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    Forum Speed

    Glad it is not just me…there are time when I cannot even get the forums to load.
  2. Welcome! Definately suitable for an 8yo gamer. If you can find them cheap (under$30) I would suggest 2 core sets and then add a x-wing expansion and tie advanced. About $80-90 total depending on where you buy. In our group we have youngsters up to late 40s all playing together. Enjoy!
  3. As a WoG player I can confirm these will not work for X-wing. I would be in favor of FFG selling replacement parts though.
  4. afilter

    Tokens etc

    I would welcome a token set form FFG or a third party. One thing I immediately noticed is that FFG was a bit stingy with the tokens as you only received exactly what you need to each ship which means there are no extras. I am pretty careful with my stuff, but it does mean if you lose one you are out since there are no extras. We played a 300 point battle this weekend and I was extra careful during clean up to make sure my stuff did not get mixed in with others for that very reason. Unless there is some sort of liscense issue I would fully expect Litko to eventually come out with something. I know you can request custom stuff from them and they will put it up in the Jim's lab and is it does well they will usually add it to regualr stock. With this game though there bmay be some proprietery issues. I think FFG is missing the boat if they do not come out with some card and token expansions along with bases/pegs. Maybe a generic accessory pack so we can at least purchase replacements for lost and damaged items.
  5. afilter

    Fleet help :)

    I am trying new stuff all the time as I learn more an more about the game. Give this site a try: http://home.comcast.net/~jason.fuller/empire.html?scroll=false You can then customize several builds and see what works best for both Rebels and Imperials. It also alows you to view the cards so you can see what you migh tbe up against and what you might want to purchase in the future. HTH, Aaron
  6. afilter

    What to buy?

    I mostly play with my kids as well. I ended up going the 2 core set route and 2 of each expansion. That gives us: 6 Tie 2 Tie Advanced 4 X-Wing 2 Y-Wing I also won the Slave1. We now have plenty to provide a variety of options for 100pt Skirmishes. My Plan is to order the Falcon and 2 each of Tie Interceptor and A-Wing from Wave 2.. With retail and online discounts so far we have Spent about $160. Icould have probably done it for $140 or less if I bought soley online, but there is something to be said for supporting the Local retailers. We now have a complete game to play at home or take to the LGS. In this day and age that is not a huge amount to spend on a miniatures game IMO. Not to mention it is tough to put any price on the quality time I have spent over the past few weeks with my 16 and 15 yr old sons who had not showed alot of interest in gaming lately since sports and now girls have become a priority.
  7. Vorpal Sword said: Duraham said: In short, I'm feeling really shortchanged with the Firespray, and before I condemn it to the box, I think there must be somewhere I'm doin it wrong. Any suggestions? so far I have made the following observations… Most of your observations apply equally well to the X-wing. Lots of people have observed in the last couple of weeks that--expect for the size of the base--the Firespray looks a lot like an X-wing with twice the hp, and that's not a bad thing to be. This is spot on…it is very similar to the x-wing except the X-wing has mostly Ties fshooting at it with only 2 attacks. The Fire spray a has X-wings shooting at it with at least 3 attacks and it only has 2 defense so those extra HP only last so long expecially if the Rebel Player is using Wedge who will target the Firespray right away if he is smart and close the range. If not using stealth (which has yet to work for me due to poor roles) the firespray is defending with 1 die against 3-4 depening on range. I learned to have a couple of ties out front to block the incoming rebels and try to stay at range, but it can be difficult especially with obstacles and running into ships. The couple of times I have persevered the firespray was down to 1-2 HP each time.
  8. afilter

    Squad markings

    Crimson.Owl said: If you want simple marking ideas you can also go with screenshots from theX-wing vs. Tie Fighter video game. Options were red green blue and gold. Also has options for Rebel ships. As for other personalizations all of my markers are rimmed with red permanent marker and every person I played with at KRE appreciated how easy it was to tell our ships and markers apart because I had left all my numbers on throughout the day. where did you play KR? Someone at our KR did the same.
  9. well the two Slave1s I was watching out of curiosiy went for $76 and $51 with $5 shipping.
  10. WOW!…..Simply WOW!
  11. As a newer player I have not seen any of the game nght stuff yet. I did attend KRT and was amazed they would put something together like that . The host store charged $10 and even though it was a smaller turnout basically broke even on the kit investment and everyone walked away with something. As for game nights I recall other companies putting out product for prize giveaways, basically a unique Mini, cards, terrain feature, map, or even a nicely printed scenario pack with some tokens that you could not get anywhere else. The big difference is theres were CMG type games. I am also of the opinion that I would not expect anything especially on a monthly basis, but if they want to go above and beyond I will provide my input. My Thoughts: Without a big production investment on FFG part the following would definately get me to come out on a regular basis: Weekly prizes/Monthly top player prize:Tokens, templets, range rulers, upgrade cards. The standard ones would be fine, but I would not turn down something that looked different and made them slightly special. The Unique pilots with a base would be nice, but this does require a bit of production. The upgarade cards alone would be nice weekly prizes as we all know that they can only be had by purchasing expansions. Right now I am guessing many would show for a cahnce to win Wave 2 upgrade cards that are not available until FEB. If they really wanted to go all out a re-piant of an existing model that can only be obtained through the monthly game night prizes. The way I recall other game night workig was that each week a small prize was handed out and tournament points were maintained for those that showed. At the end of the month the top point getter would get something a little extra. If the store was charged for the kits I would have not problem playing a few dolloars a week to participate. Just my thoughts from past eperience where game nights were successful at attracting new an current players.
  12. I would concur…..I ran a 5 ship IMP build at KR. Two of my games were IMP vs. IMP The first was a draw where I managed to damage everyone of his 6 ships and he had only removed 1 shield, but still a draw. The second I wone by destroying more than 33 pts difference, but it still ended on time. We were running 60 munute rounds so that made it even more difficult.
  13. afilter

    Replacement bases

    Ixamos said: IG-58 said: I wrote FFG (and was of course ignored). Do any of you know if replacement bases are available? You will need to raise a ticket for it to customer service. Link below http://parts.fantasyflightgames.com/ Anyone been successful in getting replacement parts? Had an Adv tie fall from the table and break a peg.
  14. Tawnos said: I can tell you this about Barrel Roll: giving Expert Handling to a Firespray is nothing short of amazing. They get sooooo much distance out of a barrel roll due to their large base, it makes it almost impossible to avoid both of their firing arcs. WOW, had not thought about that….there are going to be so many new possibilities with Wave2.
  15. afilter

    New ships?

    I had the same concern. Being discussed here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=254&efcid=6&efidt=758463 In a effort to avoid another lengthy read on the topic as I was accussed of doing. HTH,
  16. saiharris said: Doesnt count as a green maneuver so you keep your stress If you are stressed you can no do it as it is an action….so yes you keep your stress. HTH,
  17. It can be very powerful if used effectively alother it does take away any opportunity to focus or evade if you are in the midst of a cluster of ships. I wonder how many play with asteroids? I ask because I noticed they seem to reduce Barrel roll opportunities in a standard 100pt game as I witnessed at the Kessel Run event.
  18. Very Nice! Did you have something to start with or all from bits and pieces?
  19. SEWeed said: Just picking up my first core set, but I am curious if there is a good ratio I should try to stick to? Or should I pay more attention to possible point totals? Core set has 1 X-Wing and 2 Tie. (2:1) Should I keep this ratio in expanding or does it really depend on the pilot and points? Should I just get more Tie Advanced expansions and skip the regular Tie expansions? Should I try to keep the 2:1 ratio Imperial to Rebel? Am I concerned about something that doesn't even matter because of the point system? Note: I did watch a rather quick 150 point match where a swarm of tie fighters with Darth Vader creamed the 150 point Rebel squad. Not even close, mostly because of the amount of concentrated fire. You will need more IMP that Rebels. My current 2 Tie ADV and 3 Tie allow me to field 100pts vs only 3 rebel ships at 100pts. You are correct it comes down to what builds you want to compose. I believe the most you can currently squezze in a 100pt game is 8 Ties vs 5 rebels.
  20. CaptainRook said: I really hate to be 'that guy' but if there are only a dozen threads already covering this, then I have multiplied my count by a factor of two or three. I usually hate when someone 'Trolls' a duplicate thread because someone, somewhere, a year ago had already started that discussion, but this has to have been repeated so many times, the Original Posts for this subject would be pages in and among themselves. In the immortal words of Timmy 'I mean…c'mon…' Sorry if I upset your sensitivies. (Rolling eyes emoticon). I am fairly new to the game and did not take the time to scroll trough 47 pages of topics. To everyone else, you have confirmed my suspicion that there are a limited amount of Galactic Civil War star fighters that most would recognize. With that established how long do people thing the game can prosper. My concern with FFG giving us 8 great ships in the first two waves that the game will have a limited run time without reaching back to Clone Wars which in my mind really becomes a new game then. I am not crazy about the idea, but I do think there is some validity in the concept of repaints(Rogue Squardron for example) with new pilots and upgade cards intermingled with future waves.
  21. No intention of selling my Slave 1. I am watching a couple on E-bay out of curiosity though.
  22. It would seem with the release of Wave 2 we will have the majority of the iconic star fighters from the Galactic Civil War. Some have mentioned 3 other likely canidates for Wave 3. They include: B-Wing Tie Bomber Imperial Shuttle I am no Star Wars expert especially when it comes to stuff outside the movies, but that seems like it would pretty much complete the list for star fighters. Obviously they can reach back to the Clone wars and that opens up a realm of possibilities, but still a limited amount unless there is a whole alter universe in books that I am not aware of. I guess my fear is that by giviing us six great ships in Wave 2 is FFG shortening the active lifespan of this game? What else can we expect that I am missing? I really like X-wing, but one thing I have learned with miniature games similar to this is that if there is not new product to excite the fan base that people tend to move on to other things no matter how good the core game is. Thoughts?
  23. Yes, felt is nice as it is cheap. If you are running a tournament and need multiples is is a good option. I moved away from it for my home gaming due to the fact that models tended to snag on it and getting it to lay flat especially on larger uneven surfaces could be a pain( Granted I was using a larger surface for historical mini gaming). The Marine vinyl while it costs a more rolls up nice is a bit thicker and lays flat.
  24. Sanguinary Priest said: afilter said: Vagabond Nomad said: I assume that the Falcon, etc. haven't been released yet? Time is running out to hit December 2012. I pre-ordered, and still haven't received my package, so I'm assuming it still hasn't been released? I thought I heard someone say FEB this weekend, but that made no sense as they obviously have some stock in order to do the Kessel Run event. It's been delayed till February of next year due to a problem at the Chinese factory. The announcement is in the Kessel Run posts that flash across the top of the forum. They got a very limited stock and they decided that they'd use it as tourney prize support instead of just putting it up for sale first come first serve. OK, That makes sense… just started a couple weeks ago myself.
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