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  1. 23 hours ago, Hawkstrike said:

    Turns out both of my core sets are missing the AT-RT handlebar piece ... and the FFG parts link is down.  Trying via a customer service email ...

    Same here, also trying via customer service as I have not been able to get the link to work.

  2. I have purchased WSF for many naval models.  Yes they do come grainy.  Here are the steps I use:


    1. Brush with a tooth brush to remove excess material/dust.

    2. Apply two heavy coats of brush on clear coat (I use vallejo).

    3. Apply spray on gloss coat

    4. Apply a Primer (I use Rustoleum grey).

    5.  Paint to desireed color

    5. Ink and drybrush

    6. Spay1-2 coats of clear dull coat


    I have had great success with this method and cannot tell my shapeways models from the originals.





    I would not wash them as the materila can be absorbant hence the multiple clear coats.


    Once complete there is no grainy affect and they fit in perfectly with the original models.



  3. Welcome,


    First off if you can get the core at a good price $25 or less I would grab two right away if it is in the budget.  That way you will have all the components for two players and six ships to start off.  This is the most economical way to go IMO as expansion ship MSRP for $15 and can usually be found online for about $10.  Two core sets give you six ships with two sets of templates and dice for $50.


    Then start to get at least 1 of each expansion you like.  With the two core sets you will need 1 more rebel ship and 1 more imperial to be able to build a 100pts squad for each.  I would suggest an Advanced Tie and a  X-wing  expansion be your first purchases after the core sets.  This way you will be able to put togehter a 100pt Rebel and 100pt Imperial Squad and learn the game.


    As for specifics squad list everyone has their own opinion and there are plenty of posts on that if you look around as you aquire at least one of each expansion you will have all the ships, pilots and upgrade cards to deterime what you like for purchasing extras.


    Have fun!

  4. They are still out there just harder to find. 


    If you are in the Rockford IL are I am taking a large lot for the silent auction which includes a Starter(Unopened), X-Wing, 2 Ties, Tie advance, Falcon(unopened), Tie Interceptor, A-Wing.  All are mint, they are extras that I just dont not use as I am not playing the epic battles I thought I would.  This will make some room for future waves.


     Anything more than 100-150pts just takes to long IMO unless you have most of a day.

  5. Post 51 is the clear winner IMO. Maybe a bit less shadow, but compared to the original it is a huge improvement.

    I would pass on the original as it looks cartoonist, but the glow and shadowing really makes a positive difference and I will definitely buy.

  6. Just had a look at the Litko ones...http://www.litko.net/products/2-inch-Flight-Pegs-(10-pack).html#.Umg0GGRDv0l

    $1.99 for a pack of ten, not bad at all....but $9.96 shipping to the UK :(

    They've got some of pretty useful spare parts and accessories for X-Wing available, but also some low ratings and negative reviews on some of those products.

    FYI, these are not the same as the FFG pegs and will not insert into the ships or FFG pegs.

    They do sell stands that will work with these pegs, but requires an adapter to fit on the ship. Litko does the same for Wings of Glory.

    If you look close at the picture you can see the adapters.


    Anyone ordering these pegs from Litko will be very disappointed if they do not get the Litko stands and adapters.

  7. i just emailed FFG, they replace stuff it is breaks or get lost or is missing in the first place.

    Which is nice except it is a hassle every time it happens since they are so delicate. I have broke 4 so far or 8 since they had to be glued.

  8. I have not had this issue, but do know they are brittle.  I broke two more this week.  Really hope FFG does what Ares did with Wings of glory and decides to sell a small bag of plastic pegs. 


    Currently I just glue them back together.  This is the one fault I do find with this game.  The pegs are to fragile with no easy source for replacements.

  9. Anyone else Going?


    This is a great convention.  I will be running two Naval Thunder events and there is a multitude of other games on the event schedule.


    I see X-Wing is on the event list a couple of times as well.  There are always opportunities for open gaming.


    This event always has one of the best Silent Auction events. Many local gamers clear out thier shelves and bring their unwanted treasures to this event.




    Hope to see some of you there.


  10. So far I am 4-0 with this build:


    Howlrunner w/ Swarm tactics upgrade
    Tie Interceptor Alpha SQRN pilot
    Tie Bomber Captain Jonus with Swarm tactics, Cluster missiles, Assault Missiles
    Tie Bomber Scimitar SDRN Pilot with Cluster Missiles, proton torps and Assault Missiles

    CPT Jounus has paid off everytime as I keep the two bombers in a tight formation and they can launch missiles at 1-2 or 3 the re-roll ability with cluster missiles is huge and if you can catch your opponent bunched up early on the assault missles are also very deadly.  Usually I group Howlrunner and the interceptor, but if facig high skilled rebels Howlrunner passing swarm tactics to Jonus and then on to Scimitar gives you three 8 during combat usually with the initative.  I have yet to lose  a bomber as I usually close with Howlrunner and the Alpha.


    Prior to the Tie Bomber I rarely used missles as the imperials at the ships were to fragile IMO.

  11. I currently have 4+ of all fighter except the Y-wing thinking we would do epic battles.  The problem is this game does not translate real well into epic battles because of time.  The largest we did was 300pts per side and it took hours.  X-wing IMO is best played as a small skirmish 100-150 pts.


    As a result I will get one set and am even looking to sell a couple of my current Interceptors to make room as the most i have used at a time is two in a standard 100pt game.

  12. I have looked at these with much interest in the past.  My current setup is still good through Wave3 and even the aces.  Depending on what is included in wave four I may have to upgrade especially if it includes more large ships.

  13. When it first came out I thought it was a bit OP, but after playing against it a few times it can be taken down.  As mentioned above it can only shoot at one target a turn.


    Now that Wave three is out I think the Tie Bomber can do alot to neutralize this power build.  This past weekend I was successful at taking down Han twice using this build:


    Howlrunner w/ Swarm tactics upgrade
    Tie Interceptor Alpha SQRN pilot
    Tie Bomber Captain Jonus with Swarm tactics, Cluster missiles, Assault Missiles
    Tie Bomber Scimitar SDRN Pilot with Cluster Missiles, proton torps and Assault Missiles

    Keeping the Tie Bombers in close formation and the ability of launching missiles at range 3-2-1 proved pretty effective along with the primary weapons of Howlrunner and Tie Interceptor.  CPT jonus allowing the Scimitar to reroll misses is a big bonus.


    Then I just had to clean up the misc ships that came along for the ride.  One build was Han fully loaded with Old Crow in support and the other was Han and two B-Wings.  In both cases not alot of agility dice vs. Tie fighters.

  14. I did not have Vader, but Swarm tactics with Tie Bombers is a must.


    I went 3-0 with this 4 ship build on Saturday


    Howlrunner w/ Swarm tactics upgrade
    Tie Interceptor Alpha SQRN pilot
    Tie Bomber Captain Jonus with Swarm tactics, Cluster missiles, Assault Missiles
    Tie Bomber Scimitar SDRN Pilot with Cluster Missiles, proton torps and Assault Missiles

  15. Hello,


    My collection has grown a bit too fast and I am looking to sell a few ships at an upcoming CON to make room for future expansions.  I have come to the conclusion I do not need 4 of every expansion as Mega games do not happen that often and take forever to play.


    Since all my parts are combined in my storage containers I need a little help to ensure the new owner gets the correct parts.


    I can figure out most of it, but specifically I need to know which ID numbers come with which of the following expansions. 


    Tie Interceptor


    Tie Advanced

    Tie Fighter



  16. Having played Wings of Glory since it was Wings of War and FFG was the U.S. distributor I can tell you this is nothing new.  FFG is notorious for not keeping enough inventory on hand to satisfy demand and misjudging the market.  At one point certain WoW planes that are about the same price point as X-wing were selling for over $100.  


    I realize inventory sitting on shelves is lost profit, but come on guys you have the frigging SW license, put your big boy pants on and invest in some inventory to satisfy demand.  I can forgive it happening once with wave1, but by now you have to realize you have a hot item on your hand

  17. I wonder if FFG could make a go at something similar to WotC's failed attempt at Starship Battles.  All capital ships in a different scale not compatible with the current X-Wing, but similar movement system.


    Could be played as a seperate game and/or linked with X-wing so the battles impacted one another somehow. 


    Even at the revised scale we will not see the iconic capital ships in X-wing, but something like this could meet the need for the iconic ships. 


    Capital ships could launch fighter squadrons to duel between the fleets (X-wing game) or take on capital ships directly and fighters could be smaller multi-unit models in the capital ship game instead of individual ships.  So many squads of fighters could equal x amount of point sto convert into and X-wing game if you wanted to play that way or they could interact in the large scale game as well.


    Probably could make for some great campaigns.


    Just a thought

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