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  1. Oh no! Harney jones shack will be closed? That's so cruel!
  2. Avi_dreader said: Tibs said: 3. The answer is that the designers "missed the boat." The expansions generally were not designed with other expansions in mind. Hopefully the upcoming Miskatonic Horror expansion will address this, but I doubt it will. ::Laughter:: So direct. But so true... and that's why I'm not really excited by this expansion. It will be just more cards obv (but that is cool).
  3. Hey, TY for for your comment. I went to a print shop ^^ It has cost me €13 (about $18) and it took like 3 minutes to print it. It's like posters!
  4. No encounter unless the card says to draw one after you have moved.
  5. Yes and Julia is giving me a hand to finish the translations. When last corrections are done, we'll publish them in the custom heralds thread. Amikezor helped me a lot (I mean A LOT !) for that stuff too. More to come with more free time
  6. Hey you should really the dynamic is a real threat ! And you don't even have to glue the monsters (if it is what stops you ^^). I cut them with the face and the back on the same side and I use the blank side to stack them. So you don't have to make a cup for them... just pick. Anyway I made a herald for each expansion and none have monsters except the kingsport's one
  7. I used to play without the roll but I added it recently to avoid the sureness. About the herald+monsters, I kinda failed the linking part http://horreuraarkham.fr/stockage/Dietch/VO/KingsportCult.jpg
  8. 1) I've made this herald with its 9 monsters 18 months ago. 300dpi - A4 ready to print. If I don't play with this threat, I don't play Kingsport (sooooo boring). javascript:void(0);/*1296599108062*/ 2) I also like to play with custom rift progress tokens that you can find on BGG or there, on the french wiki : http://wiki.horreuraarkham.fr/index.php?title=Pions_Failles_Supplémentaires Circle or octogonal tokens with or without locations names in english or in french 3) I have a home rule with gate burst : If a gate burst targets a location without an elder sign or a gate, roll a die : on a failure, draw a rift progress token and open a gate at this location. It doesn't add a doom token to the GOO track. In my games, I put a mask monster on that gate but you can do whatever you want with this idea.
  9. Sorry for triple posting but no comment ? really ? Even if you dislike the board, please say it so I can improve it ! And I forgot to thanks Tibs who gave me precious advices months ago about my board idea !
  10. Sorry for double posting ! Here is the link for the All in one official version of my home board : http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/6475/allinarkham1.jpg (150 DPI - 5.07 MB) Feel free to comment, I guess my previous board was too "home rules oriented" for anybody to use or even comment it ^^
  11. Hi all, I didn't had much time to post my nearly final version of my all-in-1 map but here it is ! The map size is 112*56 cm wich is the size of the main board + 1 expansion board. It is great to play with it even if you need some time to adjust. My friend and I made choices that some would not love but it's up to you. I am making some sheets to come along with the board (locations text reminder...). Here is the direct download link (300 dpi, 5,08 Mo): http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/6475/allinarkham1.jpg If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them asap. Thanks to Amikezor for the support EDIT : A few more words... No we didn't forget to draw all arrows. New rule is "If a monster in a location has to move and is able to do so, then he moves to the street". bye bye ugly arrows. We didn't write any of the locations text : visual and space saving choices. Aren't we arkham experts ? There is some new logos ans icons here and there, just ignore them til I release related final new home rules. Red signs indicate that the location has a move restriction. Oh and yes, there are some new aquatic locations (home rules). I'll release a pure version if you guys want so.
  12. Mickey Rourke as Mark Harrigan Jada Pinkett Smith (Niobe in Matrix Reloaded) as Akachi Onyele jack black as Vincent Lee Johnny Depp as Silas Marsh
  13. As far as I know, you can claim a monster as a trophy during an encounter (AH rules page 22). For the "ruling" we discussed, you have to fight monsters before any encounter.
  14. I have one question too, regarding this old FAQ clarification : Arkham Encounters Q: If a location card tells an investigator that he may move to another location and have an encounter there, what happens if the location has a monster and/or gate on it? A: First, the investigator must successfully evade or fight any monsters at the location. If successful, the investigator has a normal Arkham Encounters Phase at the new location, following either the “Gate” or “No Gate” instructions on pages 8-9 of the rulebook. Does it stand still ? I've read somewhere but didn't retrieve exactly where this : Monsters and movement as a result of an encounter (01/02/07) : When moved to another location by an encounter, you don't have to fight/evade monsters in either location. At least, not immediately. Combat as a result of such movement only occurs during the movement phase. During the encounter phase, you only have to worry about monsters popping up to attack you as a result of an encounter. What's the entry in the future new FAQ ? I play with the first one but idk which one takes precedence over the other ^^... I'm now confused
  15. Dam, maybe you can buy KH from Nero for a discounted price... not ?
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