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  1. So the conclusion is that pierce besides cancelling block rolls also cancels heroes natural block abilities as for example Luke and Gaarkhan has ?
  2. Hello, Lets assume, that I have one attacker with only one hit point againts one defender. An edge battle starts and the defender uses fate card "Heat of the Battle" Can I use then to prevent this damage (and to prevent killing my character) an event card such as "Our Most Desperate Hour" and put a shield on this unit or Lightsabre deflection and put a damage on the defending unit ?
  3. Interesting question was asked when we played our first game in Shards of the throne. If fleet has light/wave deflectors may this fleet use The Ghosts of Creuss flag ship as a wormhole and travel to "D" The Creus Gate? or even to the home planet of the ghosts of Creuss? That would be cool.
  4. Hi! I've got some problems with interpretation of some house cards. For example when gregor cleagne vs damphair, what is the number of swords that clegane gets fighting damphair when he switch card ? Is it when lannister is higher on the fiefdom track he gets 3 swords, and when he is lower he gets 3 minus the strenght of the card that damphair switch? Same with Tyrion, does he swtich opponents house card before any special abiliti or in fiefdom order, so the effect of special abiliti of the first card will take place ?
  5. One more question has appeard when we was playing yesterday. Can action card break hacan trade aggreament ?
  6. Thanks for anwsers. Now i think everything is clear to me.
  7. possumman said: 1.) Yes you may move the spacedock into your homesystem, however you may not build with it as Saar spacedocks cannot move and build in the same action. Okey but in next round if i have enviro compensator + race tech i can build up to 18 units in my home system is that correct ?
  8. Hi everyone! I've got some questions about the rules... 1. clan of saar... situation: i've got 3 space docks, two in my home system and one outside, i activate the home system and can i move the third dock to my home system ? in instruction it is said that when i'm building a space docks it got to be one planet for a space dock, but in this situation im not building a space dock but i'm moving it to another system 2. another question for the saar... can space docks be offensive ? with the racial ability can i move them with the 5 fighters and fight with those fighters in other systems ? 3. public objective... i'm not quite sure but can i spend trade goods (or political cards as trade goods) to execute the public objective that is said: "spend 20 influence". in instruction it is said that trade goods can be used as a production or influence but i want to be sure. the same for secondary ability of the leadership, can i simply discard 2 politic cards and 2 trade goods to gain two command counters ? 4.can i fullfill both public and secret objective in status ? 5. the yin brotherhood... i can reverse the valve of production and influence of the whole planets that i have untapped during one game round ?
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