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  1. I just read this entire thread....you guys slay me
  2. LOL....that is the only ride I have ever been on that I experienced some motion sickness.
  3. On a positive note I opened my wave 3 ships last night, and I was able to verify that with what I plan to get from Wave 3 my current storage system will last until Wave 4. Then I might need to expand further.
  4. I unboxed my Wave 3 ships last night and took some pics so all can see the cards that come with the ships in one place. Sorry the pics are not perfect for reading all the text, but you get the idea. Look forward to giving these a test flight soon. Ships: Shuttle: Tie Bomber: B-Wing: Hawk 290:
  5. Mine arrived today thanks to a friend who attended GENCON. He sent the cool bag with them as well. Unpacking tonight and hope to give test run this weekend.
  6. Hmmm....I have not played on felt. If you do play on felt then I assume you do not need to worry about sliding bases. Since the tack glues does not come off easily once dry unless you peel/rub it off my guess is it would just collect the loose fibers and eventually loose the tackiness. At that point you could simply remove it and re-apply.
  7. That is awesome! Plenty of room for future expansions as well.
  8. Hmmm....that looks purple to me. I already have two play mats (Marine Vinyl and GF9). The nice thing about the tack glue is it will work on any surface home or away for less than $6.
  9. LOL....if you follow my advice you should not need another bottle. In fact one bottle could probably cover an entire gaming group and then some if properly stored. Sorry if it sounded like an infomerical. I should have included the disclaimer: I have no ties to the aforementioned product and I believe there are similar products that do the same thing, this is just the one I used.
  10. BTW, this is the solution for bases that slide on your playing surface. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/89001-solution-for-bases-sliding-and-pegs-that-come-apart/ HTH,
  11. I have read in a number of threads asking what is the best surface to game on so the ships do not move. I went through this as well using Marine vinyl and the GF9 mats. I finally found the solution while solving another problem. I play wings of Glory and it has similar pegs that X-Wing does. A problem is the pegs tend to come apart when you pick up the model. This happens in x-wing as well. I now use a product called hob-e-tac. It is a glue that dries clear and remains tacky. Imagine the stuff on the back of credit cards when you receive them which is similar. I use this for all my Wings of Glory pegs, so when I started playing X-wing last year I did the same. When I use it with X-wing I place a very small amount of hob-e-tac on the male end of the pegs as well as coat the hole in the base where the peg gois in. Use a small paint brush and literally lightly paint the area you want to apply. Keep in mind less is better as it has amazing stickiness. I have not had a peg come out accidentally yet and you can easily disassemble when done. As for the bases sliding on the gaming surafce a small amount of hob-e-tack applied to the four corners of the bottom of the base completely solves the problem. The nice thing is it can easily be removed if at some point in the future you do not want it anymore. It is cheap so it can be reapplied as needed. The key is to use a very small amount as it goes a long way. A 2oz bottle cost about $6 and will last you forever. HTH,
  12. If you truly want custom ships i would look into 3D Printing. There are currently several options already availabel on Shapeways you can order. https://www.shapeways.com/search?q=1%2F270 Something you want may already be available. If not if you are handy with the CAD software or know someone who is anyone can upload files to be printed. I have used shapeways multiple times for another game and the detail can be amazing. HTH,
  13. BTW, for anyone in the U.S. have you been checking your local Target stores? I have seen the core sets for as low as $19.99 Miniature Market has the core set in stock for $26 http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswx01.html I have dealt with them on numerous occassions. Good Luck!
  14. If this was a CMG I would say yes, but they have already restocked. FFG is just notorious for not keeping up with demand as proven when they carried Wings of War.
  15. Time will tell...I would not get worked up over it too much right now. My guess is the expansion internet pricing will be more like $45-50 and that does not seem like a bad deal. I have a friend who runs a online game store and their pricing is usually 35% off retail, so it all depends on how much mark up the retailer needs to keep to stay profitable. As mentioned in above posts if you do not want the transport I bet it could be sold and the X-wing will cost you $0-10. I am sure there are those that will buy multiple exansions and have no use for more than 1 X-wing either and they will be available on the secondary market. Not sure what I plan to do with the Epic ships as they still seem a way off at this point. I doubt it will be something I pre-order as I will want to see it and the mechanics first.
  16. I have been experimenting with Shapeways for another game, but I noticed they do have a number of 1/270 X-wing models posted as well. I am not that well versed on the EU, but the following do look pretty nice: Tie Defender: Z-95 Headhunter If you are not familiar with Shapeways it is a 3D printing service. you can find more here: https://www.shapeways.com/search?q=1%2F270
  17. Overall the GF9 mats are a plus. I have one for War at Sea as well and it is my Map of choice. As an alternative, Marine Vinyl also works real well as a gaming surface for a fraction of the cost of the MSRP for a GF9 mat.
  18. OK I will have to experiment...I have plenty of magnets from plane gaming.
  19. I have only had the opportunity to play in the Kessel Run Tourney and I do not recall reading this ruling at that time. I also find it odd since they do not supply extra pegs.
  20. Same here...hope to have a set of them by this weekend.
  21. afilter

    Moving Asteroids

    Saw this in another forum and thought it was a neat Idea to share. The person that posted has a set of 3D asterdoids they mounted on hex bases (from AA20). Each turn they roll a 1d6 and move the asteroid in that direction. I really like the basic concept, but since asteroids would not really change direction like that my thoughts are as follows: Place the asteroid on a hex base (could be the the basic counters or 3D). Roll a 1d6 and the asteroid stays on that trajectory until it collides with a ship of another asteroid then roll a 1d6 to determine the new direction. You could also add speed. Instead of all the asteroids moving the same speed (1, 2 or 3 staright), I would propose giving them varios speed values. Before thagme begins roll 1d6 to determine inital speed (1-2=1speed, 2-3=2speed, 5-6=3speed). Place a small die on the edge of the hex base showing the speed and direction of travel. When the asteroid collides roll for new direction and speed. As for movement asteroids would be a value of 1 and would move before anything else, but after all movement is planned. If an asteroid leaves the field of play you could simply have it reverse direction or bring it in on the opposite side of the play area. Here is a pic form the game that was posted: I think it would add a new dimension to the standard 100pt game. Thoughts?
  22. All, My apologies, apparently this was the end of the day and not the start of a new deal, so it is over. Still some decent prices though and in stock.
  23. Cool stuff daily deal: Core set $20.99USD Dice$4.99 Falcon $15.99USD http://www.coolstuffinc.com/page/1175 At those prices I grabbed an extra core set and falcon...if you need them these are the best prices I have seen.
  24. Oppps…double post. Please delete this one. Thanks,
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