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  1. Using Galadriel's normal ability twice in one turn is more than worth it, Her ability is limit once per round.
  2. A further complication is that there aren't really clear "success criteria" as to what counts as strong performance in terms of results. Is it important for a deck to be capable of beating most/all quests, or is it more important to win consistently? For instance, which is stronger, hypothetically: a deck that beats 50% of quests 100% of the time, or a deck that beats 100% of quests 50% of the time? There is also the further complication of scoring - is the ability of a deck to achieve low scores (i.e., essentially, to win quickly) relevant in assessing its strength? There will be a variety of different views on these questions, I think, and therefore without consensus and agreement it is hard to speak of "tiers" in general. This, of course, is arguably a strength of the game's solo/co-op nature: that players can set their own "success criteria" and play towards them.
  3. - you deal Shadow cards to every engaged enemy at the very start of the combat phase (before you would have a chance to play Feint) - if you then subsequently Feint an enemy before it attacks, it won't attack and its Shadow card won't be revealed - the unused Shadow card will then be discarded at the end of the combat phase
  4. The FAQ is more recent and takes priority here. The second ruling you cite is one I received from Caleb soon after the release of Foundations of Stone, but it was subsequently reversed via the FAQ.
  5. I think with Haldir you can use his ability (because you have not actually engaged an enemy that round) but you can't use it against the enemy you are "considered to be engaged with". Support: the FAQ (1.50) “Considered to be engaged” vs actual engagement An enemy that does not leave the staging area but is considered to be engaged with a player does not actually engage that player, nor does that player engage it. In order for a player to engage an enemy, the enemy card must physically enter his play area. Mablung definitely doesn't work - this is also covered in the FAQ: For example: Durin’s Bane (D 150) cannot leave the staging area and is considered to be engaged with two players. Player 1 has Mablung (RM 84) and wishes to trigger his Response effect, but he cannot because he has not actually engaged Durin’s Bane. Player 2 wishes to play Feint (CORE 34) to prevent Durin’s Bane from attacking him. He can, because Durin’s Bane is considered to be engaged with him.
  6. This is somewhat of a tangent from your main point, I know: but you are way off beam here. Dain is incredibly powerful in solo play. See these decks, for example: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/72091-thorin-company-very-powerful-dwarf-allies-deck/ https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/121989-one-deck-to-rule-them-all-almost/
  7. You could also play Trained for War many times, with 3 copies each plus 3 copies each of Book of Eldacar.
  8. ...unless the card effect which generates them specifically states otherwise - like Great Yew Bow.
  9. Yes, certainly they do: it's very clear in the rulebook: "At the beginning of each quest phase, if there are one or more side quests in the staging area, the first player may choose one to be the “current quest” until the end of the phase instead of the quest card that is currently active via the quest deck." A chosen side quest is the "current quest" until the end of the quest phase and will therefore gain Cold from Angmar.
  10. I think the wording of Vilya indicates (3) - you choose.
  11. Sounds right, as the rules specify "until the end of the [quest] phase". Edit: sorry, this is the wrong way round - "until the end of the [quest] phase" indicates that it does NOT revert to the regular quest.
  12. I thought I'd share this deck, with which I have beaten all three Heirs of Numenor quests in Nightmare mode solo. It is strongly thematic with just the addition of some eagles to the Gondor line-up. Obviously Trained for War is absolutely essential to beating Peril in Pelargir stage 3 and Into Ithilien stage 3 (Celador never dies with this deck so you always end up on stage 3). For Cair Andros I followed the strategy of going all-out to clear the Banks turn 2, and thus will-power is not needed - so I subbed in 3 x Feint for Trained for War. The biggest problem is of course threat control but that makes for very close and tense games. Interestingly this deck finds all three scenarios easier in Nightmare than normal mode - because, I think, some of the worst threat-gaining treacheries (Collateral Damage, Watcher in the Wood) are removed for NM. Heroes • Boromir The Dead Marshes 95 • Mablung The Nîn-in-Eilph 84 • Beregond Heirs of Númenor 1 Deck 3x Winged Guardian (The Hunt for Gollum 4) 3x Defender of Rammas (Heirs of Númenor 7) 3x Gondorian Spearman (Core Set 29) 3x Knight of Minas Tirith (Assault on Osgiliath 84) 3x Vassal of the Windlord (The Dead Marshes 98) 3x Henneth Annûn Guard (Celebrimbor's Secret 115) 3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward's Fear 5) 3x Spear of the Citadel (Heirs of Númenor 9) 2x Dagger of Westernesse (The Black Riders 14) 3x • Book of Eldacar (Encounter at Amon Dîn 59) 3x Gondorian Fire (Assault on Osgiliath 85) 2x Behind Strong Walls (Heirs of Númenor 8) 3x Foe-hammer (The Hobbit - Over Hill and Under Hill 15) 3x Trained for War (The Drúadan Forest 36) 3x Gondorian Discipline (Encounter at Amon Dîn 60) 2x Blade of Gondolin (Core Set 39) 2x • Captain of Gondor 3x Secret Vigil Total 50
  13. I don't believe that any designer has ever posted on the forums, but they have (I think) stated that they look at them.
  14. Man, you don't have to worry about tolkien running thing. If they made 100 aps and 15 deluxe they would have just scraped the surface of all that tolkien wrote, even if they are just using lotr and hobbit. I don't think this is true: how many significant (and indeed not very significant) named characters from TLOTR/The Hobbit have yet to feature in the card game? Answer: almost none.
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