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    Iron sky

    Very cool thanks for sharing....I would love to see the results, but cannot be there. Hope they do release something since these are two of my favorite games and now combined. WOW!
  2. I really look forward to seeing how TOI incorporates the russian command structure. Both AAM and M44 have significantly handicapped the Russians with comisars and political officers. Can't wait to see what TOI comes up with,
  3. Ken on Cape said: I would like to see that. Another thing I would love to see is the different armies have them brought into a single sheet for each army. Right now with new units being brought in each expansion, you have to have different sheets for the same army. This is a must IMO. The fact that FFG has not automatically doe this with the release of each expansion makes no sense, There are some decent player made ones out there, but FFG needs to provide an official unit reference sheet as well as a player aid that includes all terrain and special markers in one source. I am not opposed to a compendium if it also includes some additional value like scenarios. If it is just the rules then my question would be why should be pay for something that should be in each new expansion anyway?
  4. El Mikel said: Yipe said: Man, I can only dream of playing a massive campaign that includes every major theater of WWII with one game system. I guess you'll want to wait until after Italy has been done then, before continuing further east I was thinking the same thing.....We do not have any Itallians yet.
  5. kaufschtick said: TeufelHund said: It depends on who you're playing with - if it's a non-gamer or casual gamer than M44 is a great game due to its simplicity. If you're playing with a keen gamer (or a casual gamer that thinks they're ready to take the next step) then Tide of Iron is definitely the way to go. I'll second these comments. I have them both as well (everything they make for M44, with two copies of the base game and most expansions), and they are both outstanding games. ToI is just a notch up from M44, but still light enough to grab the attention of folks who've never played a wargame before. It also has just enough detail to keep old grognards like myself "on the hook" as well. I still stand by my contention that when they get the Russian expansion released for this game, Tide of Iron is going to make a play for one of the all time great WWII wargames with it's combination of playability and ultra high production quality. Tide of Iron won't be fully appreciated until it branches out to both the Russian and Pacific theaters, then this game is going to be a monster. Fully agree. I own both all the expansions for TOI and many of the M44 and like them both for different reason. The best analoy I have it M44 is like playing Risk where TOI is more like Axis and Allies for complexity. Really depends what you are in the mood for. M44 is great for a quick game while TOI is a bit more indepth and requires more time commitment. I play with younger player (My kids and they like both games, but M44 is what we tend to go with to quickly fill the game itch. My 10 yr old daughter can play M44, but not TOI. With that said TOI is not so complex that is cannot be grasped by a new player it just takes a bit more commitment. Now that I have a room set up for games my plan is to set up TOI so we can leave it up and avoid the set up time every time we play. Yes, SGT WAKA, you need to take the M44 plunge. It can be played solo, but very easy to get someone to play with you as well. Beside you should not play with yourself that much anyway.
  6. TeufelHund said: I suggest Chain of Command from the ToI product page if you want a good, fun, reasonably short and balanced introductory scenario. Breaking the Line is also Ok. Forget about most of the scenarios that come with the base game - whoever thought people would enjoy at The Breaking Point as an introductory scenario was nuts. I have played and enjoyed 4 of the 6 scenarios in Days of the Fox and they are certainly an improvement over the base game. Agreed! Check out the support section: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp as well as the scenario editor section where you can find many custom scenarios created by players. app.fantasyflightgames.com/tideofiron_scenarios.html
  7. Hello, The rules are located here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/wings-of-war/media/wingsofwarbdrules.pdf It list 16 plane cards, 56 manuever cards,60 damage cards,and 8 ground target cards. As for size I have not figured that out yet. The cards are small, but I do not know what FFG/Nexus calls European vs. U.S. Personally, I do not use the the card protectors. I own every WOW and DoW set produced to date and have not used any card protectors yet. I use protectors for some of my other CMGs, but WoW comes with nicely laminated cards, so I have not considered it an issue. Besides putting the cards in protectors will mean more room for storage. Either way you can now download the rules and have them read before your set arrives. BD is a great addition to the WoW serries. HTH, Aaron
  8. SgtWaka said: simpatikool said: So far, I have only invested in the base game. I love TOI, but for me, Normandy and Desert Fox are not areas of interest to me for the WW2 conflict. I am hoping for Russian Front, and or Pacific Theater. Support in that arena would get me excited. I have played M44, but personally, I enjoy TOI considerably more. I like hearing that, as i don't want to invest in M44! I love Tide of Iron and prefer it as well, but M44 is great for filling the need in a short amount of time. Apples to oranges. BTW, M44 already has Eastern front, Pacific and Med. You will break witinginfor ToI to come out with Eastern Front.
  9. I would agree with most of the responses above. Being fairly new to ToI myself the one thing that I really like is the abstract simplicity of the rules. Specifically I like that fact that it leaves alot of wiggle room for scenario designers to add or take away from the base rules by adding an armor value or changing a units ability for a specific scenarios. For example if you had a battle in mind where hills played a crucial defensive role there is nothing stopping a scenarios designer from declaring x, y, and z hills form providing cover for that scenario. IMO, the scenarios special rules/instructions are what realy makes ToI a great game because it can be customized to accomplish the intended purpose.
  10. FYI, the mats can be used with WWI or WWII and are actually the artwork is probably more appropriate for WWI.
  11. SgtWaka said: Well shine my shoes... I just thought, after i posted this. Another DOTF expansion is near the same cost as the map expansion ...Isn't it? So that would get one more desert map pieces. Maybe if you buy online....Map pack MSPR is $29.99 and DoTF is $60 although you should be able to find it for $40.
  12. WOW, they look great...model railroading is one of my other hobbies and your are definately up to snuff.
  13. So are you guys using your 1/72 for gaming or just diarama? BTW, They all look great!
  14. kaufschtick said: What the devil! Magnets and washers! Why not just get a 5/64ths (I think that's what size I used- check carefully before you go and do this, I did mine a long time ago, and I could have the drill bit size wrong) drill bit, they're like less than $2 bucks, and it takes less than 10 minutes to drill out all the bases!?! Wht would you drill out the bases? I have enough problems with units falling off when being moved.
  15. Welcome! I did not notice that....the new card/s go in the HQ area and can be activated the following turn during the Action phase or the command phase depending on the card and if you have enough command pts available. HTH, Aaron
  16. Obviously it is all a matter of personal choice. I was just thinking that 1/72 might prove to be a bit big on the ToI map boards due to larger size. WoTC changes from the 2" hexes to 3" hexes to provide more room with the 1/100(15mm) units. I am sure the 1/72 minis look very aesteically pleasing with alot of detail. For the time being I have resigned myself to accept ToI as a board game and not try to make it a miniature wargame as I have plenty of other options for that with other games although the ToI mechanics could lend very well to full out 3D scaled miniature wargaming which I may try someday. As for 15mm infantry other than AAM there are many unpainted options. Old Glory and FLames of War would be the first that come to mind. Personally I do not care for the look of the FoW as I think the heads look to big. GHQ make an nice line of minis as well. but I believe the scale is smaller and I do not think going any smaller is necessary. I am holding out hope that FFG will give us some more options both infantry and armor and more than just an operation card that turns a soldoer into a ranger of AA trooper.
  17. IMO 1/72 would be a bit too big. 15mm(1/100) would probably be a better scale with plenty of vehicles. Many suppliers in this scale from WoTC (AAM) pre-painted to unpainted like Flames of War and others. Otherwise 10mm are probably about the same size as TOI. GHQ makes a nice 1/285 scale line which is a bit smaller yet. Yes I have considered other options including mounting what ever scale I have considered mounting on metal bases and then using magnetic material for for the squad stand making building squads very easy.
  18. Hypothetically if FFG was going to go in another direction than WWII I would prefer they went the opposite direction. Give me a WWI version or ACW...WWI has very few land games out there. ACW there are plenty of traditional board games, but not much recent and with the exceprion of battle cry (Same sytem as Memoir 44) there is no mini game version available that I am awre of this does not require massive amounts of mini painting. Back to reality, I hope this is all rumor and if true does not detract from the further development of ToI. Yes there are othe roptions out there for WWII and I have played several of them....for the money and time you need to invest (rules, painting minis etc) I think TOI is right at the top of the group. Now get busy and give us some more material FFG.
  19. My 10 yr old daughter plays and we use many of the optional rules....smoke, fire, tailing, hit the actaul plane, rudder damage...etc. ABout the only thing we do not use on a regular basis is Altitude. My advice would be to introduce 1-2 new optional rules, play a few games and then add more as long as everyone understands.
  20. Same as the card, use the peg. When playing with minis many also use the optional rule of hit the plane. So in order to hit a target the ruler must reach the physical model not the base.
  21. Steel Town Tough said: Where do you get Litko stands?Thanks STT The site is linked above
  22. I also hope this is juts a rumor...If true count me out. I now have 20 years in uniform and am not interested in playing a game of what I do in reality. Same reason I have avoided the Modern Combat style video games...hit to close to home. I enjoy historical wargaming because it is "historical" or at least somewhat based on History. Expand on the great sytem that is already available and give the fans what they want in the form of new expansions even is they are just vehicle packs or more scenarios if not a full blown Eastern front or Pacific expansion in the style of DoTF or Normandy.
  23. Oh, I did not say anything about balance...I just have some ideas to try....I want to win for once!
  24. Great news...Thanks for checking into this....now that I have played a few times I have some ideas to try,
  25. FYI, a couple of the pages you might need to go to 11x17 pages with all the detail info if you eyes are anything like mine.....old.
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