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  1. Gyriel Lionheart, Dark Angels ready to serve the Deathwatch. "For the Glory of the Lion!" Tiger's Heart
  2. This may be of interest if you have not found it already. javascript:void(0);/*1270798195102*/ A community project to create exactly that tangible item. Card list complete, approximately 30% of cards are done, the rest await art. Tiger's Heart
  3. Thanks for the feedback For those that haven't visited the DA gallery recently - there are many more beautiful cards up now, and I'm on the hunt for more art all the time... I hope to get the tarot website updated with heaps of new stuff soon, and will link when that is done. May the Emperor guide your Hands. Tiger's Heart (aka Inquisitor Minmi)
  4. Sorry that link should be nationaldinosaurmuseum.com.au/tarot.htm Tiger's Heart
  5. Thanks for posting the link to my DeviantArt page inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/ You can find the complete list of cards and their meanings here nationaldinosaurmuseum.com.au/tarot This deck was designed specifically for use with Dark heresy / Rogue trader after I played a psyker character during the game testing process and found that there was sometimes little for a psker to do. The result is a useful plot helper (or hinderer depending on the game). Hope it helps. Tiger's Heart
  6. I have created a deck for the Emperor's Tarot - See also posts under Fan Art and Gamesmastering. you can find the complete list here: www.nationaldinosaurmuseum.com.au/tarot and more information on my DeviantArt page inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/ . I hope this is of use to you. Tiger's Heart
  7. The whole idea behind setting this project up was that people would be able to download the cards they liked to make their own decks. The artists have given permission to use their work for this purpose - which is why I am using art only under those conditions and that it includes reference to the artists' webpages as credit. So feel free to download those that are now complete . And it was playtesting Illumination and playing a psyker that had little to do at some stages that gave me the idea to create a proper Emperor's Tarot. Hopefully I'll get some more cads completed soon, but the list and meanings are at least useable at this stage. Tiger's Heart
  8. Trothael said: Do you have any idea how much red-tape would have to be cut with GW first? FFG have enough problems dealing with outside companies to get their stuff done without having to go above their station and print something they have no jurisdiction over. I think it was the idea that it would be nice, that was the intent - but I think the "above their station" is not really the right phrase. FFG are doing a great job of producing all the items related to DH and now RT. If perchance they became interested in producing this as a real deck I'm sure everyone would be enthusiastic - but they have more than enough on their plate as it stands, so the project remains in the fan realm as it began. Tiger's Heart
  9. Just a quick note that I have uploaded all the Discordia Chaos Powers now on the DeviantArt site. inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/ Of course, don't study them too much or the taint of heresy may be upon you. Tiger's Heart
  10. A free system is the best if players and GM can handle it Just to let you know that I have uploaded a few more cards to my DeviantArt site. Tiger's Heart
  11. ThenDoctor said: anyone made a Heretics deck seen in IH? Okay I have the reference, and will have to think about how best to rename each card as a parody or alternate perspective. As this seems to be a little more nebulous than the Tarot and as to the use for fortune telling.... I think I'll try to find names and stick to a Standard Tarot/Playing Card style. The Emperor / Corpse God springs to mind.... Discordia would become positive and may not need to be changed in image only in titles, The other suits become more negative, and will be more difficult to do. But the challenge is there - perhaps people could suggest other alternatives? Tiger's Heart
  12. Cheers Ikkaan As you can see my web-fu is very sad , so if you can suggest how to improve the Tarot page I'd be very grateful - I just haven't leart how to use Dreamweaver yet. Thanks Aureus! We already have a basic computer layout program that's justwaiting for the image lists, but there's no reason not to try something else - check out the layout ideas CELS did at the bottom of the Tarot List, just above Inquisitor Minmi's picture. I'll check with the tech genius and see if we can throw it up as a sampler, especially as I have all the cards setup and just needing the images. I'll send you a pm as well so we can throw more ideas, but thanks for the enthusiasm. Tiger's Heart
  13. Sorry for double posting - I can't find an edit function Firstly the other Tarot Card Back I mentioned by DarthBane (Emass on DA) emass.deviantart.com/art/Tarot-Back-Test-3-53480350 is here, but again there is that choice to have a specific back for your Deck: Either by creating your own using the same dimensions, or make a suggestion. The designes so far were intended to be Ambigrams, so they gave no indication of which way up the cards were in the deck, allowing for those varied readings... Secondly for in game use, some sugestions: The Simplest mechanic for using the tarot is as a mechanism for a psynicience test. I know that it was frustrating when playing a psyker to be unable to contribute to the party's efforts at times while they were investigating rumours etc. By allolwing the player to glean information through a "reading" of cards provided by the GM they can make some conclusions of their own - erroneous or otherwise as the cards can mean many things. I wasn't thinking of it being like the reveal in Cluedo (It was Brother Judius with the Candelabrum in the Abbey Forecourt): Rather that the Pilgrim, Ship and Duel cards may for example mean that the acolytes needed to journey subtly to another destination through the void there to encounter an enemy who might lead them towards their final goal but the Rogue Trader and the Deamon Cards following the first 3 warn of jumping to conclusions, giving up the advantages of a subtle approach and straying from the true path in to great danger. Of course they could be meant to deliver a different message in another context - the ship for example doesn't literally mean a spaceship which would be meaningless on a planet based adventure, the sun and the moon are not literal titles either. The whole deck though can be used to add a further dimension to the game for players and the GM both. Perhaps the success on a test indicates how many of the prepared cards (for example the 5 above) are clearly seen by the acolyte; 3 cards for success, 4 cards for 1 or 2 degrees, and all 5 for 3+ degrees. Failure may result in 2 cards only, or really bad fails could just be random snatches drawn from the whole deck. Without the complete physical deck, Dice rolls could be used to determine random cards, roll d6 1/2: Major Arcana or Minor Arcana 3: Excetuteria, 4: Discordia, 5: Adeptio, 6: Mandatio. There are 22 Major Arcana Cards and 14 in each sept of the Minor Arcana; (without a dice generator these are a bit tricky, but I'm sure some smart cookie out there can work out the best way to do it). I'm keen to hear any other ideas, and how this works out if you use them. EDIT: as for the Heretics Deck... Well I 'll have to look into that, but one could follow from the other as I assume it is a corrupted form. Tiger's Heart
  14. I think there is one in my gallery, inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/art/Tarot-Card-Back-I-53460499 and also one that Darthbane (from the old BL forums) did too... but I can't find it atm - will update when I do. Tiger's Heart
  15. Since playtesting began on Dark Heresy I have been working with other players and artists to design a workable deck of the Emperor's Tarot to use in game. Although all the art is not yet complete for the card images, the card list and interpretations can be found here: nationaldinosaurmuseum.com.au/tarot.htm . To my knowlege this is the most complete listing for the Tarot and meanings for the 40K universe, but is by no means set in concrete, even the modern Tarot decks vary greatly in style and interpretation - one can imagine that it would still be so in the far future. I have seen cards created based on my deck list using GW art which is totally unfair to the artists and GW as it is effectively pinching their stuff - All the icons & design elemements in this Deck were either created by myself or Hellebore, with art from many artists who have given specific permission for it's use in this project (and are credited on the cards themselves). Feel free to use the cards so far complete, and the list in games, and if you know of anyone who might help us fill in the gaps then plese let me know. More details and the latest finished cards can be found here: inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/ My thoughts were that the GM could provide some direction to players through the cards, by selecting those generally appropriate to the situation as a "reading" for players with the appropriate skills. By necessity the interpretion of the cards is no specific, by the inferences can be made to cover every situation, especially as meanings are reversed when cards are revealed in an inverted position. Sample layouts can also be found on the main Tarot Page, created by CELS from the ASP. The end aim of the project is to provide 2 physical decks of cards, one in the "Magic" style with interpretation on the card itself, the second in the more traditional tarot style with image and rank alone. The final part of the project was to create a computer program to do a virtual layout of the cards to provide a further way to use them in game - the techpriests are working on this. Hope you can find a use for them in game, thanks to those who've helped so far, and I hope to recruit more to the cause to finish the project soon. Tiger's Heart
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