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  1. Yeah, as Magnus said the context is probably vital here. Aside from the overall context of the statement, even the meaning of that one particular sentence is ambiguous without context. It could simply advise a general against being to shy to commit. The sentence alone does not make clear if it means that having reserves at all is bad or holding your reserves back too long is bad.
  2. Unfortunately, it at first seemed like the online shop I order the English version from here in Germany would get it and so I pre-ordered it from them. They only informed me last week that they would not in fact receive the Deluxe version (apparently they too were only informed very late that they would not get the Deluxe version). I had to settle for a regular edition, sadly.
  3. What happens if you become more honorable than your opponent as a result of the duel? Can Yakamo then in fact lose the duel?
  4. Well, the sorceres of Dunwich clearly had some mystical influence there, as seen by the other thralls, Sorcery encounters and Wizard of Yog-Sothoth. It may have simply been them causing general chaos in order to cover their abduction of Rice.
  5. That is fair, but at least as far as enemies are concerned so far the reused art has always matched the original monstrosities or cultists (Carnevale of Horror is an especially big example). Even Padma Amrita came all the way to Mexico for a cameo.
  6. The art is the same as for Er'nrawr, from the old Call of Cthulhu card game.
  7. I am pretty sure it says a bit later she did it to herself.
  8. I can see a bit of synergy with Asahina Takako in directing your opponent's attacks. Either leave a good character or Holding (Academy! Bonzai Garden!) around or potentially run into Magistrate Station.
  9. I am probably being dumb, but I am not sure how to view the images.
  10. That is still an "if". I agree however that it is likely that Dragon will get a decently early pick at Winter Court.
  11. Well, now there is some karma at least. Dragon is stuck with a mostly useless secondary Role for more than just two tournaments.
  12. I think it is very likely FFG could go for a succession crisis with clans pledging allegiance to different heirs and end that in a storyline prize. In any case, the story was very good. I look forward to more of Daisetsu and Shahai.
  13. Well, we have already seen Shiotome Encampment, so the particular theme of using the type of ring, instead of the element, is still open to be developed for Lion as well (of course the sad part is that this would then be another overlap between Lion and Unicorn).
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