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  1. ouch, i just tried to put newest chapter pack on order, and found that price for shipping jumped from around 5 bucks to 19, and wondered wth is happened.
  2. -Istaril said: Ambush is a card effect. Marshalling it into play is not. so, back to my question (or more correct to original man who asked it) - you play Company by its ambush, it enters play, do you get card if you trigger its response?
  3. Hi, i seen this deck on tzumainn but its now all dead and can't be recovered, does anyone possible have decklist for: Night Favor's the Silent(ChiconII 1st Place) (Defend) SoNice52 03-26-2007 that was Martell winner deck based on Defenders of the north agenda. I tried to get it from archived site, but it seems its exists on the list of decks, but you can't view its contents.
  4. Not found answer by the search. So question does Ambush are card effect? I mean does Company of the Cat entering play from its ambush work for its response (Response: After Company of the Cat is put into play through a card effect, draw 1 card.)
  5. i like fact that WH:I is like ten times faster then WC (= and you "don't" need that ultra rare card to make your deck work
  6. as i said, in khemry more alive people then on WAR servers now )=
  7. in first two months servers was overloaded) and there was a lot more servers then its now.
  8. and now module for lackey up to Warpstone Chronicles .. all with pics. javascript:void(0);/*1272281509036*/
  9. Vassal are good for minis or something like that, but its too ugly for playing card games.
  10. there already pretty good module for lackey) and i am tonight added all expansions to it (except HE vs DE box yet), hope after i get some sleep i will finish Assault on Ul. too. ( javascript:void(0);/*1271217785006*/ )
  11. eloooooooi said: Penek said: that program doesnt work under latest Firefox, as plugin for FF to install program not working. Just download the app from the official webpage and run it locally. yeah. that worked out already, and about plugin, on site it says that you need plugin for that kind of app's.. and homepage of that app. saying its for old Firefox. not for 3.5.x
  12. that program doesnt work under latest Firefox, as plugin for FF to install program not working.
  13. That mentioned new Raven version ) is it on old site ?? i ask because latest news on it came as 2007 year.
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