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  1. I guess this is the kind of rules I would simply forget about in the heat of battle, they seem too insignificant when compared to how complex they are. Yet, that's maybe because my players don't have a Cruiser. However, I do agree about the "don't care about BFG" part. In my opinion, there's already too much BFG in Rogue Trader.
  2. Though I could only take a quick look at the finalists' entries so far, I must say that ... I am impressed by them.
  3. Is it possible to get the sketchup files?
  4. I find it nice to see FFG obviously makes enough money with their scheduled products so they don't have to listen to the troll on their forums By the way, referring to my last post: EXTERMINATE NOW!!!
  5. signoftheserpent said: ... Really that is beyond stupid ... Inexcusable.
  6. llsoth said: ...At a formal party he would be introduced like this "And may I introduce you to the Rogue Trader Severus Trask." Not "And may I introduce you to Governor Militant Severus Trask."... If I were a Rogue Trader, I'd insist on an introduction along the lines of "We are honoured to welcome Rogue Trader Jastilus Mercutia Lazerus Valonis, Governor Militant of Curian, King of Mercutia, Imperator of the Gronia System, Liberator and Protector Magna of the Pallon Subsector, Lord Conqueror of Karna and Kurna, bearing two and a half dozen further titles reporting his and his ancestors' glorious achievements...".
  7. Bilateralrope said: I use the RT rules for Astropaths, DH rules for everyone else. This means that an Astropath is much more stable than other psykers and I don't need to worry about converting the powers from one system to another. The only problem is that if I run into a non-astropath NPC using the RT rules (like Lady Ash) I have to change them to using DH powers, but that's easy enough. Ab-so-lute-ly! (Under the condition that "DH rules" only refers to the system from the Core Rulebook with the little extras from DotDG, not including the *cough* strange *cough* system from Ascension.)
  8. Somonelse said: Although you're adding Special Qualities, some of them seems like you are modifying the ammo type (Snare, Flame, Scatter, Blast, Shock and Smoke) or simply using the gun as a caster (Outlaw Star ). I don't think the Mechanicus is going to like that, you are corrupting the spirit of the gun. I do like it! Will it still need altleast some ammo for it to fire Flame and unlimited Energy? I assume the range is touch. Don't think there is anything that need changing although I feel that it should be a seperate power to change ammo type. Was tempted to say that it causes corruption to use the weapon and it mutates at some point where it grows a mouth to start biting and licking you. The net is weaved around the whole weapon, so it will also surround and affect the ammo clip. When asked by the Mechanicus, you could argue that it is not exactly you who's corrupting the gun, it's the warp energy or the Chaos Gods (in case of a 7 that would be Nurgle) Unless you also take the unlimited ammo option, you will need ammo for the Flame attack. To put it simply, the energy sublimes the ammo and ignites the gases. I'm not willing to risk your sanity, so I won't tell you about the warpy details. Range is touch, of course. The corruption and mutation are worth a second look, but I prefer not to make it to difficult, and by definition, sorcery already earns you corruption. Only thing I am considering is to make the first choice applicable only to solid ammo weapons (or yet a separate power ?).
  9. I'm not sure what you really want to accomplish, but how about Frag grenades? They are relatively cheap and deadly. They are standard Guard equipment. They have a blast radius ("If you charge, I'll blow you up together with those heretics.") Try to set up fights from a distance. Lasguns have a range of 100m and Semi Auto Fire. With a lucky roll, you can already kill the first opponent while the sister is still busy with readying her weapon and running towards the foe.
  10. I'd guess most of the vehicles you are looking for will be included in the DH sourcebook "Only War...", which is supposed to be available Fall 2011 (see Knowledge is Power on the DH support page) Quote from the description: Commissars shout over the boom of battle cannons as those under their command give their lives so that humanity might survive. Within these pages, you will find expanded rules for Imperial Guardsmen, vehicles, and systems for campaigns surrounding the Imperial Guard!
  11. While this is not intended as a psychic but rather a sorcery power, I would like to hear what you think of it: Reforge Gun Threshold: 13 Focus Time: Full Sustained: Yes By weaving a net of warp energy around a gun, the sorcerer can alter the functionality of its parts, granting deadly improvements at the risk of destroying it. The sorcerer chooses one ranged weapon he is currently carrying and, as long as he sustains this power, may apply one of the following effects to it: • The weapon gains one of the following Special Qualities, as chosen by the sorcerer: Accurate, Blast (1), Customised, Flame (Range 1d10m), Scatter, Shocking, Smoke, Snare, Tearing. • The weapon doubles its range. • The weapon doubles the number of shots it fires on semi or full auto burst and consumes ammo correspondingly. Note that 4 or more shots on a single burst count as full auto. • The weapon has unlimited ammo and its damage type changes to Energy. Overbleed: For every 5 points the threshold is exceeded, the sorcerer may apply an additional effect on the same weapon. Special: Every 7 scored on the roll to manifest this power indicates that decreases the quality of the weapon by one step. A weapon of poor quality will be destroyed completely.
  12. AFAIK Astropaths can't see normally even with cybernetic eyes. It is not only their natural eyes which are destroyed during the soul binding, but the corresponding nerves as well, leaving the cybernetics with nothing that could ever receive the signals they send.
  13. Having read this DD I see two possibilities: Either they kept closer to the Apocrypha rules than I expected, or it was one of the vaguest DDs I ever saw on this site. An estimated 80% or more of the descriptions would perfectly fit the Apocrypha. I still hope they really have a revolutionary new and more intuitive ruleset than the existing one, especially since I remember FFG devs said they didn't like the old one either. Anyway this news could not really spark my interest in the product. I trust FFG the book will be awesome, but this DD wasn't.
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