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  1. It will be awesome if we get mantis and spider. I was just using their format for the other lcgs. I could be completely wrong. Either way we are getting l5r back!!!
  2. It's just the formula ffg has been using for their lcgs. It used to be 4 factions to a core when lcgs first started. Then it went up to 6. Now with the latest game of thrones lcg the core set had all 8 factions. As did the Warhammer 40k lcg they did it had 8 factions. I'm just spit balling here and assuming we will get 8 in the box for l5r. And do we know where this box art came from and is it legit?
  3. There will be 8 clans from the start. Just like agot. Atleast that's what I'm guessing. So either spider or shadowlands. I think mantis will be neutral type characters. The lcg format and how card distribution is woks excellent for 8 clans. But who knows I may be wrong and it's mantis as the 8th and shadowlands as the neutral. I'm stoked either way!!!
  4. personally i dont think any one of theses issues and or cards mathlete brought up are gamebreakers. sure some are annoying but the game at this point and time is at a great place. there is no one deck thats dominating and no one clear favorite house . i mean i took a break after gencon last year for about 8 months and come back and win the tennessee regional with a deck i built last year . all im saying is take a step back and look at the overall picture of the game right now before getting emotional and start crying for restrict this and restrict that. there is nothing wrong with laughing storm either or search and detain. if it was me i wiuld take the fury plots off the restricted list. with there being so many competitive decks out there it may never even trigger. but those are just my opinions about everything atm. i love were the game is now.
  5. i know i dont post alot but im chiming in. for me worlds is a no go. it takes everyhthing ive got to get time of work for gencon. i love thrones but im sorry there is no way i can get the funds or time 2 weeks before thanksgiving off just to play worlds. ffg can do what they want its their game afterall but it really makes u step back and take a look at the bigger picture. i just dont see the reasoning behind this with the economy and all but thats just me.
  6. Ohhh! 8 or 9pm wld be awesome! but that's just me!
  7. ahhh SNAP! We won't be up until around 12pm or so. ohh well maybe we can still get some games in after that. See everybody then!
  8. finitesquarewell said: I'd like to remind everyone who plans to attend GenCon that I will be bringing a "Standard" deck with me that I enjoy much, much, much more than playing any LCG deck to date, and will be looking for pickup games when hanging out around the FFG hall. If you have a few "Standard" decks that you'd like to throw against it, send me a forums PM and I'll exchange numbers with you. I would love to get a game w/ some Standard action. If you want to pm me(this work computer is crazy and won't let me pm) w/ your info feel free to. I'll be up around midday Thursday. See you then!
  9. I'm in northeast Tn. I will also be at GenCon So hope to see some of you guys there!
  10. I will be going along w/ 2 other players from TN. So that makes 5 of us counting Longclaw and Wade.
  11. Rogue30 said: Xrishadowchaser said: So it costs $30 bucks. Loddy Freaking Da!! Yeah! You know what? I suggest that the price of Martell pack will be 100$ You will buy it anyway. x3 of course... Actually I will buy the Martell pack at whatever price they put on it. But Martell is my favorite house so I am a little biased. LOL. Even if you buy 3x of the greyjoy packs it's still better than paying $90 for a Magic booster and not getting but 1 copy of all the rares. Then you may not even get all the rares you want. I do agree that the Core Set was an awesome deal. But you can't in all reality expect FF to stay afloat by putting wholesale prices on all the sets. If you step back and take a second you will see its not as bad as it first looks. I play all sorts of other games too not just AGOT and even on my limited budget find it very easy to pay for my AGOT habit. If it wasnt for the LCG format I would prolly have to quit card gaming all together.
  12. I have read through most of the posts on here and it really irritates me to hear all the useless complaining about the price on the Greyjoy expansion. So it costs $30 bucks. Loddy Freaking Da!! You get the Greyjoy cards needed to bring them back into the circuit. You also get a nifty little resin piece too. Yeah the core set was only $10 more but if I'm not mistakin FF said they lost money on it. I know times are tough for everybody but is it necessary to wine and pee your pants over a $30 set. Like alot of the other guys on here have already said the locations aren't hard to pick up and if you and some buddies chip on a set together you will have all the cards. Its not like you have to go out and drop $90 as soon as the set hits the shelves. It's a whole lot better than dropping $50 and $60 on rares from other games and even dropping $30 for rare kingdom locations! Would you like to see those times come back??? I know I don't.
  13. Hello all, I'm getting the 2 starters this week and am wondering what additional models would be good to run w/ the starter models?
  14. I've just started to play and was wondering if anyone plays in or around Bristol, Tn/Va, Kingsport, Tn or Johnson City, Tn??
  15. I guess I'm more of a Control player. But Aggro is fun too. So prolly a little of both. Thanks for the help!
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