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  1. Well, I'll admit, you certainly got me there. :highfive: for arriving separately at the same idea @MaliciousOnion: hilarious
  2. What if say, Unnatural Toughness score and this score only mitigated damage as per existing (I'm thinking of OW as the latest iteration which everybody seems to laud) rules? This means that an Unnatural Toughness trait of (X) negated (X) damage suffered from a weapon. Furthermore, unless you don't have an Unnatural Toughness score, you don't reduce the damage received. So your average PC party, mooks, elites and most masters would not reduce the damage received at all if they don't have the Unnatural Toughness trait. Basically what I am saying is to completely do away with the TB in the service of damage reduction unless it is an Unnatural Toughness (X) in which case it stays as a damage reduction score of (X) on all damage suffered.
  3. I see no reason for FFG to drop the whole beta just because they want to keep things OW compatible. Agreed.
  4. N0-1 H3r3? Yes I know of him. Well, that's a shame if you ask me but no use talking about it now, though. Here's to hoping that DH2 will be a playable amalgam of the best both Beta and Only War have to offer since, one can only assume, FFG will chose that solution. Cheers.
  5. Seriously? This is just hearsay or have you heard this from a more legitimate lead? Never heard of it before myself, but I always thought that the DH system should have been a more fluid one, leaning towards the narrative. Not that there is anything inherently or terribly wrong with the current d100, but as I said, they could have opted for a more story-driven system. This makes me want to cry a bit since imho Storytelling system is one of the best out there which could have easily supported an investigation based game like DH, especially DH
  6. I suppose you are right. Thanks for the reply, everyone.
  7. Hello Dark Heresy community I've been perusing these topics for quite some time now, especially since the word of the DH beta came out. I never considered it to be an viable option for myself to get involved into discussion nor do I see myself as having capability to contribute in any meaningful way ruleswise. However in the light of these new events (I'm talking of course about this de facto reboot of the DH beta) I thought I could give you a bystander's perspective of the atmosphere/mood on these forums. There have been some really great suggestions on how to tweak and modify the existing systems as presented by the developers, some of which addressed the burning issues with the beta and produced meaningful, interesting and above all functional alternatives. The thing is, some of the individuals here, wanting to assert the validity of their arguments began flaunting with the word "majority" or consciously/subconsciously used other methods of swaying people to see things their way. That is understandable, a natural behavior when you are passionate or enthusiastic about something and you want others to see the awesomeness of it. So what exactly do I keep blathering about here anyway? Well, I propose to make a poll. I have seen people here create extensive and verbose topics on how the rules should work in order to get noticed by other people, especially FFG staff. I believe that the poll mechanics should solve these endeavors once and for all. Have a topic which you think is a game changer and would like to see how the community breathes? Make a poll. Want to get noticed? Make a poll. Want to catch the eye of the developers and get heard? Make a poll. I don't know whether this forum's architecture supports one such feature, but I honestly believe it would once and for all resolve the issue on where the majority train of thought is headed, which in turn could be of great help to the powers that be. Thank you.
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