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  1. ItsUncertainWho said: Warhawk X said: So what can we do about this problem? Simply post here that this 200$ for our copies we would like to keep and cheerish should not come complete with misprints. We paid too much money to see that happen, who knows with enough people complaining they may actually remedy the situation. You are paying for a case and a personalized letter. There is no remedy for the "situation" you are complaining about. You are getting, and ordered, a first printing book. For those that don't understand or know about printing, press time must be blocked out months in advance and is horribly expensive. FFG could reprint the books with corrections but you would be looking at at least six to eight months or longer before they could print and another month or more for import then another 2-4 weeks for shipping. So almost another year. Beyond that the $200 price is, at best, cost for this product. Unless FFG found some super cheap place to manufacture and assemble the cases I would be shocked to find out FFG is making any profit on the collectors edition. Actually they are assembling them on site in Minnesota right now according to the guy I talked to in sales, so if you think they are spending alot on assembly I'm afraid your wrong. I understand the materials are of higher quality and the "Situation" I'm talking about is a lack of a good editor or someone who at least read through the book. I am not talking about errata I am talking about the dark angels lore page with 15 missing letters on key words. Simple **** that any moron reading the book would have caught. Now I guess I understand if people have gone through this same shindig with the other collectors but this is my first one so I guess I am completely new to the "FFG does not have an editor or one who cares" idea. I guess I thought quality was something FFG stood for in their products and am sadly mistaken, and dissappointed that no one feels that they should have some ******* pride in thier products enough to hire an editor. Apparently they didn't learn the first two times from Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, and that's again, a ******* shame.
  2. For those of you who have ordered or plan on getting the collectors' edition of Deathwatch buyer beware was not something FFG had planned on telling anyone but here it is. The misprints and missed letters and horrible grammer of the original printing come with the collectors editions printings as well. No, FFG does not plan on fixing this before they are shipped out. If you have any doubts about this post please feel free to go to the shop tab, click under holiday FAQ, and proceed to dial the number at the bottom, I asked a guy in sales personally if they would be fixing this issue, even the sales person knows and I quote "both editions were printed at the same time if there is a mistake in one there is a mistake in the other unfortunately." So what can we do about this problem? Simply post here that this 200$ for our copies we would like to keep and cheerish should not come complete with misprints. We paid too much money to see that happen, who knows with enough people complaining they may actually remedy the situation.
  3. ChaosCrusader13 said: Eh... I really hate to be the negative guy in this thread but as much as I love and respect the Grey Knights, I do not believe that they have a place in Deathwatch (figuratively and literally). The Grey Knights belong to the Ordos Malleus and their chapter is made solely for the purpose of destroying heretics, traitor marines, and Daemons, not Xenos like the Deathwatch is meant for. Grey Knights, in my opinion, would be way too over-powered seeing as they are slightly psychic and all of their gear is technically sanctified. Though the Deathwatch may battle the forces of chaos (depending on what your campaigns involve) they are meant to kill aliens and a Grey knight just doesn't fit in with the Ordos Xenos. The Exorcist chapter, who come from the Grey knights, does volunteer their Marines and would be more suitable for this (despite their limited history). But overall, however y'all choose to run your campaigns is how you choose to run them. Thank you for being the first but I need to second this, Grey Knights keep getting posted and the thing is they are just TOO GOOD to be in Deathwatch. If anything you cannot give them a wrist mounted storm bolter to start. Okay, for a minute just suppose you wanted to, each member in the deathwatch starts with 0 Reknown, and here is why, you havent killed any friggen xenos to get respected they aren't going to let you run around with crazy ass weaponry just to powergame a grey knight. IF any chapter were to start with psy rating 1 that was FAIR to put into Deathwatch I would nominate the Blood Ravens, but instead id give psy rating one to all members of the chapter and +2 psy rating to a librarian, because the canon states their chapter produces the most powerful psykers next tot he emperor himself. Lastly the rules for creating your own chapters are just around the corner and maybe people should consider making a Grey Knights chapter for dark heresy.
  4. Aajz_Solari said: Warhawk X said: I almost want to edit the chapter's insanity/curse now that we started talking corruption. If you glance at the link to the build that previous guy did the curse isn't even really linked to gameplay nor is it a terrible burdon on the player. Okay, I assume that you want to implement Blood Ravens chapter traits into DEATHWATCH, right? This alone already denies the possibility of including some rules stuff on their affinity to corruption because of one simple fact: the Deathwatch is an Inquisitorial branch and therefore would never take a labile Marine, and the Blood Ravens would never promote one of those to join the Deathwatch. That would raise questions, y'know. Keep in mind that only proven Battle-brothers are promoted to take on the black armour, many of them veterans of decades of warfare against the Xeno. During that time an individual Marine's strengths and weaknesses should have become relatively obvious to his brothers which is why nobody with the slightest sign of impurity would ever gain access to the ranks of the Deathwatch. Stick to the knowledge stuff, the corruption affinity. Nonetheless you could FIGHT corrupted Blood Ravens... That'd be a cool adventure... I think your forgetting that the Blood Ravens are veteran Tomb Hunters of Necron Tomb worlds, and have engaged the xenos in several different sectors. Additionally DoW II campaign specifically states and talks about Sergent Cyrus of the Blood Ravens BEING IN THE DEATHWATCH. So not only have the Blood Ravens sent members of their chapter to the Deathwatch the Deathwatch has never questioned the chapter or its loyalties.
  5. ak-73 said: ak-73 said: As KommissarK pointed out: metal storm doesn't add to damage, it substitutes the base damage. Alex Indeed, I suppose that is correct. Do you have any experience in game with this particular talent being too good or too much damage?
  6. ak-73 said: KommissarK said: On a completely separate note... Does the blast quality of metal storm ammo multiply with storm of iron? Storm of iron specifically "doubles the magnitude damage", and a blast hit specifically makes the base mag damage of the attack = blast size (its not 1 + (blast size - 1)). I'd say it does. Storm of Iron means you calculate damage as usual and then double it at the end; that's how I read it. In the case of metal storm, it's the ability to place the shots where they hurt the most. Alex Yeah how it reads it works like that but Ross has said a couple times before and if you look at other things in the game the multiplier happens first, then additives as per order of operations. In this case though the text does read as though it multiplies last. I'd say it multiplies first because strength bonus multiplies first then additives are added in, and Ross was pretty clear that is the uniform system of how the math is supposed to work in this particular system.
  7. While everyone is jumping on the Xenos are a threat situation, if this were a Storm Warden and not an Ultramarine I would almost say give the guy a bonus for good RP. If the situation were a Storm Warden it would be equally likely he would defend the children because it was the honorable thing to do. In addition the Storm Wardens tolerate the mutant and the psyker better than most chapters. In fact they have an entire Oghrun city on their planet. Be that as it may the Ultramarine would have no good RP reason to keep a xeno alive, is the player that is the Ultramarine unaware of what the xenos have done to his chapter in the past? Namely McCraggae and the Hive fleet that rolled through. If the player is unaware of some of these events it may be time to sit down and cover some lore fluff with your players to avoid such issues in the future.
  8. Punishing the Templar for his "natural" instincts and correct RP is not a solution, neither is punishing the group with insanity for witnessing this event. Perhaps give the Ultramarine 1d10 insanity instead and lower the groups cohession score by that marines fellowship bonus for the time being and keep an eye on the situation, if it degrades further then administer insanity to the group and perhaps inform the group that signs of corruption and heresy are now taking root in the squad and hint that if the behavior of infighting continues it would lead them down the path of Chaos. I agree with the authentic approach but also you have to give the one time warning.
  9. Anonymus said: And Lasersight can only be put on Basic and pistol weapons anyway. A marine with "Death From Afar" armor history would treat a heavy bolter as basic, and could then use one, in theory.
  10. Which page, or action states that for every 2 degrees of success an extra attack is generated in melee?
  11. Storm of Iron reads it doubles the damage, as per order of operations which believe it or not is actually used when calculating things in deathwatch (IE the Space Marines stat for strength is doubled first then armor bonuses are added). The case would be the same here. As the previous poster has accurately pointed out 10 hits is the max, and the max damage is indeed 32 for a heavy bolter wielding devastator.
  12. Such a machine in the imperium in most cases would be heresy, unless the tech priests of mars were doing expermients to see how close they could meld machine with flesh. Being a dreadnaught is a badge of honor amongst marines. Not every marine wounded in combat is turned into a dreadnaught, in fact most are allowed to die so their gene seed can be passed onto the next aspirant. Very few marines are encased in dreadnaughts, and if you look at the design of one, it is a tomb with arms and legs. Whatever you decide to do is up to you just keep in mind how chaos tanks work, with a demon trapped inside and no pilots.
  13. Regarding Mag 1 hordes being one guy left I honestly and in most forums rules posts most people seem to agree a horde reduced to magnitude one is not related to the size of remaining opponents but instead the cohesive morale of a given group of enemies. So a horde at magnitute one could still be a full functional group of 20+ members who have instead of being all killed are so demoralized and at the end of their rope regarding that given combat that they are the verge of retreat. A final melee attack to the battle brothers in melee might be a last desperate gambit to turn the tide, if such an attack proved successful they may stick around a bit longer but if it failed horribly they may break on the spot. In my campaign's as DM I have broken a horde into fleeing individuals far earlier than this given the situation. For example a Devastator marine hitting for the full 10 hits on a weapon and then rolling a five on unrelentinve devastation and it was only a magnitude 30 to begin with. I had that unit retreat immediately and reform up a few rounds later with reduced magnitude.
  14. No worries, I usually tend to read things as they are and not replace words in the Deathwatch text. Huge post about medicae skill from people not taking the literal meaning of wounds under first aid.
  15. Yeah the actual situation that originated the post is a psyker holding a force staff one handed to gain the benefits while firing a bolter in the other hand without penalty. Which I think everyone has pretty much agreed is fair game.
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