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  1. excellent painting by skolo. I really like all of them. Great job. Waiting for the heroes now….
  2. i quote Butaman551 from another thread. A figure entering a space containing lava immediately suffers one damage. Any figure that ends its turn in a lava space is immediately defeated." So if the OL, on his turn, uses Dark Charm, an Ettin's Throw or whatever to force a hero to move into a Lava space, would the hero be defeated at the end of the OL's turn? The rules state this only happens at the end of the figures turn. As silly as it sounds, it seems like the only way a hero can be defeated by the OL moving them into Lava would be if the hero chooses not to move on his next turn. Any opinions?
  3. nice post, I have always played as OL 1st and 2nd edition. We are about to finish our first campaign - 2 heroes - and things are well balanced. From my 1ed. exp. time of heroes turn is an issue when playing a 4 hero game, will think of a time limit for 2ed. As for the fun factor it's fun when Zachareth throws ( dominion ) a full health berserker dwarf with brute ( 18 hit points ) into lava and knocks him out.
  4. how do i post a photo from my pc? thanks
  5. My group of heroes (4) won the first scenario very easy. I then bought AoD and started using treachery from the 2nd scenario and after. The game is now very balanced and we have a lot of fun. 2nd and 3rd scenario ended with heroes having 2-3 conquest tokens, one more death for the heroes and i would have won!!! We are now playing scenario 4 and it's the same thing again. Every turn is crucial and suspense is all the time. Have fun
  6. "Shields are not affected by the Pierce ability" Here is how we play it (not RtL ) When a hero has a shield the Pierce ability has no effect.
  7. Shmoozer said: Where is my popcorn? This is becoming quite the debate! +999
  8. the attacker must spend 1 power surge for every rank of Fear the figure possesses. I think it's clear that you have to spend one surge for each level of fear the figure possesses and then go on spending more surges for a second figure with the fear skill and so on. All this is why there is the rule that you can aim a single target with an area effect attack and not use the blast/breath skill.
  9. fex said: Big Remy is correct. It doesn't matter whether you stack both enemies' Fear, or deal with them individually: either way, you have to spend both surges, or the entire attack fails for all enemies affected. And LOS is absolutely not an issue here. The ruling simply says that Fear comes into effect when the monster is attacked. The breath template can attack monsters without line of sight. Seems cut and dry to me. We will go with that, seems the best "in rules" way.
  10. We will probably go for our first home rule on this
  11. Thanks till now guys. I have to tell you that i have the Greek version and my "Dodge" card writes "play this card when a hero declares that he is attacking one of your monsters...." you guys say that it is played after the dice are thrown. If so then it's clear you get to dodge one attack whenever you decide to play the card. As for the fear skill i believe it's a matter of LOS. Fear skill goes "When attacking a figure with the Fear ability, the attacker must spend 1 power surge....." but if you can't see him you can't attack him, i'ts just the template that gets to him. IMO if you have LOS you have to roll the surge, if not you don't have to.........what do you think?
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