something I aspire towards. I'm GMing a forum-based game - my Acolytes finished Edge of Darkness and are currently playing through a slightly re-worked Rejoice. I have plans in the future to propel them along the Haarlock's Legacy, and it's nice to see you've managed to keep your game going for so long. I also really like the sound of showing your players Inquisitorial politics. What've you got planned for your "interlude"?
  13. Many within the Mechanicus use "vat-grown" humans for servitors, etc. That must involve some sort of exterior incubator or "maturation chamber". In truth, I wouldn't say this is something that many people in the Imperium would be burning you for.
  14. I think there is still scope in the 40k universe for followers of Khorne who aren't beserkers. If you think of Khorne in his aspect as a blacksmith in the midst of a forge of brass, his followers can be quite canny and can construct sophisticated items. That said, I wouldn't want to distract too much from the central focus of this thread. I've discussed in other threads my ideas about transitioning to Rogue Trader (using the basis of Lure of the Expanse and The Frozen Reaches) to detail the hunt for Haarlock after he is released from the Tesseract. That said, I wanted to stick a little closer to the original idea - the search for Haarlock, when the Acolytes begin to realise that events are in motion and that Haarlock is returning. How to expand this and make it more interesting and involving? The idea of the servants of Haarlock forming some sort of Cult dedicated to bringing about his return is a great one. I also like the "Hail Haarlock!" - perhaps you could argue in a Horusian or Thorian way that he is possessed by something greater. Definitely a cool concept. SUch a group might be both antagonist and ally.I think the role of Spectre Cell 17 could also be expanded, to have them competing alongside your Acolytes to really emphasise the factional nature of the Inquisition. Of course, they'll have to end up in the Tesseract (and may well end up dying very messily there!)
  15. Salcor said: having to follow in Haarlock's footstep. To me, I think this is key. Taking the players on a similar journey to that of Haarlock will let them have a deeper understanding of the Legacy, and what kind of man Haarlock was (and has become.) They need to become intimiately familiar with Haarlock and his deeds in order that they can really get some meaning out of the events that occur.
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