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  1. OK,OK,....so we will probably get 4 models with multiple repaints again.
  2. The Sundance Kid said: I like the fact we have different choices to pick from. Not everyone want to paint every little plane. It's boring looking at 3 planes with all the same camo scheme. Plus even if they did offer less camo sceme it would not mean different plane models would come. Remember and Axis and allies tank mould is about 2,000-3,000 dollars depending on material used, quality and size. There are various parts on the WoW plane, so a major investment for the company. Sure, but for the val and Dauntless I cannot imagine much creativiy in paint schemes. The Stuka maybe a few.
  3. kaufschtick said: afilter said: Did I miss something? was set II already announced as something else With the WWI line the mini sets usually coorespond with the game set. No, I'm just speculating about what the next two sets of the WWII planes might be is all. OK, because I concur Set II will likely be Val, Stuka, Dauntless and probably P-40 in conjuction with "Fire from the sky. 2 Axis and 2 Allies. Although it would also be nice if instead of giving us ony 4 models with 3 paint jobs there were more models. How many different paint schemes do you you need for the bombers? I think the SBD will be very popular as I cannot find any 1/200 models at this time. AIR200 makes a val and stuka. It would be nice if they produced more than one mini set to coorespond with the respective boxed game, but that has not been the case so far.
  4. bsmith13 said: afilter said: afilter said: I found some medal models at my FLGS "AIR200" Can you tell me where you found these? I am close enought that I go to the retail store, but they sell online as well: http://www.lastsquare.com/ HTH, Aaron
  5. I purchased a few of the WoW minis and then decided to try my hand at painting some 1/200 planes as well. I went with AIR200 planes and I-95 decals. The only mod I did was adding the post behind the cockpit with a small piece of styrene. So far I painted a total of Six (2 Wildcats, 2 Zeros and 2 Spitfires). I still have a Val, 2 P-40s, 2 P-39s, and 4 ME109Es to paint. I took pics of them with the WoW model for comparison. The WoW model is the one on the far left in all the pics. Wildcats: Zero: Spitfire: I am waiting for the Litko bases I ordered to arrive. I am also going to try washing them with "Army painter" to give them a bit more shadowing affect. There is alot of hidden detail in the mold. Hope you like them, Aaron
  6. kaufschtick said: afilter said: Here are the 1/200 models I will be working with: http://i441.photobucket.com/albums/qq132/adfilter/Modeling/DSCN0821.jpg Ah, I've never seen the Air200 planes before, is there a website off the top of your head for these you'd recommend? What are they charging for those? A friend of mine is jumping on board with the 1/200 scale miniatures, he may be interested in these to augment his WoW planes. I bought mine at a stor called the Last Square in Madison, WI. They also do quite a bit of online oreders as well. http://www.lastsquare.com/ 2 Pak of unpainted at $6.99. Singles of the larger planes like Val and Stuka are $5.99. With decals and Litko bases I figure they will be about 1/2 the cost of a WoW model plus time painting. They are not as detailed as the WoW models, but are pretty nice. I just finished painting my first Six. If you are not a Painter the Last Square also offers painted versions. HTH, Aaron
  7. kaufschtick said: afilter said: Picked up some new Air200 models to go with it Val. P-39 and P-40. What are Air200? The WoW 1/200 scale minis? Correct the WoW mini are 1/200(close). I found some medal models at my FLGS "AIR200" Pic before painting: http://i441.photobucket.com/albums/qq132/adfilter/Modeling/DSCN0821.jpg I just finished painting my first 6 models 2 each Zero, Wildcat, Spitfire. I also have a Val, 4 Bf109, 2 P-39 and 2 P-40 to paint yet. They are a nice way to supplement the WoW models at about 1/2 the cost until WoW release more. HTH, Aaron
  8. kaufschtick said: kaufschtick said: Set II Should be: P-40, Dauntless, Val & Stuka...at least from my point of view anyway! Curse these boards and their limited time edit function!!!! Curse my incredibly poor typing skills as well!! I've got to stop posting so freakin late at night as well! On the brighter side, I did manage to finish preparing two additional F4U Corsairs (one Marine color scheme, and one tri-colored Navy) for game play! Make that "Set III" as my pick for the P-40, Dauntless, Val & Stuka! Did I miss something? was set II already announced as something else With the WWI line the mini sets usually coorespond with the game set.
  9. The Sundance Kid said: schoon said: They are reliant upon sea freight to get their games to the US, so they do occassionally experience delays because of that. Having dealt with sea freight though my work as well, that's an ever-challenging area! Those delays only add several weeks. I'm talking about delays from FFG that went anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.On average 6 months. Are you sure you are not confusing them with WoTC? Anyway stopped by FLGS (The Last Square) on my way home and it just arrived today. Can;t wait to go through it later tonight. Picked up some new Air200 models to go with it Val. P-39 and P-40.
  10. The Sundance Kid said: Remember, FFG's products are usually late than there original release date. To date of the 13 products plus expansions I have bought from FFG 10 of those were delayed. Usually not as late as WoTC Sounds like only days/weeks lste vs. months. The WWII models were at least relaesed in the same month they were due out.
  11. I decided to give the Litko stuff a try as well. I figure it will be easier than trying to cut my own. I may still try to decal the image on the base. I ordered the basic bases, various size pegs and peg toppers (not sure what these are for). My question to those that have used them is how do you attach a now WoW model. I bought some metal planes to customize. My thoughs were to either: 1. Drill a small hole so the litko peg will fit into the model like AAM minis do or 2. attach a small tab to the model so they work like WoW models Here are the 1/200 models I will be working with: http://i441.photobucket.com/albums/qq132/adfilter/Modeling/DSCN0821.jpg TIA, Aaron
  12. Anyone heard an actual date yet? The site jjst stated available soon with a July release date. July is almost over.
  13. I recently picked up some 1/200 models as well as the WoW models. My plan is to make a base using clear acrylic. Then scan the WoW base and create a decal using clear decal paper and decal onto the clear base. I have 20 WWI models, so I will just use the pegs from them. Anyone else ever try this? I will let you know how it goes. I have had success making decals before with other projects.
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