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  1. H.B.M.C.

    Navis pattern percssion mallet?

    It's not a typo. BYE
  2. H.B.M.C.

    FFG Holiday Sale

    DH2.0 Adventure Book - US$10. Shipping to Oz - US$55. Nope. BYE
  3. One of the benefits of 40K is that you can use the Warp to justify pretty much anything. This means you can put great weapons and equipment in the hands of your adversaries, but not let your players have them because they are 'tainted'. However, you don't specifically say "No! No weapons for you!", you give them the choice - leave it and be fine, or take it and maybe it corrupts you. In my campaign our Preacher very clearly found a long-slumbering Daemon Weapon. But their characters don't know its a Daemon Weapon and he just carries on using it, not caring that it's 'slightly evil', 'cause he's pure, right? He's a Preacher. He can fight the darkness with his own light. Or so he thinks... BYE
  4. H.B.M.C.

    With the news, worth getting?

    Written just for the sake of being sold? Ok then... BYE
  5. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    Oh I know what's in it - my group play tested it, though this was before even the DH2.0 beta IIRC - just never got around to getting the actual book. BYE
  6. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    You're probably right, and given I did almost everything else tank related in that product line it probably would've been me writing them. Oh well! BYE
  7. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    Hmm... do I need Forgotten Gods? BYE
  8. H.B.M.C.

    Black Crusade de-listed?

    Well that sucks... BYE
  9. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    Point me to Only War's aircraft rules. BYE
  10. That's sad. Lathe Worlds is a fantastic book. BYE
  11. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    Never got a third class book for Only War (wanted to write more tanks!). Never got to see Genestealer Cults added to Dark Heresy and Deathwatch. Never got to see the new Deathwatch stuff added to Deathwatch. What a waste... BYE
  12. H.B.M.C.

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    This sucks. No other way to put it. BYE
  13. H.B.M.C.

    "Rule of Three" and Ammunition

    I have to admit, we played the 'Rule of Three' to mean 3x3 thanks to the fire selector. Even when we limited it we didn't really see us getting through all our standard ammo in a single session. Part of me wonders if that means we had too much ammo, or it's just the usual thing of combat in Deathwatch being too easy. Actually, on a side note (and to muddy the waters somewhat) what about Terminators? Should they even be able to reload their weapons? The fluff always mentions 'built in weaponry', which to me seems to say that they are incapable of dropping their weapons... yet power swords look quite droppable. I've always played Cyclones as you have 12 missiles and that's it, the rulebook's reload time be damned, as where does the Termy carry spares? Drop Pod? No, no, no. The Imperium has armed shipping crates, remember? BYE
  14. H.B.M.C.

    "Rule of Three" and Ammunition

    I actually like the "mini-mag" theory, that the fire-selector selects from the main magazine, or a bunch of smaller ones for specialist ammo. The new Deathwatch minis continue that trend. BYE