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  1. Given that with athletics you are able to lift double your carrying capacity it gives the guardsman an interesting (though occasionally a bit silly) bonus to do superhuman feats of strength... lifting up cars and the like.
  2. Well these don't really seem like a bonus, since they are both a + and a -. I would think a better positive bonus is needed to be in line with the bonuses other worlds could get.
  3. A few laughs in our game today when we noticed that some mooks (err... novice NPCs) who only have an agility bonus of 2 could only move 6m a turn. Not too difficult for the PCs to just keep moving away firing and never be caught. Ok so these were particularly slow guys, but even with an Ag of 3 at most they can manage 9m, and this is leaving no points to evade incoming fire. I'm not sure the mooks only getting 3AP is needed. With their generally low stats having 4AP is hardly going to make them powerful.
  4. bigcrowe


    The Righteous Fury rule does actually state the acolyte is feeling the Emperor's spirit upon them, guiding their weapon. But I doubt many people take notice of that.
  5. Yes, this was our exact thought too. Simple to implement but works just fine.
  6. I totally agree with this, and more space in general for talents would be great. A couple of other things we thought up during character gen... Why not just have the level 1 in each skill already ticked, since the characters all start with them? Why do you need to write down the availability of your weapon if you already have it?
  7. We had a laugh at that until we realised L stood for Limb.
  8. bigcrowe


    Yes we tried out a test of the adeptus ministorum character's flamer today, and couldn't see anywhere that burning ignored the defences. So it was 8 turns of being on fire before a character was even taking wounds. Even if we did ignore defences it was 3 turns before anything bad happened to them and another 3 before they died. And most of the time they were able to move around quite happily. Yeah I like your idea,
  9. Our group were not fans of aptitudes, feeling it was actually hindered what you wanted to do with your character and pushing you down a specific route. Here with the different trees to pick from actual feels like you can customise more.
  10. Oh and another one... an alphabetical list of talents and what tree they are found on (and possibly a very small summary). Can be a bit annoying looking at an NPCs talents and having to search around talent trees to find where they are.
  11. In preparing for a game I've thought of at least two tables that would be handy. Anyone got any others? A one page summary of the rules for each home world during character creation. This would save flicking around, a problem on the pdf copy especially, and keep character creation the streamlined version you are going for. A similar chart for background would also be good, if this could fit onto a page. A chart of what skill use goes with what characteristic. The table on page 74 tells me that Deceive might use Fellowship or Intelligence, but not under what circumstances. If it mentioned Blather (Fellowship) and Lie (Intelligence) that would be really help the GM.
  12. bigcrowe


    But the description in jumping doesn't say you have to move your full move distance, so there's no need for higher Ag bonus characters to have to move farther. This of course raises it's own problem, you could just move as minimum distance for each AP spent. I think your idea fixes this too.
  13. To continue the idea, I went over the Biomancy powers thinking of some “push” effects. Nothing too complex, just the first things that came to mind. Note though that sometimes just +2 PL was actually pretty powerful. The rule would be if you push you must use your max power level. You get the push effect of the power (instead of +2 PL), but the focus test triggers psychic phenomenon on any roll that is not a double. Biomancy Enfeeble Push – The target gains d5 levels of fatigue for as long as the power is sustained. Endurance Push – The psyker may choose any number of targets. Each target excluding the psyker himself also heals a level of fatigue in addition to the normal effects. Haemorraghe Push – Each target suffers a -10 penalty to their Toughness test. The energy effect is increased to d10. Influence Push – The psyker counts as having the Charm, Command, Decieve and Intimidate skills at rank 5 (Amazing) for the duration of the encounter. Iron Arm Push – Unarmed attacks made by the psyker gain the Concussive (3) quality and deal d10+SB damage. Life Leech The target gains d5 levels of fatigue and the psyker loses fatigue equal to that amount. In addition for as long as the power is maintained the psyker ignores the effects of any Characteristic Decay or Weakened condition they have. Shape Flesh Push – The character can gain a number of the following traits equal to half the PL used; Amorphous, Amphibious, Burrower, Crawler, Flyer (2), Reform Smite Push – The attack gains the Melta and Sapping (2) quality. Warp Speed Push – For as long as the power is sustained the psyker does not spend AP to make dodge tests against enemy attacks. Enemies are at -10 to any parry or dodge checks against attacks made by the psyker.
  14. I liked in the old version the way void born were seen as a bit weird, and so were at penalties to talk to those off the ship. Myplayers are always playing that aspect up. But seeing as we're only going for bonuses here some sort of on-ship bonus might be nice, whether it's talking to crew or finding your way around... Not sure exactly. Plus I wouldn't want the bonus to be too tiedto a location. They also used to be charmed, with less chance of losing fate points, but that's been stolen by Shrine World characters. Instead perhaps some sort of fear resistance for all the strange things they've seen, especially good for those who lived on a space hulk. Reduce insanity point gain?
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