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  1. Curator, Though my feelings aren't as intense as yours, I have had some disheartening experiences lately with FFG as well. My post will of course sound like whining no matter how I word it, so we'll just call it a whiney post and be done with it :-) I've always praised FFG for their customer service; how great they are with replacement pieces, responses to emails, etc. Recently though, I emailed them asking how to obtain some of their promotional items from Arkham Nights 2011 as I was unable to attend. Now, before I go on, I do understand that promo items are something special that isn't just handed out willy-nilly and that their are some standards with the distribution of these items. However, I was told that the only way I can obtain their items is by attending an event. Period. I think that is a load of crap. I've mailed in for promos before; I've asked for promos before through e-mail; I have always gotten them with thanks for supporting them. Now though, I'm being told that they don't do that. Fine. I can accept policy change. But FFG needs to at least give us some method to obtain things like this. To expect their loyal fan base to come to multiple events per year just to obtain something is crazy. I own a ton of FFG games, ridiculous amounts of expansions, demo their games constantly at cons that I GM, and the two games I love the most I'm now being told there is no chance in hell that I can obtain two friggin cards from what I'm sure they have extras of somewhere. Yes, whiney because I'm upset that I can't obtain two items I really want. I'll own that. But why should I continue to support a company that has no customer loyalty? I'm not saying I'll quit supporting FFG because frankly they make some of my favorite games. I just find it a poor company attitude to not want to help out loyal customers who still care and want to play the games. Without people like us, they wouldn't have the fan base they do. We are the ones who help review, recommend, and demo their products. We help sell their products. But why should that matter?
  2. Does anyone out there have one of the black bags with the Elder Sign symbol on it for sale by chance? I've been looking everywhere for that thing and can't find it anywhere on the net for sale so I figured I try here just in case someone wants to part with theirs :-) If you have one, let me know! amphillips@mail.com
  3. Anyone out there have a copy of this expansion for sale? If so, please reply either here or e-mail me at amphillips@mail.com. Thanks!
  4. Champ, by any chance do you have any of the Japanese cards? I am trying to track down the series 1 Sora SRs in japanese. Thought you may be a good place to check :-)
  5. Well, talk to me and tell me what you have in the way of SRUs. I am interested in stuff like The King, Cloud, Sephiroth, etc. I would also be interested in hearing about your princess promos :-) Just let me know what all you have then!
  6. How much are you trying to get for the whole collection? Also, will you sell individual cards? If so, what would you want for: A Darkness Awakened 2 SR Level 4 Donald Duck Friend 3 SR Level 4 Goofy Friend 20 SR Level 0 Chip & Dale Friend 94 SR Level 0 Hundred Acre Wood World 110 SR Level 2 Yuffie Friend 1 111 SR Level 4 Leon Friend 116 SR Soul Eater Attack Light & Darkness 30 SR Level 2 Aerith Friend 1 31 SR Level 4 Cloud Friend 32 SR Level 4 Sephiroth Friend 48 SR Ultima Weapon Attack 72 SR Level 3 Dark Riku Player/Dark 1 91 SR Level 0 The King Friend Promos Sora In Xmas Costume Level 0 from Ultimania Book, With book Reply here or e-mail me at amphillips@mail.com.
  7. +1 Eroecchi Great trade man! Thanks again!
  8. +1 Eroecchi Great trade man! Thanks again!
  9. @Eacham - I got your stuff and have sent you a couple of e-mails now as well. The packaging got wet on what you sent me and I can't read your address on there. I need you to reply with your full name and address to amphillips@mail.com so I can get your stuff shipped out then. Thanks man!
  10. Eacham +1 Thanks for the great trade.
  11. E-mail sent! Just let me know then. You can reply at amphillips@mail.com
  12. Hey everyone, not sure if anyone is interested or not, but I told someone recently that if there is anyone interested I will sell everything listed on this page, plus all the commons and uncommons I own for $325 including shipping in the US. You're international and you're interested let me know and we'll come up with a price for shipping.
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