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  1. just do not have all the products because it is not easy to buy things here in Brazil, but for now I have: Core Set, Adventurers Toolkit, GM Toolskit, Winds of Magic, Witch Song, Omens of War, Gathering Storm, The 3 Guides, The 3 Vaults. And I hope that Amazon will send my Blackfire Pass, which has not yet sent.
  2. I am creating the xml with a program I made for this purpose, is still in alpha release, but it serves for something Follow the link for those who want to use it .... accept feedback: http://www.mediafire.com/?5fvdeo1f8u85mcv The use of it is pretty simple .... Ctrl + N, create the item you want, then CTRL + S. After all items are created, CTRL + SHIFT + X to create the XML. it has a bug that I could not correct that, if the application gives an error, you lose everything that you created during the session, then I advise that after creating the items, before exporting the XML (the biggest cause of errors), close the program and reopen it
  3. I really liked what I read, but my game has not arrived yet, so he comes and we played the first matchs, I will test this mode... thanks for sharing
  4. A question.... When i click on the criticals cards, a severe critical card may also appear?
  5. I tried and I really liked what I have seen. I intend to use the ruleset in my offline campaign, as campaign management. there are, in my opinion, some missing features, for example: - The only card that is kept in the character sheet is the condition card, i would like to see all the other cards in the character sheet. Should we have some hope of seeing this kind of features on version v1.1?
  6. TheBoss, You could show us a sample card?
  7. universalhead, can you provide us with your encounter sheet with a higher resolution?
  8. hmmm, good idea! i will try develop something as this in the weekend
  9. I thought of something based on the Rogue Trader: allocating points. All characteristics starts with 20 points and players have 100 points to spend on them, no more than 20 in each. Then he adds the following modifiers according to their homeworld: - Feral World: +5 Strength; +5 Toughness; -5 Willpower and -5 Fellowship - Hive World: -5 Toughness and +5 Fellowship - Void Born: -5 Strength and +5 Willpower - Imperial World: no modifications - Forge World: -5 Weapon Skill and +5 Intelligence - Mind Cleansed: +5 Willpower and -5 Fellowship - Noble Born: -5 Willpower and +5 Fellowship - Scholar Progenitum: No modifications I hope it is useful.
  10. I Agree, cards set for the fans, please give us a feeedback FFG.
  11. more a video review in portuguese by Daniel Anand: http://www.paragons.com.br/2009/12/video-resenha-do-warhammer-fantasy-roleplay/
  12. the props quality of the FFG's products is indisputable, but the box within, pfff, no comments..... Someone has already created tuckbox for the various types of playing cards?
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